Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

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Ave Destron

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this week in my new transformers


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This is my first actual experience with the Earthrise jet mold. I'm now actually tempted to see what the Thundercracker/Skywarp pack can be point-spent down to on Amazon.

Comedy Night:


But it's not...GOOD comedy, you know what I mean...?
We finally have an idea of what the rest of the sentence, "My fellow Decepticons, as your new leader, I..." was going to lead to.

Platypus Prime

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I want to get that version of Twin Twist and put him with either Victory Saber or Fortress Maximus.

For 'industrial' Megatron, have you considered getting one of the Arms Microns buffalo drills? They could possibly mount on the cannon front to make a big drill.

Things I thought I lost in the board crash: More proof that Transformers X Peanuts is next, and just because I totally made it all up doesn't mean it's not true since my Snoopy was actually an OFFICIAL release...


With apologies to Berkeley Breathed:

You know what I'd like to see? Lucy screaming "Blockhead!" in higher and higher pitches more and more rapidly before she passes out and her head explodes. You know it'll happen someday...


John Carpenter of Mars
I was sure SSBB Ratchet was not actually a thing I wanted, but @Pirate Lion said he was great and, you know what? He was right.


Well, after floor polishing half his joints, including ones that involved near-totally dismantling him, along with tidying up all of the red paint applications with a craft knife he's now great, but sometimes one has to sing for one's supper. 😅
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