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AWESOME mini-diorama! If you got or just printed a couple pages of some 'Cybertron' pictures for a backdrop that would be astounding! Also great for using some of the lesser-appreciated Combaticons, so it really DOES look alien!

Thanks, PP! I'm sure a nice backdrop would look great, but honestly I think that might tip me over the edge of a rabbit hole of lighting and Photoshop effects and macro lenses and more opportunities for perfectionism than is at all good for me. I'll just stick with the occasional toy pack-in backdrop, like this one:

Ratchet's Revenge 1.jpg
For the purposes of this scene, it could be either the TF:TM shuttle or the Marvel G1 Ark!

Hooligan and Skyjack were originally going to be in the G2 scene, but they were cut and didn't have anything better to do, so they wandered into this one. They're still sussing it out.
Ratchet's Revenge 2.jpg

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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Great job! I didn't get one but I was considering reusing Titans Return Astrotrain's purple gun for the same reason if I had.

The season begins...


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He needs one of the Botbots toilet paper rolls and plungers next to him.

I always thought TakeDump would be a Japanese Constructicon name...

Megatron: "TakeDump! Merge with your fellow Constructicons to form BIG DUMP!"

TakeDump: "I hate my name..."

DrillNuts: "Deal with it."


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Out of town on business for most of the week. Turns out south Dayton, Ohio has some pretty good vintage toy shops.
My haul for the week. G2 Megatron in great condition (label says that the electronics still work, but I don't currently have any batteries on me), a Four Star jumpstarter knockoff, and a couple of Roboforce figures. Need to find a good replacement drill nose for Vulgar.
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