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The last picture of Waldo visiting the Big City. After, no one ever saw him again...



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Today I'm thankful for Legacy Jhiaxus. It's just a fantastic toy.

And for that matter, I'm thankful for G2. I was just entering my teens when G1 ended in North America, which for all I knew meant its end worldwide and forever. I remember the disappointment of realizing that this thing I'd been enjoying immensely since I was a little kid was over. Of course I had no idea I was just a couple of years away from its comeback on TV, on shelves, and in comics. G2 will always have a special place in my heart for what it represented, that even as I grew up, not all of childhood needed to be left behind. And just as I never expected TF to come back so soon or ever, I also never expected that 30 years later it would still be going strong and even producing the occasional new G2 toy - especially one that looks like it charged right off the comic page.

Nicely done, Hasbro. Thanks for all of it.


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AWESOME mini-diorama! If you got or just printed a couple pages of some 'Cybertron' pictures for a backdrop that would be astounding! Also great for using some of the lesser-appreciated Combaticons, so it really DOES look alien!


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Although they're not fully cured (and I need to do some minor touchups), here's Elita-1 with her repainted guns. I used a dark, matte grey for the main parts and chromed paint for some details.

Elita-1 (Original & Repainted Guns).png

I also added the missing pinky-purple "nose" and black/dark grey "crest" to my OSKO Sharkies. Plus, I painted metallic details on their tail-clubs. I might post better pics of them later on.

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