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Hey Caldwin you should take a look at the new Guardians of the Galaxy videogame because it's kind of similar to Mass Effect but with more focus on action.


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Guardians of the Galaxy is tempting. But I've spent quite a bit of money on games and Transformers lately. And I'm pretty certain that by the time I get paid again, I'll have completely forgotten about this. So...*shrugs*


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From everything i've seen it's decent but not fantastic. Personally, I'd wait for a sale or skip it entirely because I'm kinda burned out on Marvel in general.

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Not having power is just like living in the 18th century except I still have running water, a cellphone, and a gas oven.


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The team in Marvel's new movie is basically just Ancient Aliens.

Looks dull as dirt though.

I think that is the general feeling across the board, the first teaser trailer looked like a advert for something that isn't a MOVIE and I doult it will do that well in cinemas, the Spiderman trailer got more people exicted for that than whatever this latest film is meant to be, but then, I still need to watch Far From Home, I just not felt like it since End Game kind of felt like the End of the series with very little in the way of story to be told going forwards.


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I didn't even know it was coming out recently until i actually paid an iota of attention and noticed the actual date on the ads as well as the "teaching humanity everything they know"bit.

Even at best, the Eternals are Kirby's Walmart-brand knockoff of his own New Gods. This was always going to be an uphill climb for me to even care, let alone shell out to see it and I'm the type of person who actually gives half a shit about characters like Machine Man and Stingray.
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What if Hasbro makes a Steeljaw that turns into a cassette, but robot mode is based on RID2015 Steeljaw?

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