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Me: How's it going?

Coworker: Well, I'm here.

Me: That bad, huh?

Me inside my head: Ugh, I say that every time. I'm so sick of my own bullshit!


I'm either going to go home and get drunk, go home and have the anxiety pukes or just go home and straight to bed. Haven't decided.


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I just bought a bunch of lego parts for my Castle project, various types of pieces, I has plans and one of those is to secure the bases properly of the models, it seems like every time I buy a kit that is a building, they have bad base desgins as its offen or not, one level of plates with some bricks on top but doesn't stay in place very well, my hope is, by the end of Aug to sort of finish it (my project), but it depends upon my mood apart of my current plans is to take one part of the village set I bought resently and swap out a bunch of parts for a different colour to make it look a bit better!

After that, my thoughts are on lighting, thou I also thinking about having base plates covered in mostly smooth tiles to help things look nicer and then maybe one day, prehaps create a underground for everything to sit upon, I just have all these ideas of sorts spinning around inside of my head and I'm trying to keep things in check, but for now, I placed the order, I just need to finish the D&D set, which has been pretty good for the most part, my only complaint so far is with the base of the main front area, it not really staying together properly, thou the parts I ordered should help resolve that issue!


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In the Kalahari, it's always Tuesday, or Thursday if you like. Or Sunday. No clocks or calendars tell you to do this or that.

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One program I've been missing from Windows is Paint.NET just because I've both used it since I was a kid so I'm just used to its interface and how it works (and unfortunately, modern versions of the software are incompatible with Wine and I couldn't get the version 3.whatever that is supposed to work to even install and I can't be arsed to figure it out) and, you know, I just need an image editing software that's more advanced than an MS Paint equivalent but not like ******* garbage like GNU Imp is (seriously GNU Imp is awful and utterly hate it whenever I have to use it for something more advanced. Anyone who recommends it as a FOSS alternative to Photoshop is either pulling a cruel prank on whoever asked for PS alternatives, they have legitimately never used any other image editing software, or they're so open-source brained that they refuse to listen to any criticisms people have with GNU Imp and its interface because 'it's open-source that means it's absolutely flawless and perfect').

Anyways then I discovered Pinta, which is literally a FOSS clone of Paint.NET for Linux (and Windows and MacOS) and, while it's not 100% identical in terms of features (it only has 29 effects options, for example - all of which are cloned from Paint.NET and basically function the same), the interface is really similar to the point where it's like...OK yeah I can use this and the small differences between it and Paint.NET are not 'pulling my hairs out' level of difference.

Although there are some aspects of Pinta that I just don't understand. Like if you're using the rectangle or oval select tools, you're given those points you can use to adjust your selection as you're making it like making it thinner or taller and you hold shift to make the selection a perfect square or circle. But then once you go from the select tool to either move pixels or move selection, the points on your selection are now gone and instead you have to press and hold ctrl to scale the selection [and shift to keep it a perfect square or circle], I don't get that. Is it just done so like...you'll know you're no longer in the select tool or something?

But anyways other than that, it's pretty good.


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I'll have to look into Pinta, because the lack of Paint.NET is one of the things keeping me from switching to Linux full time.


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alright, finished painting the sprues. Will put it all together tomorrow.

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