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To be fair, isn't that the same thing Disney did with Maleficent where they made her not evil because IDK Disney thinks audiences don't want to watch a movie where the protagonist is a baddie or something?

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Probably - I haven't seen that one, so I went in to Cruella without knowing what to expect.


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Speaking of Disney, The Hunchback of Notre Dame's soundtrack finally got a remastered Legacy Collection release. It sounds fantastic.

THEY FORGOT THE FINAL BATTLE. This would have been impossible not to notice if they listened to the whole thing just once before releasing it. Nope. Nobody listened to the intended final product once before releasing it.


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What makes it bizarre though is that she isn't the character from the original movie and doesn't develop any weird hatred toward dogs. Like, people made a lot of hay out of that scene when it was just in trailers before the movie was released, but it's a red herring within the Cruella movie itself, and they even make a feint in the movie that she's killed those same dalmatians, except that nope, she bonded with them and would never hurt a dog don't be silly.

Then there's the after-credits scene for maximal weird, which seems to hamfistedly attempt to set up circumstances for the original movie while still not making Cruella the character she'd need to be for it, and also introducing puppy incest.

I hope it's successfully killed prequels and made them as fundamentally silly to everyone as they've always been to the rest of us. Because it certainly indulges in every prequel trope there is out there in the world. But it also doesn't work as a prequel at all, and I don't think it was trying very hard.
With how she and the antagonist lady have a different ridiculous outfit every scene, I’m convinced the entire movie is a scheme by the producer to promote some of their fashion designer buddies
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So this was my day.

"I want to draw my new RP character"

*goes to get his art supplies*

"Where the heck are my pencils and erasers? I have everything else. Where are my pencils and erasers?"

*goes to Micheals*

"What the heck! I'm sure I'll find them again as soon as I get home. But these things are cheap. Might as well get some while I'm out."

*gets home, goes to get his color pencils and Prismacolor Markers*
*finds his pencils and erasers*

I KNEW IT!!!!!


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One of the visitors I had the other day, was a little girl (3 maybe 4 years old), dressed as a Witch, acompanied by her mum and their Black cat, the mother was holding the cat, it was a bit odd, still different, thou we don't know who they are or anything, its just not offen that you see a witch with her feline in tow in my area, thou I do know for two cats who live just two doors down from me, both of whom are siblings yet, its easy to tell them apart, not just because of their personalties, one being kind of bold and twice has used my house as a short cut to get from the front side to the back, saving him the trouble of going all of the way around the other houses, while the other we don't see that offen as he sticks very close to home, what makes it easy to idenify them is their colours, the bold one, is primary white with just a bit of a black spot on the back of his neck, while his brother is completely black, aside from wondering around the area, their hobby seems to be bug hunting on the lawn!


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Hot take: Green Lantern was a decent movie, even moreso if you pretend that the protagonist isn’t supposed to be Hal Boredan. He strikes me as a less ginger Guy Gardner


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I'm already sleeping in warm PJs with a heavy blanket and fleece blanket. TMM is still sleeping in a T-shirt and jeans with just a light sheet for cover.

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Everything is Evangelion.

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Mentioned this on the Discord last night, but I went to an Asian buffet for dinner with my grandpa and our neighbors yesterday.

It was pretty good. I had lo mein, fried rice, General Tso's chicken, shrimp, calamari rings, egg fu yung, and some honeydew, cantaloupe, and jello for dessert.

Also got a takeout box, didn't get much but I got a good bunch of rice noodles, the fried shrimp that still have their shells on, a bunch of mushrooms, and some mollusks.

I probably could have gotten more stuff in my takeout box, but I didn't wanna stuff the box full of too much food.

That's what my grandpa did instead! (Or rather, our neighbor filled my grandpa's box with a bunch of shit that I may or may not end up having to help him eat)

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