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The Mighty Mollusk

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They could be funny in small doses. The music videos were usually the best part, but of course, they're mostly lost to time because of all the rights issues.


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I only ever watch the movie. It was a slog to get through. Though on the bright side, Red Hot Chili Peppers and White Zombie.
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Princess Viola

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Here's a simple riddle:
A murder victim is found in their apartment and investigators also find a pistol while searching the area for clues. Based on the location of the pistol compared to the victim, they conclude that this must've been the murder weapon.

After more investigation and leads, the police have three primary suspects and they bring each of them in and inform them about the dead body that was found and show them the pistol and ask if they recognize it at all.

The first suspect says that they've never seen that gun in their life and that they don't even own any firearms.

The second suspect also denies having seen that gun and, offended, asks the police if they think he beat the guy or something.

The third suspect claims to have been out of town for the past three weeks and gives the number of the hotel he'd been staying at to confirm this.

Who was the murderer?

Suspect two. All the police said was that they found a dead body and here's the pistol that was found at the crime scene. They never said the guy was beaten with the pistol.


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You know the weirdness quota is off the charts when Jackie Chan dressed up as Chun Li isn't even nearly the oddest bit of a movie.
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