Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

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The Mighty Mollusk

The bold ever fight on, their lives echoed in song
Yeah, I forgot entirely about that character.

Then again, this is the same author as 8-Bit Theater, which ended the strip on a forgotten brick joke from some 1200 pages and over ten years prior, so long-term callbacks should be expected.


Party Dude Gone Wrong
Only had the drive in to work today. Not even on the clock yet and already everyone is a ******* asshole and I just want everyone to **** off. It's going to be one of those ******* days.


Collecter of Gobots and Godzilla
The next page of Atomic Robo is up! It's a villain team-up!
The newest iteration of Helsingard is a transformer! Or, if he still has a brain in a jar somewhere in there, technically a Gobot!
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