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So here’s my little review of Rodimus(a video review is in the works). Now here’s the big question- Is he worth 80$/85$ and I say it is up to you. Do I think he is , sure but anything more no. He is a solid figure and a must if you love Season 3/1986 catalog as I do.
I am also a huge fan of the Marvel comics so the Sword Of Primus is a must. His paint is fantastic, his articulation is great and I love his scale. And at the moment I have Maniaking for Galvatron so he is a bit off but I am getting Selects Galvatron for my 86 display and he will match perfectly. And I can’t wait for the toyhax stickers that will be made for Rodimus.
Overall I think Rodimus is 9/10 and that’s just cause my copy has some paint qc and the trailer can’t close with the turret in it.

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Not crazy about his face sculpt. Looks a little weird. I don't like that they got cheap and left his rims black instead of painting them chrome or silver, like with Hot Roddy. Also, why are his legs now black? Yeah, no. I'll wait for a better one or just stick with my G1 Rodimus.


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Also, why are his legs now black?



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"Manta Ray turns into a manta ray. Amazingly, she still had to steal the name."


A spotlight on a McDonald's toy, why not? Manta Ray was a memorable one due to being a Batman-esque robot that turned into a grumpy little organic manta ray; i.e. a favorite hero combined with a favorite animal, neat!



Kind of a shame there's zero chance for the McD's bots to get updated, since the Core Class is perfect for them.






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Some pics from a setup I had last year before I had to take it down so I could use the space for a Work from Home setup.

Here's Brave Maximus being inhabited by War for Cybertron Micromasters, tiny Autobots defending against small Decepticons. I think they got this.

Oh no, it's Devastator! (and poor lighting!)

Luckily Omega Supreme is here to take out the trash.


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Managed to get a Bluesilverstreak sample before the online store went into quarantine (Vietnam covid situation stuff I guess).

Was going to repurpose the custom (maybe as a base for the Alternators one), but seeing them side by side... Maybe I'll keep the custom around too. Prefer the MP style blue and the Bluestreak front bumper. Although the execution on the official one is nice too, and the Smokescreen front bumper makes him more distinct.

Just so funny how the names turned out (although this at least is a "silver streak through a blue base/background", if you really wanted to fudge it).
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