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I was thinking about what’d happen if the GOP enact a federal ban of contraceptives. I mean, to be blunt, among other issues, it wouldn’t do the tourism industry much good, would it? I don’t think many adults of virile age would like to go on holiday/vacation to a place where having a packet of johnnies or a birth control implant could potentially lead to you ending up in prison.

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It would do the same thing it ALWAYS does in the US. Starts a very healthy black market, of which the oversight on the ban will end either controlling or simply taking a cut. Tourist dependent areas simply will not do without tourists, and frankly: it'll be damned hard to enforce anyway.


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They don't want people to get rid of unwanted fetuses, and they also don't want people who need help conceiving to get it. It's almost like their real goal is just to control women.

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