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We've got some Wintery Mix happening here today, so now, I present a cautionary tale about winter weather.

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When you go out in conditions like snow or freezing rain, it's important to both dress warmly and make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter driving. Ratchet is a person who is also a vehicle, so he has to do both.

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Ratchet decided to solve both problems at once by wearing a snowmobile.

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This seemed to work! He was nice and warm, and he had good traction on the snow-covered driveway.

But that didn't help him when he ran into...

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These a BAD, far as jokes go, I found myself groaning at how bad they are!


Not Crew.
There's this empty space over in the corner that's just begging for some decoration...

Not sure my wife would be that thrilled, though.
Even though she usually likes the bad guys, she'd probably say something about him staring at her, or just look straight at me and say "No."

(obligatory shot up close...)


Not Crew.
Those backgrounds are cool.

Something else that'd be cool is if someone were to re-create the S.T.A.R.S. base with that level of detail.
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