Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

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Was the arm returned to him by a wandering Titan?
In a sense, at least in terms of size difference!

Arm Quest was a success!
For better or worse, yeah...



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I swapped swords between those two so that Dinobot could have a closer match to his silver sword in the show.

And the pink sword is a closer match to G1 Grimlock's red sword.

I just wish there was a way to swap handles between the sword blades so Dinobot could still have his brown handle.


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I'm sure there's a worse part than a sword handle to paint, but I'm having trouble thinking of it right now.

not sure if youre being sarcastic or not, but yes, there are. dinobots sword handle would actually be very easy. i dont think id paint the peg that goes into his hand though. itd probly rub off if its used a lot. ive never solved that problem :(
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