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Good thing it says Steve on the box then innit.


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So kinda been pondering names for these guys; what I came up with so far, mostly repurposing non-G1 names:


Lunar Rover - Payload (?)
Satellite - Astroscope
Space Shuttle - Starburst
Satellite Dish - Sonar
Booster Rocket - Jump Drive

Combined name: Constellation? I'm sure there is a good name to be made outta it, but it seems fitting that a space themed combiner would have a name based on Constellation, or a constellation, since its a group of stars that make up a single "image"

A few ideas I had for ya:

Big Dipper?
Galatic Menace?
White Drawf?

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Also Straxus/Darkmount, Coronation Starscream (his 30 second reign was short but memorable)

Yeah, I remember King Starscream fondly. I know some didn't like his leadership style, and most of those complaints ARE valid, but going from officially taking power to being executed for his crimes all in under a minute, he was one of the most EFFICIENT politicians ever!

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