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Looks like Shockwave has been busy or at least his cloning machine and it malfuctioned and produced one who was slightly different to the rest!

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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I have a bit of a headcannon for POTP Elita 1, after her appearance in G1 cartoon, she and the other fembots stumble upon one of Shockwave's abandoned experments and find a combiner torso unused, just a sparkless shell and decide to take a risk by adopting that body as Shockwave's original intent was to create a seeker combiner, yet energon reserves ran low and he left the experiement unfinished with the intent of coming back later on when the reserves were plentful once more, so Elita 1 adopts that body as her own, so that she can go toe to toe with the seekers that never left Cybertron and the other fembots incooperate combiner tech into their bodies
Neat idea.

If I was going to run with it being G1 Elita upgraded, I'd consider having it be some sort of mutation spurred on by Optimus interfacing with her in The Search for Alpha Trion. Basically, the energy being infused with some Matrix energy, thus "Priming" her up.

OTOH, that kind of runs into the whole "is Optimus enhanced by the Matrix" quandary, so that probably doesn't work as well.


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My headcanon isn't based on any one particular thing exclusively so in my mind Elita's a jet because that's just what she is. Orion got the Matrix and became Optimus Prime and Alpha Trion rebuilt Ariel into Elita.

Dion died.


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I imagine Elita getting seriously injured when the Decepticons solidified their conquest of Cybertron between 1985 and 2005, and having to be repaired so drastically that her protoform template gets rebuilt from the ground up.


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Sci-Fi Robot Dude dressed up as a Supernatural Warrior and Supernatural Warrior dressed up like Sci-Fi Robot Dude.


-ZacWilliam, *Dr D. voice "I've got a brand new best friend..."

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Pick-up from a local store. At the time, more concerned if he had the missile over the Cyber key, not thinking that most kept the missile in the launcher safe and snug in the mixing drum as opposed to a piece of plastic that has no place to store.


So yeah, if anybody happens to have his specific key....

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Rescued from my hoarder brother's nest masquerading as a room.

He had a things for wolves, so we would gift him wolf paraphernalia.




Been hanging on his wall for about 20 years, with Wolfang by a window.

A Wolfang re-tool bought for my brother at a BotCon thinking he'd appreciate it instead of leaving it buried under a pile of clocks.

Razorbeast he bought when it came out, he was really big into Pumba and Timon.

not shown: the Beast Wars II Max B I recovered (and cleaned!) early into the Spelunking.

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I'm in the 'oil' camp for this one, a friend brought his to my place unopened, we took it out and put it under my dissecting scope. No mold or anything resembling it, but enough oil that the wings were actually slippery, and you could see under 20x that there was somewhat congealed liquid in the creases. I've seen model kits like that, but not Transformers, though I know it has happened sometimes.

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