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Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus

2020: I really ought to get more Beast Wars stuff...


2021: There we go (Quackles is never going back to the BotBots shelf now)

Incidentally, I kinda miss how rubsigns united my BW collection.


Wondering bot
We need a new Silverbolt.

We need updates of the whole of BW season 2 & 3 cast, so far the only ones to be updated would be Waspinator, Transmute, Dinobot, Blackarachnia
& Rhinox, plus Optial Optimus, so updating the rest of the cast is a must, espeically getting the transmetal desgins down, I would be game for them


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Leader-class Rampage! Commander-class TM2 Megatron!

Hey, who's next for this pipe of dreams?

I think a leader TM Megatron would be nice along with TM Primal, a Leader class Depth Charge would be good to go with a deluxe TM Rattrap, the TM Spiders should have the voyager treatment, I'm not to sure about TM2 Cheator, if he should be a voyager or a leader class, maybe a leader class but with some extras!


John Carpenter of Mars
Just because he's not wearing trousers doesn't mean he's pooping - we've been through this altogether too many times, Sabrblade.

Must I always put the little trousers on him to clarify that? It's rather a tiresome process.


Continuity Nutcase
Who said he was pooping, specifically? He could have been really thirsty, earlier, being stuck in a box and all. ;)
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