Post Pictures of Your Transformers! Show us your Cities!


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Stands pretty well


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Despite all the design and qc woes over Kingdom figures, I'm a sucker for repaints apparently.

I aim to build this collection as well. Whatever the issues, these repaints are interesting and nobody could have seen them coming when we first learned about Kingdom.


Hello everynyan!
Kingdom Rhinox is funny in that it’s not the CG model with semi-realistic texturing like the other toys. It’s the T30 toy seemingly run through a game of telephone


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Despite all the design and qc woes over Kingdom figures, I'm a sucker for repaints apparently.

Truly no shame in that. I have so much love for the offscreen characters from each line, and it's nice to be seeing that again with Selects and the exclusives. I do wish they were still integrated into the regular line and thus easier to get.

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So here’s my little review of Rodimus(a video review is in the works). Now here’s the big question- Is he worth 80$/85$ and I say it is up to you. Do I think he is , sure but anything more no. He is a solid figure and a must if you love Season 3/1986 catalog as I do.
I am also a huge fan of the Marvel comics so the Sword Of Primus is a must. His paint is fantastic, his articulation is great and I love his scale. And at the moment I have Maniaking for Galvatron so he is a bit off but I am getting Selects Galvatron for my 86 display and he will match perfectly. And I can’t wait for the toyhax stickers that will be made for Rodimus.
Overall I think Rodimus is 9/10 and that’s just cause my copy has some paint qc and the trailer can’t close with the turret in it.
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Thank you for posting the pic with the matrix on the sword! I think you are the only person I have seen to do this (so far). Very cool feature

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