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Princess Viola

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Cash? With Amazon? Like, not with credit or gift card, but with actual cash?

How? This is the first of heard of it. :confused:
Cash on delivery? Can't think of any other way it would work.
You're given a code when you choose the option to pay with cash (it's called CashPoint btw) and select a location near you where you want to pay in-person (options all seem to just be like grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, etc.) then you go to that location, present your code and a valid ID, and give them the cash to complete the transaction.

You have to do it within 48 hours tho or they cancel the order.

Andross Darkheart

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Cash on pick up. Instead of them delivering it, you can go to one of their depots and pick it up directly. It is a way to stop porch pirates.

Princess Viola

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Did you know in Europe they came up with a solution to the problem of delivery companies just leaving shit at your front door where someone could steal it?

It's true, it's called 'If you're not there - they either take it to the goddamn post office/a pickup point and leave a note telling you that you can pick it up there or they leave it with your neighbor and leave a note saying that your neighbor has it and you can pick it up from them.'

I know, it's amazing that they managed to figure out a solution to this oh-so-difficult issue to solve.

Copper Bezel

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Thing is, I remember that's how it worked for me when I would get UPS packages while I was living in Kansas City back in 2010-2013. And some apartment complexes could sign for the USPS ones and keep them at the office, where I could pick them up by name. I never requested any extra security, that just happened.

Princess Viola

Dumbass Asexual
Then they get someone they know to go to the office and pick it up for them.

It's really not that hard to avoid leaving your goddamn ******* packages out in the open.

The Mighty Mollusk

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I can post on mobile, but on my PC, the reply box isn't loading.

Edit: Can't edit this post on my PC either. Works on mobile.
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Its weird how if I try that Twitter game thing of type in "i am" let your phone reveal you. I get
I am I

No idea what it means
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