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I just happened to think of a couple if you're still taking requests. Statics fall from the helicopter and subsequent stay at the hospital, of particular note, Night Cap being rather entertained by Statics displeasure at being taken care of.


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I will take requests forever.

I'll look for that, though again I don't have any of my posts unless I was quoted by anyone else.


I get that, which makes it rather unfortunate that some of the best moments were when Static and Night Cap were together.


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The STOMP team soon arrived at the bank to see a few purple suited ponies unconscious outside. Meanwhile, Maplejack kept close distance as Grape Vine reached the city gates. "Close the gates immediately and lock down the city. Nopony pulls off a heist in my town." A klaxon sounded as Grape Vine made an announcement that was broadcast through intercoms around the city. "This is Boss Vine speaking with ! an urgent message to all citizens of Petrichor Falls. Several suspects are attempting to rob our bank and escape. It is your duty to report all suspicious ponies. I repeat, report all suspicious ponies." Grape Vine then dashed off in the direction of her house.

As they enter the bank, Static crouches down, ready to fight.

"Okay, which of you law breaking mules is going to be the first to make my day?"

Static sighed as he stood up straighter, wiped his mane and turned to Night Cap. "Didn't your mother ever teach you to cover your muzzle when you sneeze?"

Most of the robbers cowered upon hearing Rhapsody's command but a female voice cynically purred, "Such language" in a thick Mid-Equestrian accent in response to Static Signal. A pale blue pegagus mare with a most fancy hat covered in many flowers and fruits slung a bag over her shoulder and smugly smirked at Rhapsody. "There's no need to fight, darling. The Triumphant Association of Knavish Equine shall be taking its leave now."

"Ah yes, so you're the second rate COIN that's running around being a pain." Rhapsody replies with a shake of her head. "And really, that hat is SO last season. So I guess you're a second-rate fashionista as well. I can't blame you for stealing, I suppose. It's the only way you'll ever be able to get anything really nice to wear, isn't it?" Rhapsody huffs and flicks her mane. "Maybe if your lucky, you might be able to afford the cast off of some down on her luck Manehatten designer..."

She laughed at Rhapsody's comment. "Now why in Equestria would I be taking fashion advice from somepony with such disgustingly gaudy socks? No no, I'll do fine with what I have, darling. As for COIN, they and we have fairly different goals. It's just that as fate would have it, goals aligned...so we collaborated. They didn't want any of the money and we were all too willing to relieve the bank of it."

Amber's eyes narrowed as the pegasus mare mentioned COIN, and shook her head as the mare finished. "Why in Equestria would we do that?" she asked, seeming genuinely surprised at the suggestion, as a stray arc of current crackled along her horn.

"You have four eyes so perhaps you should look around. Do you see any bankers? We locked them all in the vault. This one of the hardest vaults in the world to break into. Would you really rather leave them in there while dealing with us?"

"Any innocent civilians all locked up safe in a safe while we're able to cut loose? Uh...yeah, I kinda like those odds. Why are we still talking?"

Rhapsody huffs. "Yes, becuase I'm gonna wear the expensive stuff to a job where its going to get ruined, you continue to show little concern for fashion, if you're gonna wear it to a bank heist."

Rhapsody looks to Night Cap. "Is that vault gonna be a problem for you? You tend to be good at getting in where you're not wanted." She asks, maybe it was her distrust of him, or maybe she was just willing to give him a chance... but Rhapsody felt that if any pony could break into a vault, it would be Night Cap. "Amber, darling. Fire a warning shot, I don't want any of them thinking they can run. Also if you take out that atrocious hat while you're at it I'll reward you later." She grins. "See, you're just managed to piss me off. If any pony in that vault dies, You're going to wish your fashion sense was the only thing dead today." She says and looks to Static. "Because we shouldn't just rush into things blindly. Send a message to Maple, inform her of the hostages. She's in the best position to use that info." Rhapsody turns back to the lead mare. "One chance. If you release the hostages now, then as an honorable mare, I'll let you go. Refuse, and learn just WHY I don't wear the good stuff for day to day events."

"Funny little thing about opening the vault. I can't open it. The only reason we got in was because Casino Soufflé let us in. Otherwise we would have never even attempted this heist. So time not spent getting them out is on you, darling. Concentrate on that and we all might have a net gain." As soon as she said 'net', several of the TAKE ponies tossed nets, those most wily of weapons, at the team!

Rhapsody darts out of the way of the net, just barely and heads right towards the hatted mare and slams her hoof into her. "Hard way it is then; You and your stupid hat are mine! I gave you fair chance, but we've taken down armies before and now we don't have to worry about civilians getting hurt. This isn't gonna take us long at all. Night Cap, you're up. break the the vault. Static, feel free to let loose. Try not to let them get to Night Cap. Amber, bring the lightning down on them."


Static gets tangled up in the net. He shoots a nasty look at the one who threw the net and another at Rhapsody. "Let loose. Right!" He looks around seeing if he had anything to help him get out. Scissors...anything.

"I wish...I wish...I wish..." the trinket around Static's neck starts to glow. Electricity starts to crackle all around Static. In a flash, he's outside of the net and right beside Rhapsody.


[No time to piece it together now. Let's fight!]



Amber was entirely too busy staring down the pegasus mob boss to notice the nets closing in and was quickly taken to the floor. And we even trained for nets. Embarrassing.

Amber nodded as Rhapsody gave her command. "Right." In a flash and pop, she freed herself to stand on Rhapsody's opposite side from where Static had materialized.


Amber closed her eyes for an instant and reminded herself to see the field. Can't respond in the present if you can't predict what's going to happen next. There were quite a lot of enemies to keep track of, quite a lot of potential tennis balls. Her horn glowed softly as she felt around herself.


First Ivory grumbled as a net fell on her while Flairvoyant cleanly dodged out of the way. The mare chuckled at Rhapsody and said,
"You seem quite self assured for a mare whose choice of hosiery indicates she woke up with a severe case of blindness. You're right that this won't take long...but not the way you think." The mare briefly clapped her forehooves together, producing a metallic 'clink' from her horseshoes. She then struck Rhapsody and Static Signal each in the chest. It didn't hurt, simply tingling a little, but it left a faintly glowing mark. What did hurt was several of her flunkies converging on Static Signal and Rhapsody in a flurry of blows. One attempted to toss out a blinding flash but Flairvoyant bent the light back into the robber's face.

Rhapsody huffs seeing Night Cap being the only one to get netted... of course he is; well one of those mauve morons too, but they mattered even less then Night Cap to her. "Somepony help Night Cap, and make sure he doesn't trip over his own hooves to the safe if you have too..." She states wondering is putting any sort of faith into the brown earth pony was a mistake; the distraction allowing for the mare to strike her and then her flunkies to gang up on her and Static. She huffs and strikes the first pony the assaults Static, before taking to the air as she seems to surge with energy and dive-bombs the lea! d mare. "A pony that willingly wears a hat that ugly, shouldn't be calling others blind."

Amber leaped backward, shocked, as the mob swarmed over Static and Rhapsody. For some reason, they didn't seem to be paying her any attention at all. She wasn't enthusiastic to change that, but she focused on the boss. She reared, her horn flaring, and called out wordlessly as a bolt of lightning struck down toward the boss and bloomed into a crackling bubble around her, side strikes casting out from the sphere like a plasma globe.


Amber bolted toward Night Cap to set about, as quickly as possible, untangling the poor thing from the devious net.


Static tumbles down under the barrage of the ponies. As he stands up and charges back into the fray, he tries to whip the net off of Night Cap.


The net slid through his hoofs. He was going to go back for him when he saw the lead mare in front of him.

"Oh...you again! I'm reeeeally not liking you."

Static headbutts her repeatedly.


Static was about to move to Night Cap when he sees Amber already with the net off of him. Good! One disctraction down. He focuses his attention on the lead.

"Five against one, coward? That...HURT!"

Static headbutts her repeatedly.




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Flairvoyant knocked out the robber who previously failed to blind the group. Meanwhile, Static Signal felt a brief pulse at the glowing mark and then several sharp pains as if he was being hit with the same attack he just used! As the TAKE flunkies continued to pile on, the mare sauntered about without directly attacking. Her ears twitched as a whistling sound could be heard outside like something was falling from a great height. "They took their sweet time getting here but it sounds like our ride has finally arrived. In mere moments you will bear witness as I, Strolls Choice, make a clean getaway."

"Night Cap! Vault! NOW!" Rhapsody states very bluntly to her teammate, as she deals with another round of attacks. She huffs and bucks hitting one of the ponies targeting Static. She once more takes to the skies and looks around, breathing heavily from the second round of attacks. "Amber, covering fire! Try and keep the mooks off me and Static!" She commands as she takes a moment to steady herself concentrating and focusing her mind, as she considers her options and what to do next and then grins as the sound of the Tornado inspires her.

She starts flying around and picking up speed, and as she flies she starts to sing a battle ballad that she felt was most fitting.

"On wings of glory we will carry on
Far across Equstrian lands towards the distant sun

And in the darkness shining far beyond the starlight
Lightning is striking from the dark dawning shadows

And in the kingdom of the everlasting sun
When the glory of the princess's time has come

Into the fires of forever we will fly through the Heavens
With the power of the universe we stand strong together

Through the force in our power we will soon reach the hour
For victory we fly, fury of the storm!"

Rhapsody flies down doing a hit on run on Strolls, striking her a total of five times in rapid succession. "We'll see how 'clean' you are once I'm done with you." Rhapsody states with a grin despite how bad she's looking at the moment.


Even the henchponies weren't going to give up from a light sting, and they were giving Static and Rhapsody a pounding. They still seemed to be ignoring Amber herself, and Amber wasn't sure whether to feel lucky or insulted. Amber listened to Rhapsody's order. "Yes, ma'am!", she said, and headed in Rhapsody's direction.

"I do hate to interrupt, but if I might have your attention, hoodlums," Amber said. She let loose a bolt of electricity that struck one of the ponies attacking Rhapsody, then discharged from him to a second and arced to a third.


Static stumbled back under the blows that were redirected back at him. "Oh sweet Luna, I'm gonna die! He forces himself back up to his hooves.

[Okay, I know that move. I used to do it myself. So...best not to attack the leader until I can shake out of it.]

Static focused his attention on one of the nooks. Pony 5 specifically.


Many of the TAKE ponies were knocked out from the redirected assault, though one managed to get another hit on Rhapsody. Two of the Mauvenine Four rushed into the bank and helped First Ivory out of the net she was trapped in. Flairvoyant tossed a table with her magic at Strolls Choice and firmly declared, "Give up, you're outnumbered now." Just then, there was a loud crash and the roof collapsed! Some of the debris knocked out Flairvoyant but following that the STOMP team heard a warbling pulse and metal objects began to rise into the air. It grew strong enough that the TAKE ponies were pulled upwards by their money laden saddlebags. Looking up, the STOMP team could see the magnet was part of some sort of cobalt blue airborne vehicle that had a propeller like a helicopter but was powered by dual treadmills. Strolls Choice flew over and grabbed Flairvoyant before being pulled into the air. "Better than expected but you're still outclassed, darlings. Ciao!"

Static feels the pull of the magnet on his equipment and reflexively grabs a hold of one of the nets weighted to the ground.


He holds on when he sees Strolls Choice grabbing onto Flairvoyant.
[Have to protect Flairvoyant]
[Have to make them pay!]

[I hurt. Bruised...bleeding...just this side of death]

Static lets go and pushes off to be lifted off by the magnet.

[Not letting her face this alone.]
[Not letting them get away with this]

[Not a good idea!]

"I'm coming for you,"
he growles through clinched teeth.

Misty looks around the town. Where would a hostages vault be? She sees a lot of same-looking blue buildings... oh, and a large blue flying contraption. Wait, what?

This required further investigation.

Misty heads straight towards the flying machine, which seems to be making some kind of noisy commotion. As she gets closer, she can see that it had smashed a hole in the roof of the building below... wait, that brown thing there... could it be? Was it...?

It was!

"Oh my gosh! Night Cap, you DID IT! YOU'RE FLYING!!"

"Oh, and Static too... and some other ponies... um... what's going on?"

"Hostages in the bank vault," Static calls out to Misty. "Night Cap can break the safe. Get him down there and protect him!"

The witty comeback Amber might have attempted at Ms. Choice's words was reduced to an "Eep" as she scrambled at her suddenly animate glasses and toolbox.

"So that's what he meant... Okay, got it!"

Misty grabs onto the airborne Night Cap and does her best to pull him away from the magnet's pull. It's not easy.

Misty Monsoon flapped her mighty wings, pulling with all her might, until Night Cap was safely grounded and out of reach of the magnet's pull. First Ivory rushed over to them and asked "Youse okay? I sure didn't expect all this when I woke up this morning."

"Me neither! ...Um, is this the way to the vault that has the hostages in it? Night Cap needs to bust them out."

Rhapsody watches as Misty carries Night Cap off to the safe, maybe now he'll actually be bothered to actually rescue them. At Maple's voice, Rhapsody pulls out her bugle. "Team Busy." she whispers into it, and eats it before taking to the sky after Static, Amber, and Flair. Huffing heavily she closes her eyes, in pain and close to collapsing she pushes herself to continue on and begins to sing something to try to keep her spirits up.

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for faith-departed
I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
It's my life.

As the helicopter magnet pulled everypony towards it, Strolls Choice shouted upwards, "Silver Clouds, darling? These ponies are making it quite difficult to commit a robbery." "Alas, they don't make nets like they used to." A grey pegasus stallion with a curly mustache flew down towards the STOMP team. He wore a silver top hat and a headband with a large pouch on it. However, the apparent weight of the pouch made it sag! a bit so that it was like a pouch eyepatch. Silver Clouds flew over and addressed Amber Spark. "With such exemplary eyeware, it would be safe to assume you are the leader of this outfit, are you not? My darling wife and I have a wonderful Bonnet & Clydesdale moment that you and your band are ruining. I hereby cordially request that you desist such actions immediately, else I be forced to cause you and your lot grievous harm."

Rhapsody Continues singing her song as she recovers more to help the others. As she sees Amber teleport, the black pegasus zooms past Static and the new enemy. "Hang in their Static, I'll get you down!" She says as she reaches the cockpit in time to help Amber get her balance. "Okay, so I'm assuming you have a plan, love?"

Silver Clouds shook his head in disapproval. "So it's like that, is it? I simply insist you ponies take the deal. Darling?" "Yes?" "I believe it would be best if you give them their friend back." "What? Oh yes...but of course, darling." Strolls Choice let go of Flairvoyant, then flew off with Silver Clouds. The lone pony on the treadmill leaped off, leaving it up to the STOMP team to try to pilot the crazy contraption before it crashed!



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Her precarious landing gave Amber the chance to remember where she was and, more importantly, where the ground wasn't, neither of which was a pleasant reminder. But moments after she froze and moments before she could make a fatal slip, she felt Rhapsody's hoof on her shoulder. As the TAKE bosses and henchpony took their leave, she jumped onto the treadmill and began pacing as quickly as she could. "Plan, hmm, yes. Step one, get into the airship cabin. Step two, take control of the cabin." Amber's voice warbled as she ran, and she took a breath before continuing. "I honestly expected to have bit more time to consider step three. Do you have anything in mind? We have to do something about Static before we can land."

"Much obliged!"

Static's eyes widen as he nears the magnet. One chance to not be completely useless in this battle. He reaches out to the side of the entrance to the aircraft to avoid the magnet

Rhapsody looks over the side, and sees Static falling. "Well... They tossed Flair over the side, and Static seems to have decided to leap to his doom... My suggestion is getting you off of here and getting us to safety. Back in Calubuston, I watched Black Night stop a criminal using a machine similar to this. She tried to take control of it, and ended up crashing it. I'm not sure either of us has the still to land this thing safely... so if its gonna crash either way, lets not have it crash with us ON IT."

"Static?!" said Amber. "Go help him, I'll be fine." She shook her head and kept running against the treadmill. "Now. Go!" Amber redoubled her haste in looking over the controls and assessing how the contraption might work.

Looking around, Amber Spark found that there were levers nearby she could reach with her magic to steer the helicopter. It probably wouldn't be smooth but it could at least be directed to land in the street instead of crashing into a building. She might even be able to get it to gently land in place if she could get it to level off it's speed.

Amber took stock of the controls and began hastily searching for a clear spot to land the vehicle. Keeping the vehicle stable while running the treadmill wasn't easy, even if she'd been more familiar with the contraption, but she tried to concentrate as she manipulated the controls with her magic.

Dexterity: Roll(1d20)+10: 7,+10 Total:17

Spending my Magic Point for a total of 45.

The departure of Strolls Choice and Silver Clouds left an odd effect. After leaving, their actions were remembered but their appearance was a blur that was a strain to remember. Static Signal recognized this as the same effect from the pony controlling the cucarockas at the conservation meeting. However, he couldn't really dwell on this as he came crashing down from the daring aerial catch of the falling Flairvoyant. The couch in the waiting area of the bank lobby did a lot to cushion their fall but Static Signal was still knocked out cold from the fall. Meanwhile, Amber Spark set about the monumental task of trying to pilot t! he flying contraption to a safe landing. Pushing her muscles to the limit and wielding her unicorn magic, she managed to redirect it to land on the main street. The TAKE ponies who were previously unconscious stirred only long enough to be knocked out again as they broke free from the magnet's pull and crashed to the ground. Only one managed to land properly and they immediately attempted to run away.

Static flies through the air. He can see all of Caballuston as he soars through the clouds. There he could see the museum. There was his home. If he dived down here, he could pay Anchors a visit.

"Quite the sight, eh, son?"

"Dad? What are you doing here?"

"I'm not here...and neither are you. I...thought you were afraid of heights. Shouldn't that make this a nightmare?"

"I don't know...I think I could get used to this."

*twitch* "Ngh! That hurt! What was that?"

"Reality intruding in on a dream I'd imagine."

"What reality?"

Static feels himself falling. He sees Flairvoyant beneath him in free fall.

*twitch* "Fuuuuuu! I...how badly hurt am I?"

Static hits the ground. Everything is black.

"Wait a minute...something's weird here. I...I need to see something."

Static's dream rewinds. He floats back up to the aircraft and looks at the TAKE members faces.

"Why are they both blurry? I can't see what they look like. Just like...just like..."

The stallion trembled as Static Signal questioned him. "I was paid to try the harmonica out. Said he needed to test it before he bought more and told me to try it here. I figured that the mayor and everypony would run so as long as long as nopony made the the cucarockas mad, nopony would get hurt. The stallion looked like...looked like...ow. I've got a headache..." The stallion looked dizzy as he struggled to recall his employer's appearance.

"Pony feathers!"


"I can't remember their faces!"

"Remember what you can, son. This is your job now. What are their names?"


"Blast! Confound it to Tartarus!"


"I can't remember their names! I've got nothing, father. Nothing! I can't remember."

"You're my son. Yes...you...CAN!"


"That's my boy! Remember when you wake up."

"If I wake up. I...took a pretty bad tumble, dad."

"You're still alive enough to dream. Don't give up now."

Misty charges into the lobby, only to find Static Signal and Flairvoyant unconscious on the ground.

"Aaaaaaaa! Static! Flairvoyant!"

She flies up and lands next to the two. "Oh no... what do I do? What do I do??" She bends down and puts an ear to each of their chests, listening for a heartbeat.

Misty can faintly hear some muttering.

"Now I'm freeeeeee...free fallin!"

Panting heavily, Amber nonetheless managed a sharp giggle of relief at finding herself safely on the ground again. She looked up to see the one remaining TAKE henchpony bolting away. With a strained smile, she exerted her magic and lifted the pony off the ground, holding her as if dangling by her tail near the helicopter's cabin.

"Going somewhere? I believe the county jail is this way," she said. I think I'm finally beginning to get a handle on these witty comebacks!

Amber headed back to the bank, with the TAKE henchpony in tow.



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Before Rhapsody can take any action, Amber already jumps to the controls and steers the ship down unable to react in time to either Static's fall or help her marefriend, she's pretty much deadlocked in her desires to keep her teammates safe. When the ships 'lands' it shakes her from her stupor as she exits the craft and looks around.

As the banker began to lead Night Cap out, they saw Misty Monsoon mourning over Static Signal and Flairvoyant. Meanwhile, Rhapsody spots Amber Spark carrying a TAKE pony whow was struggling to escape with no avail. Several citizens rushed outside but then...stopped. There was something akin to a collective sigh as they looked at the money that was scattered everywhere. They simply sat where they were.

"Static! You've got to wake up!"


Amber found her way to the couch to find Static and Flairvoyant in their compromising position. She nodded to Night Cap.

"I believe we stole a helicopter," said Amber. "Silver Clouds and -" Amber shook her head; she really had been getting better with ponies' names. How could she not remember the name of the pony who'd been responsible for this whole mess? "The bosses of this little operation escaped, but we've stopped the robbery, and I'm sure we'll learn something from the associates they so recklessly abandoned." Amber set down the TAKE henchpony she'd been carrying in front of Night Cap.

"Strolls Choice." Rhapsody replies as she walks up behind Amber. "I'm too stubborn for a memory spell like this, when a pony has my ire up so much."

Some of Misty Monsoon's water splashed Flairvoyant. She groggily began to stir, saying, "Ow. My head...w-what happened?" Meanwhile, First Ivory glared at the TAKE pony who was quivering in fear. "I'd talk if I were youse. Ponies in this town might get awfully unfriendly if you don't, see?" "W-what do you want to know?"

"Omigosh! Flair, you're okay!" Misty exclaims. "I don't know exactly what happened... when I passed through here a while ago, everyone was floating in the air. Then when I came back after helping Night Cap, I found you and Static on the ground like this. I thought you might've taken a bad fall."

As Misty's spray hits Static, he slowly begins to stir. "Ugg! I feel like I'm having the worst hangover in my entire body!"
"Why am I wet?" He glances at Misty. "That explains it. Thanks!"

He looks over at Flairvoyant. "Good! Everypony's alive. Good good good."

A quiver goes up Static's spine. "Does anypony know where Maple is? I'm doing that thing again where I know she's in a fight. She may need some help.

Static tries to get up.

[Yeeeah, that's not happening!]

"She may need help from somepony who's not me."

"Yay! Static's okay too!" Misty announces.

Static tries moving again...much to his regret. "Ngh! That depends on your definition."

"It was very brave of you to go after Ms. Voyant like that, Static," said Amber, with a proud smile.

"Brave, and very stupid." Rhapsody remarks honestly. "Maybe leave the aerial stunts to those of us with wings next time? It might do wonders for your mobility." She says in an attempt to be jovial. "As for Maple, she contacted me while Flair was being kidnapped. They found the location of Casion and wanted us to join them, but I had to refuse due to needing to stop half the team from getting carried away... literally..."

One of the bankers replied to Night Cap with, "The main hospital is not far from here. My cousin works there so I'm sure you'll be cared for."

Copper Bezel:
"It was very brave of you to go after Ms. Voyant like that, Static," said Amber, with a proud smile.

"Thanks, Amber. I'm just glad she's okay."

"Brave, and very stupid."

"I have no good argument against that."

Fnu Aw:
Night Cap looks over the dismal scene and turns to the bankers.

"Change of plans. We need to get this team to a medic right away. Where can we find one in this city?"

"I'll be fine. Somepony needs to get to Maple. She..." Static's words drop as the sense of battle fades. "just proved to me yet again that she's one very tough cookie. Yeah, medic sounds good right about now."

"By the way, Strolls Choice and Silver Clouds...I can't remember their faces. At first I thought it was just the fall. But...the way it feels...the way I get a headache just trying to remember their faces...it's a lot like what I saw when Misty, Maple and I captured the stallion who brainwashed the cuckarockas. Whenever he tried to remember the face of the one who hired him, it caused him great pain to try and remember...so much so I was afraid he was going to faint."
Static looked to Amber and Rhapsody. "Can either of you remember the faces of Strolls Choice or Silver Clouds. For that matter...how hard was it for you to remember their names? I think we just ran into the group that was behind the attack at the conservation speech."

Misty attempts to pick up Static to carry him to the hospital, but does it very gingerly to avoid aggravating any of his injuries. Unfortunately, due to her excessive caution, she is not very successful at actually managing to lift him.

She looks to Night Cap and Rhapsody. "Umm... I think I might need some help..."

First Ivory lifted Static Signal with her magic. "I've got youse. Can somepony else get the other one?"

Static feels himself being lifted off the ground by First Ivory's magic. "I'm flying again."

"Memory magic," spat Amber. "Even worse than illusions. That ugly old - or, ah, young? - oh!" Amber stamped one hoof hard on the tiled floor.

Amber nodded to First Ivory and lifted Flairvoyant with her magic.

"Does anyone know where Miss Jack is? She left with Ms. Vine, did she not?"

Static winced at Ambers words. He found it hard to argue. After all, he'd now been a victim of memory magic twice...and it's never a pleasant experience. In the hooves of the wrong ponies, memory and illusion magic can be rather nefarious. Still, he was an illusion user himself...not to mention..."Don't let Amber or Snowy hear you say that."

Static then turned his attention to Night Cap...the pony who'd saved his life...again. If not for Night Caps actions, Static wouldn't have lasted another moment in that fight.

And yet to do so, he probably put himself into a lot of hot water. Technically he did disobey a direct order from the one in command...twice. Static didn't like the fact that because of him, Night Cap could now be in some serious trouble. He wished there was some way to maybe soften the blow here. Then a grin crossed his lips.

"Hey, Night! I've twice flown today...even teleported once. Don't ever let anypony tell you it's impossible for an earthpony to do something...not even me!"

"Rather oddly, no, those things happened. He did have some assistance with the flying, and he does seem to have been somewhat less successful when he attempted it unaided. The teleporting he handled himself." Amber shook her head. "Ms. Vine seemed to think that this attack was a distraction. Of course, we might well have an expert at hoof," Amber said, turning to the TAKE pony with First Ivory as Amber followed her away from the couch. "Mr. Cap, you're quite good at this interrogation business, are you not?"

Rhapsody huffs and looks to Night Cap. "We're gonna have a talk when we get back to the museum, right now there is too much of importance going on to deal with you." She states amazingly calmly and looks to the others. "I know from Maple that we have some medical supplies waiting on us near the center of the town; not sure if that will be enough for Static after his fall or if he needs more urgent medical attention. Maple said she was going to contact me again, but so far hasn't. Seems she might have things handled from what Static says." She turns and lo! oks to Amber as she suggests Night Cap 'helping'. "No, we don't need him to waste time doing whatever else he thinks is more important, I'll Interrogate this pony myself."

"I can lead youse ponies to the hospital. Follow me."

Static closed his eyes and clenched his teeth in frustration. Night Cap just didn't get Rhapsody's meaning. And for once, he had no good argument to help him out.

Sure things might be mitigated by the fact that Night Cap undoubtedly saved his life. But that wasn't going to totally dismiss the fact that he disobeyed a direct order from the team leader...twice.

This was gonna suck.

Nothing he could do right now. All he could do now was lay back and enjoy the ride to the hospital.

"Wait, I got one question for youse." Before reaching the door to lead the group to the hospital, First Ivory turned to look at the TAKE pony. "Where did youse get the helicopter from?" The robber fidgeted a bit before responding with, "From Tipsy Tulip. She's a mad..." "I didn't ask youse who. I asked where." "Oh. She travels with an enormous train. She keeps moving and even has a few of her own tracks and junctions across Equestria. Only a few ponies know her stops and how to reach her."

"And you're one of those ponies?"

"Nope, my bosses are. I just help steal...erm." The TAKE pony fell silent as First Ivory and all of the bankers collectively narrowed their eyes.

"Oh dear, it's stolen?" said Amber, somewhat absently but looking slightly crestfallen.



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Static hears Ambers sad expression and rolls his head around to see what has her down. "I think he was just speaking in general about his career as a low down dirty thief. The chopper may actually be legit if you're planning on claiming it. I'd...kinda like my equipment back," he adds sheepishly.

As the STOMP team, First Ivory, and the Petrichor Falls bankers stepped outside, Rhapsody turned to look at the TAKE pony with a most displeased look on her face. Soon after, they stepped out to join the others. From the look on the TAKE pony's face, it was likely the crimefighting mare's words made sure that this foul miscreant would know better than to ever commit another crime again. A pony in a purple suit walked up and slapped hoofcuffs on the robber before the group headed to the hospital. The nurses rushed to attend to the group's injuries. Flairvoyant would likely be fine but would need to rest her head to reduce the swelling. While Static Signal didn't break any bones, he would have severe muscle sprain and painful bruises that would require a hospital stay and time off of work.

One of the banker's asked,
"What do we do now? It seems like the robbery was stopped but Boss Vine hasn't given the all clear yet."

Static winces as he lays down on the hospital bed. "Aww cripes! I feel like I've been ridden hard and put away wet!" He catches a glimpse at the mirror. "Sweet Luna! Is...is that me?" His head plops back onto the pillow.

[Oh...right! Looks like I'm in a bed. I'm supposed to hate beds. Heck with it! Hurts too much to protest.]

"Sorry? You kidding? I've never eaten so well since last night and today? I actually flew! Twice!! I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun." *ping* *wince* "Okay...so next time I need to remember the parachute. Still, no regrets.

Static shrugged and gave Rhapsody a curioius look. "What's wrong with that? Going up against a gang of criminals....not a bad idea to be armed."

Grape Vine smiled at Rhapsody. "Quite perceptive. I see why Brisk Iron chose you. I guess I should show you since Maple already saw." She turned to look at the nurse. "You? Out." "Yes boss." After waiting for the nurse to leave, Grape Vine reached into her mane and slowly pulled out a magic wand. The handle was like a clear cylinder that had been vertically cut in hal! f. The head of the wand floated separately from the handle and was made of a half sphere of prasiolite. "This is the Wand of Doubled Doubling. It has been instrumental in protecting the city and it allowed me to provide aid to the weather ponies who stopped the tornado today. Its power can be broadcast citywide through the central microphone kept in town hall but for only while I'm there with it."

"Oh... what did it do when we were fighting the tornado? I probably missed it,"
Misty asks.

"The wand allows me to create temporary duplicates of other ponies. Several ponies joined the weather team but left when they were done."

"Wow! I had no idea! I thought they just left quickly because it was their day off or something."

Out of everything that was said, Static's mind latched on to one thing. "You managed to make Dazzling Midnight...winded? You managed to do far more than what we've previously seen with that...mare. That's actually good news though. If she can be winded, she can be defeated."

It was a stretch. That mare was not natural. She still scared the Tartarus out of Static.

But it was the only ray of hope he'd seen in dealing with her.

Grape Vine tucked the wand back into her mane. "The wand and I have an agreement. It simply wants to be put to use instead of being sent to a museum or languishing somewhere forgotten. As far as Dazzling Midnight, the scary thing is that I don't think she wants the wand or at least not immediately. I don't know if she knew about it when she arrived. Casino would have had difficulty in getting it due to one key weakness: The wand's power can't be used on the wielder. If he tried to steal it and got caught, he'd only be able to make duplicates of the ponies chasing him. Of course, that leads to the question: If they didn't want the wand, just what did they want? Some of the things in my collection might have scientific or magical worth I simply didn't know about."

"Unfortunately, yes. The two associates with Casino got away. Furthermore, one found a civilian to use as a decoy so they could very well be anywhere."

"Yeah, we found a pony in a coin uniform tied up with a skipping rope, She was very nice and the clothes didn't at all fit her right so... I guess we lost a bit of time helping her out." Maple shrugged, it felt like it was a good thing.. but maybe they should have told her to sit tight and they'd come back for her... something to think about if there's a next time.

Maple scooted over to Static's bedside while the Big ponies continued talking.

'How are you feeling Static? are the doctors here looking after you all right?" -Tiny teardrops begin to slide down Maple's face as she looks at how bad of a condition he's in.

Because I left, the team was down a set of wings... I could have... this is my fault. Maple's head sunk against the side of the bed.. two little damp circles forming as she sobbed her little heart out.

"Hey! Stop that. Ain't nopony's fault but the ones who robbed the bank. I hurt plenty, but I'll survive. And the doctors here are really quite nice."

"Bed's a bit soft though,"

Coming back up, Maple makes the effort to put on a smile for her friend.

Misty suddenly stood up very straight. Her tail twitched.

"They're still here. They haven't left town yet," she said very matter-of-factually.

Static raised an eyebrow. "How do you know? I mean, sure we crashed their mane getaway vehicle, but they didn't look like they had any intention of sticking around. They could be anywhere."

Misty shrugs. "I dunno? I had this feeling... my mother used to say, sometimes you just know things. That's the feeling I got."

Static took a moment to think about how he just knew Snowy and Maple were in a fight and nods slowly. "Fair enough. So what's the plan?"

Maple's smile became a real one as Misty's announcement gave her hope for redemption. Turning back to Rhapsody and Boss Vine... Maple hoped the plan was swift justice.

Rhapsody considers. "Well, first thing is we know Static isn't going anywhere. Not with those injuries." She says and then looks over to Night Cap. "You stay here as well." Before turning her attention back to the mayor. "That wand can work on us, if needed right? Just not yourself?"

"Actually, if somepony could just bring me my radio transmitter I can still...except Flairvoyant probably isn't in any shape to go anywhere either. Well, I only used one of Snowy's bugles. I won't be needing any more of them or the coins he gave me. So feel free to divvy those up."

Amber didn't like the idea of using the wand - or the idea of the wand being in Grape Vine's control at all - but she nodded and smiled at Rhapsody's suggestion. "Oh, yes, capital! We could, hmm, split up and cover more ground."

Amber suddenly frowned as she imagined a room full of Rhapsodies, Statics, and Night Caps having an argument. It was probably a very fortunate turn that Night Cap and Static were staying in the hospital.

Grape Vine nodded to Rhapsody. "Correct, I can't use it on myself. The only way I'd be able to do that is if I had the other half. But never mind that. We're ready to assist you in your plan."

Grape Vine announced to the STOMP team, "There's not much time before you need to prepare for the train ride back. I suggest we start in the center of the city and spread out. It'll also allow me to make an announcement to the city to help calm the citizens."

Maple stood ready... she wasn't going to rush off this time, this time she was going to wait for orders, and with any luck at all nothing bad would happen to any more of her friends today.

Grape Vine led Rhapsody, Amber Spark, Misty Monsoon, and Maplejack to town hall and into the room with the microphone. As she wove the Wand of Doubled Doubling at them, they felt a tingling sensation and saw each had an identical duplicate looking at them. After a brief period of disorientation, the STOMP team found that they could control each independently and looking through two sets of eyes felt as natural as looking through only one. Grape Vine nodded to them and they set off on their search, then turned to the microphone to make her announcement.

"This is Boss Vine speaking with an important message to all citizens of Petrichor Falls. As always, those who rob somepony in the Falls will have to deal with me. Several suspects just learned this the hard way. However, Boss Vine did not do this alone. Several brave ponies, visitors to this city, stepped in to aide us through this ordeal. And in this, I amend my main rule: If you are elsewhere, Caballuston is to be treated as if they are citizens here and you are not to try to rob them. Furthermore, none of the Equestrian Expedition Keep museums are to be stolen from either. There are many out there who would not lift a hoof to help us so I will NOT tolerate any citizens making a mockery of their kindness."

With a hoof bump the Maples moved to individual Rhapsodies waiting for instruction

The two Mistys look at each other, cock their heads in unison, and frown slightly.

"Hmm, I think I might need to get a manecut."

"Hmm, I think I might need to get a manecut."

That said, they both leave the town hall in opposite directions, proceeding through the city in a spiraling flight pattern.

[And then nothing really happened.]


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Static didn't dare to turn his head to look at Night Cap. It hurt to much. He looked left, it hurt. He looked right, it hurt. Up, down...no matter what, it hurt. So he just looked straight at the ceiling.

"Well, I flew twice and I teleported. So...I guess that was fun. Buuuuuut then I woke up and every single inch of my body was in pain. So...I guess it had it's ups and downs." He didn't even realize he made a joke until he thought about it a moment. "Heh! Quite literally."

He wasn't sure how to say the next bit. He didn't want to vilify Rhapsody. For one thing, she wasn't exactly in the wrong here. Rhapsody and Night Cap were both right...and they were both wrong.

Plus the fact that despite Static's best efforts at warning him, Night Cap refused to see how much Rhapsody didn't like him. Trying to convince him otherwise would cause him to immediately shut down.

So...how to broach the subject?

"Night Cap? You...you really saved my life there. I mean that. No exaggeration...I could not have taken another pounding like what they were giving me. You saved my life out there."

Static sighed deeply before the next bit. "So what I say, I say because I really and truly care. Unfortunately...you disobeyed orders...twice...in order to save me. It doesn't matter how Rhapsody writes her report, when Ms. Iron hears about it, you could be in some trouble."

"You did save my life though. And obviously the hostages in the vault weren't going anywhere while we cleared the coast."

"If I were you, when you meet with Ms. Iron...I'd go with that. It may mitigate the fact that you disobeyed orders...hopefully."

Static closed his eyes and hoped for a response.

[Please, for once, hear my warning and take it to heart. I couldn't stand to see you get into even more trouble because you tried to save me.]

[Maybe he's right. Ms. Iron can be quite reasonable. Surely when she sees why Night Cap did what he did...I mean...given some of my past...indiscretions?]

"I hope you're right. In any case, I am grateful. I wouldn't be here if you hadn't helped."

Static tried to turn his head to see Night Cap. *ping *wince*

"So, it looks like I'm probably going to be out of commission for a while. You ready to work the projection booth solo?"

None of you would be here if I didn't help.

"I'm sure I'll do fine. I'll just try not to do so well that they don't miss you."

Did Night Cap just attempt a humor, or did he just find a way to give himself permission to work less hard?

The world may never know.

"HAH! Haha...hnn...ugh! Oh cripes don't make me laugh. It hurts."

"Not laughing at your skill there. Just...my last boss...the one I had in in Manehatten...made it very clear to me just how replaceable I was. I just...hnn. He may have had a point. I was a rather different pony then than I am now. Heh! If only he could see me now."
Static had a good look at himself as he said that, beaten black and blue and laid up in a hospital. "Hmm, then again, maybe not."

Static rolled over to regard Night Cap again.

[Darnit! Stop...moving!!!!]

"Hey Night? Tell me if this sounds crazy. Whenever I'm back at the Keep doing the usual work stuff, I'm always wishing I was out on a STOMP mission doing something exciting. Whenever I'm on a STOMP mission, I wish I was back at the keep doing something less...dangerous. Is it possible I'm just royally messed in the head?"

[Well, you did jump out of a helicopter without a parachute.]

"Depends how you look at it. If you're the only one who can do something, you're irreplaceable. That's job security. Though...depending on the job and the consequences... I guess I can see how that kind of responsibility can be stressful."

Static nodded stiffly. "I know dreamwalking is a rather rare thing. But isn't there somepony else out there...maybe several someponies that may know what you're going through. Maybe you can make a support group or something...maybe a dreamworld STOMP team, if you will. Who knows? Maybe there's other dreamwalkers who feel the same way."

"Well then...maybe it's enough to know that they are out there. Maybe you can't contact them, talk with them...but they are out there. So, you're not totally alone in your job...right?"

"Well, what I say next can either be soul crushing or a ray of hope. Given what you've told me so far, I hope you except it as a ray of hope."

"The world survived for long before Night Cap and Static were ever born. I reckon it'll survive for a long after we're gone."

"Win?" Static asked curiously. "I don't think it has anything to do with winning or loosing. It's just...finding your place in the world...and not letting it drive you crazy. Your job...your...night time...job...it's a big responsibility I'm sure. I realise I have no frame of reference to really understand what you do. But it does seem to weigh on you. I just..."

Static huffs. "No job is worth being miserable your whole life. I've spent most of my life miserable, Night. It sucks. I don't know what it would take, what you'd have to do. I just...my hope for you is that you find some way to not let it drag you down."

He pauses.

"Actually, you do have some frame of reference. You remember what happened to Zig Zag. You surely noticed that the princess recognized me. That is my business. A bad example, unfortunately, as I prefer to prevent such messes rather than clean them up, but still an example. You may also remember that I did not get much cooperation."

Static nodded. "Well...even more so then than now, we could hardly be considered a team back then...more like a random group of ponies," he said with a huff. "I hope we've gotten somewhat better," he says, considering how he managed to broker a deal to spare Flairvoyant, only to have somepony decide to press the issue. Now both he and Flairvoyant were badly hurt...didn't even manage to capture the perps. "Somewhat," he repeated with a huff.

"But that's not the point. I'm just saying...don't let the job drag you down. You only get one life. Don't live it miserably."

Static raised an eyebrow. He was looking back up at the ceiling, so Night Cap probably didn't see it. But he thought that was something that had already been established. It was the first word he'd addressed Night Cap as.

After the argument he had with Raphsody on the way to Nightmare heights, the way they satirized the documentaries together, the pancake house, the way Night Cap went with him to face Dazzling, the way he disobeyed orders twice to save his neck, the sunglasses...how was that even a question?

"I think I have a few descriptors I'd use for you: Comrade, friend, brother. You are most definitely my friend. But I think I like to consider you more a brother."

"When I first used the terms brother, sister and family with Rhapsody, I'm not sure if she got my meaning. Friends drift apart. Life gets in the way of friendships. But brothers? It doesn't matter what happens, how many years pass...brothers are brothers."

"Anything that needs to be said I'd imagine. I've never actually had a brother before..." [...that I know of.] "What's on your mind, Night?"



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Static chuckled and smiled broadly. "Night, Anchors and I have been dating for a little more than a month now. I've learned a lot about her and she about me. But to say I understand anything about mares...I have yet to hear any stallion to claim that.

"Hardest part is the introduction, letting her know you're interested. After that, it's just building on what you've started...not that that's easy, mind.

"I don't know, Night. I can give advice. But I'm actually trying to figure out that very same answer myself."

Waves of pain ripple over Static as he turned to Night Cap with a grin on his face. Worth it!

"Soooo...who you got your eye on?" he asked in a singsong tone.

"Nighmare Heights? Well, shoot! Why didn't you see if you could join Snowy and Ms. Iron? Well... I guess if you had, I'd be dead now. But hey! Maybe on a weekend or something you can go there and try to find her."

"Soooo, c'mon, Night! Don't keep me in the dark. What's her name?"

"You don't know her name?"

Static frowned. "I can't give you her name" always meant that the pony does in fact know the name. Night Cap was hiding something. That kinda hurt.

[Dang this group was full of secrets!]

[Tartarus with it! Let him have it his way. I'm too tired to probe for it.]

"Well, I hope you find her. If you do, start simply. Compliment her eyes or her mane or something. Something simple. Ask her to coffee or something. Not dinner, not a movie. If you don't hit it off, you're still stuck next to her with no escape. Coffee or a brief snack is just long enough to to see if you want to pursue her. And if you do, you can always invited her somewhere else.

Static sighed. He was growing tired of this...not least of all because he knew Night Cap was hiding something from him and that irked him. But besides that...

"You realize this is like the blind leading the blind, right? I can repeat the same 'easier said than done' advice I've heard my whole life. But I've never been that great with the mares. Anchors? I don't know what in Equestria she saw in me that made her decide to give me a chance, but it sure couldn't have been my suave demeanor."

"I don't know how you invite someone to something. I know it's easier said than done. But I don't think there's any secret to it. You just have to stallion up and do it. You just say 'hey, if you're not doing anything later, want to get a drink?' She says yes, she says no...you go from there."

Besides the jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute thing? I don't know, Night. You really want to know what I'm thinking about?"

"I'm thinking I should be dead. I jumped out of that helicopter with hardly a thought. And that should've been the end of me. No more dates with Anchors, no more arguments with Trade Wind, no more coffee, no more pancakes, a Luna documentary left incomplete...all that thrown away with barely a thought."

"In fact if I'd have thought about it, I'm not so sure I would've done it. Or at least, I may have hesitated, maybe a bit too long."

"I mean...there was a unicorn and a pegasus that could've saved Flairvoyant just as easily as I could've with less collateral damage. I'm not sure. Does that make my actions heroic or just plain stupid?"

Static smiled.

"Heh! I like that. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks, Night."

And just like that, any suspicions Static had were abated...mostly.

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Static returns his attention to the ceiling. At first he tries to count the cracks. Then he tries to make out pictures in the stucco patterns.

Mind numbing. How long had he been glaring at the ceiling. How many hours?

He lifted his head to look at the clock...barely 3 minutes.

"I hate being inactive," he growled.

Static glanced over at Night Cap. He could hear the grumbling stomach from where he was.

"I'd say that's a distinct possibility."

It made sense. They hadn't eaten since breakfast. In fact, now that his attention was drawn to it, Statics own stomach felt rather empty.

Still, he was too grumpy to eat. Empty stomach, no appetite. That can't be a good mix. Still, maybe he should at least try keep up his strength.

"What kind of food do you suppose they have here?"

Static shrugged. "Dunno. They were expecting us to be gone soon. We may have been meant to wait till we were on the flight home...maybe. I don't really know. Have any of those bugle chips left?"

"Well, I'm sure you can call a nurse and ask. Not sure my voice is strong enough for the task. If they do have food, I guess I'll just take whatever they have that's ready. I'm hungry, but I don't have much of an appetite."



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"Hospital budget means you can only have one. You wouldn't want to deprive your fellow patients of their meals, would you?"

Static fought his gag reflex when the menu was listed. His stomach told him he was hungry and needed to eat, yet the thought of food made him sick...especially when the thought of the pasty, goopy mess of green that were the mashed peas already made him think of what he was specifically trying not to think of at the moment.

Fighting back down the feeling that had already made it to the top of his throat he regarded the nurse. "I'll take the carrots please."

Static notes Night Caps disappointment. "I'm sure they have enough that you can have whichever one you want. I think she just meant they don't have enough for everypony to get both. If it helps any, my stomach's kinda testy. Seeing the portion size from here, I doubt I'll want more than half of mine if you want the rest."

The nurse happily nodded. "That's right, both would be too much but there would be enough for either." She gave Night Cap his peas then paused at Static Signal. "Considering the extent of your injuries, Mr. Signal, will you require somepony to feed you?"

Static looked up to the nurse. "Nah, I can..." Static tries to lift his hoof to take the food. "I can get..." His hooves won't move. "I totally got..." He can't even move his hooves so much as an inch. "Yeah, I guess I'm going to need a little help," he finally admitted begrudgingly.


The nurse looked over to Flairvoyant. "And what would you like ma'am?" "Tomatoes would have been nice but carrots are fine." "Tomatoes are contraband within the city. But I'll get you those carrots right away." After serving Flairvoyant, the nurse directed her attention back to Static Signal. Spooning up some of the mashed carrots, she cheerfully said, "Alright, down the hatch!"

Static turned a stunned look to Flairvoyant. "Oh hey! You're awake. How you do...mpgh!" Static was cut short as his mouth was suddenly full of mashed carrots. It had the consistency of baby-food. And worse yet, it was being fed to him like it was baby food. He didn't like it. It was humiliating. What was going to happen when he had to go to the...well...better not to think about that until he had to.

He could take the pain. He even could've taken being a pasty splatter on the ground. But he hadn't considered the possibility of being an invalid.


Static glared at Night Cap between being force fed spoon fullest of the goop. "Are you not entertained?"

Statics glare deepened.

*annoyed grunt*

"I'm eating all my carrots," he growled in response. Not that he regained his appetite by any means, but being treated like some unweaned foal was making Static a tad bit spiteful.

As Flairvoyant grimaced through her carrots, she remarked, "Well, this is something I certainly don't miss from field work."

Static winced at Flairvoyant's words. "Spend a lot of time in places like this?"

He couldn't deny that what they did was dangerous. But..."I'm beginning to wonder how much of this being my first time in a hospital is a fluke and how often I should look forward to it in the future."

"If things go well, injuries are rare. It's just that...you remember hospitals that aren't in certain cities."

[If things go well, injuries shouldn't happen at all.]

[Yeeeah, remember what business you're in.]

[Note to self, get a list of cities with the five-star hospitals.]

Static nodded trying to fight back the snark. He may be in a bit of a mood, but Flairvoyant didn't deserve it.

"I never thought I'd be in a position where I was wishing for one of those museum documentaries to pass the time," he said with a sigh. "Still, I guess it's better the hospital than the morgue. Glad we all made it through."

"If it helps, I've been doing field work for years and this is only the... ... fourth or fifth time I've seen a medic afterwards."

That was probably the least helpful thing Static could hear. Too many things skewed the numbers: how long is "for years?" What's his pain tolerance? Is he counting 'field work' done while dream walking?

Static sighed. "It's not so much the pain...though that does kinda suck too. It's just...

"I don't like being helpless! Wouldn't now just be the perfect time for Silent Belle or Dazzling Midnight to just come strolling in?"

[Just you against the two of them? You're not in tip top shape yourself!]

Static laughed bitterly.

"Appreciate the thought, Night. But just you against both of them? You're not in tip top shape either." Static gave another bitter laugh. "No. Not saying anything will happen. In fact, it probably won't. But if it does, your move would be to get Flairvoyant and get the Tartarus out of here. I'd only slow you down."

"It might be safer to run but I can't see us just leaving you behind. We're a team and a good team sticks together."

Static smile at his friends. "Together it is!"

He looked around, pain shooting through his neck for the effort. Nope! No escape routes for three ponies in the shape they were in. And Night Cap made a very fair observation about staying ahead of unicorn magic anyways.

"There are some days I really regret being born an earth pony."

"He heh...twice!"
Static said with a grin. "Though technically those come with an asterisk. It's the teleportation that I'm curios about. I'm going to have to ask my mother about my Aunts good luck charm."

"I don't know how I did it. One moment I was caught in a net. I caught sight of Raphsody who was free. I wished I could be fighting beside her. One flash of light later and there I was. My aunts good luck charm was glowing right before it happened...so...coincidence?"

"Woah! Easy, Night! I just went to Manehatten last weekend to visit my mother...you know...so I could lie to her about why I've been so hard to reach. I think she saw through my lies...said she could see my fathers 'adventurous spirit finally awakened in me'.

"It used to belong to my Aunt...Mary...Miley...Mmmm...never really got to meet family outside of Manehatten growing up. But I never knew my aunt...never saw this thing before my mother gave it to me. I've had it for less than a week and it's the first time I've seen it act like this."

It's just my mother ever since my father ran out. I used to be too wasted to do much of anything on my days off. Now that I'm a different pony than I used to be...I got some bridges to rebuild.

Another nurse wheeled in a a cart with a single small cup on it. The first nurse looked at Static Signal and said,
"You'll need to drink this cup of pickle juice. I can dole it out in spoonfuls if you still need assistance."

"My father actually left because there was some doubt that he was my father. After I was able to confirm it during one of our training exercises, I decided to track him down. They're trying to work things out. But given how long things dragged out...well...they've got their work cut out for them, that's for sure."

It took him a moment after all that to realize he hadn't really answered the question. "Umm...no. No souvenirs...no."

Static turned green with disgust at the look of the pickle juice. "What the heck is that for? Can...can just get a straw? Maybe some water to wash it down with?"

The second nurse set a straw in the cup. "It's to help with the muscle cramps. It won't be as strong as some other remedies but it should help induce some of your own natural healing. And yes, we can get you some water in a moment."

"I suppose if I just chug it...get it over and done with." Static closed his eyes and prepared himself for some serious wretching. He reflexively wanted to gag the second the pickle juice hit his tongue. But then his ears perked up and he had the rest of the cup down in short order. "Heeey! That was just like Skivey's chicken broth soup surprise! I think the surprise was that there wasn't any chicken."

"Oh shoot! My camera! I was supposed to be documenting this." Static looks around. Night Cap, the only other one here who was trained to use the equipment, probably wasn't in any shape to handle this either.





Hah! I forgot about that. All that eating at Skivey's prepared Static to drink straight pickle juice!


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A lot of individual thoughts popping up. One is contemplating asking for Night Cap breaking into the vault. You happen to be right here, so it's findable, but I don't know how readable it would be if Night Cap's portion is missing. At least it wouldn't be long even with his posts included.


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First Ivory led Night Cap and Misty Monsoon behind the counters and into the back. Upon entering a large room, they saw a metal vault door on the other end of the room but immediately blocking them was a thick crystal wall with large doubled doors. "Usually Second Ivory does da banking stuff but I'll try to help as best as I can. Can youse pick a lock?"

"This door is first, then there's supposed to be some sort of light that inspects da two ponies that step forward."

Night Cap and First Ivory rushed in and stepped onto the black and white checkerboard tiles of the floor. An angry red light swept back and forth but once it passed over First Ivory, it changed into a pleasant light blue. "Whew, being a quadruplet comes in handy. Okay, take five steps forward, two to the right, three back, then walk to the left until youse reach the wall. Once youse reach the wall, walk up it onto the ceiling. My right and left will be reversed from your's. Ready?"

Night Cap and First Ivory rushed in and stepped onto the black and white checkerboard tiles of the floor. An angry red light swept back and forth but once it passed over First Ivory, it changed into a pleasant light blue. "I think da former mayor did. Wanted to be able to protect all of his loot. Alright, youse see that white square that's kinda greyish over there? Jump onto it."

"Youse say that but nopony liked..." As Night Cap landed on the wrong square, he and First Ivory were forcibly tossed out of the vault area and crashed into the wall. The crystal doors loudly slammed shut behind them. "Oof. Dat was unpleasant."

Upon landing on the grey square, Night Cap and First Ivory were sprung upwards and forwards until landing on...something. There was some sort of unseen platform they were standing on. "Dis is some sorta invisible maze. I can kinda see the walls but not well. Gotta find the exit to the next part."

After finding the path, Night Cap and First Ivory traveled along until they slid down a chute and landed in front of the vault door. There was a large dial embedded into the door. "I don't know the combination for dis but I know youse gotta enter it fast."

There was a very specific mechanical click that was heard when Night Cap finished. With no explosions or trap doors or falling ceilings or random teleports or nets it seemed that Night Cap had managed to crack the combination. First Ivory slowly peeked around her hooves. "I uh, never doubted youse for a second. It has a safety so the door doesn't slam shut and reset everything so now we just gotta spin this to open it. Careful, it's kinda heavy." First Ivory waved for Misty Monsoon to come help.

Misty flies on over. "Oh, just need me to help give it a turn? No problem!"

Misty Monsoon, First Ivory, and Night Cap pulled with all of their might until the door of the vault. The ponies inside were wary, then relieved as it opened. Though one looked at First Ivory and pointed at the STOMP team. "Who are they?" "These ponies are from da Equestrian Expedition Keep." "Oooh. I guess it would make sense for a museum to be able to break into a vault with all of those ancient tombs and such they go into.


We're...going to have to ask Boss Vine about updating the lock, aren't we?"

The bank pony looked a lot more worried. "Well then. Town hall has a bunker of sorts underneath it so that's a safe place that's close by. Boss Vine can make announcements from a few different parts of the city but town hall is one of those."

"Got it!" Misty nods in affirmation and flies back the way they came.



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I found a fun OOC discussion about the net attack.

I was gonna say that for once Rhapsody has complete faith in Night Cap... and then epic fails against a net... :p

Patchouli Knowledge:
So would you say her confidence in him has had a net loss?

Fnu Aw:
A little help here?

Well, for now, Static's protecting Night Cap as well as he can while also giving the leader a wallop. But until Zam does his thing, it's not even our turn to act. We'll also need to know what skill check to use to help him out.

I do find it funny that they must've thought they'd done something impressive, ambushing us with those nets...just to have one dodge it, two teleport right out and...well...Night Cap.

I'm waiting for Zam's turn before I comment on you needing help.

Fnu Aw:
When you say "comment", do you mean "Hang on, I'm coming to rescue you" comment, or "HA HAH!" comment?

Copper Bezel:
I'm seeing the comic panel for this moment in my head, and I love it. Final Fantasy style lineup of the heroes facing down the camera ... and also a little bundle of Night Cap off in the corner. "Uh, guys...?"

I will now be reading all of Night Caps lines in the voice of Teamfourstars DBZA Krillin. :)

It works way more than it should.



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Behind the scenes info:

I'll wait until the morning to type it out but I do have an interesting behind the scenes about organic additions on my end. As a teaser for this, what if I told you that Anchors Away was always supposed to be recurring while Dazzling Midnight didn't exist until after Static ran from Dusty?

Copper Bezel:
Yeah, I'm ... definitely looking forward to hearing the story on that. = )

Static Signal:
Yeah, I kinda figured Midnight existed because of me. But I'd definetly like to hear the story on it. Especially the Anchors thing. You mean Static still has hope...or that it's been truly dashed because he was such a spaz there at the beginning?

Anchors Away and Dazzling Midnight

Anchors exists to fulfill a specific role. It was noted between the first and second arc that sometimes the team needs an NPC to point them in a direction instead of not knowing what to do. So I created Anchors Away. She actually had art made and was introduced before the next arc started. "This NPC is important." She travels because she gets called in for various assignments. She might not be there for every mission/storyarc but she's supposed to be actively recurring.

The next arc starts and I try to put the players in various situations. Not knowing how Static Signal would role play, I have Dusty W! inds quite literally pop out to talk to him. He's the new guy and she's chatty enough when put into certain situations. Static bolts out of there. I'm caught off guard and slightly panic since it feels like a player is avoiding the campaign. So I devise a plan B and plan C just in case plan B didn't work. I can't remember my original plan to introduce Anchors to the team (probably was going to be during the meeting when Sands was formally introduced) but I go for having her crash into him. Heh, and he still ran away. Anchors Away's lack of presence is kinda interesting. She was part of the group defending the Sword of Shining Dark...but she was outdoors. She never got to shine there since the team stopped everyone before they escaped. Since she's a recurring character, she'll show up later.

Dazzling Midnight is a case of trying to portray other plot concepts. COIN, despite having some resources, is not as all together as it may seem since members have varied goals. This allowed me to reveal how members are brought on and...it's kinda predatory. Dazzling Midnight is a terrifying individual who's self aware to use "sorta seduction but not" instead of threats. She comes off coy and demure with her hair covering part of her face but she won't use innuendo or directly flirt. They want it to seem like a good thing since due to ambiguous background infiltration, Static was the perfect candidate. There would have been some sort of after work COIN moment for him but it probably wouldn't be the way this went down if he didn't run from Dusty. This also allowed a semi recurring higher up to make face time rather than just be a one off boss reveal.

So what you're are telling us, is that we should actively try and ruin your plans in order to make the story better in the end? :p

...also I kinda would love if 'Anchors Away never gets to do anything' becomes a running gag...

Plan D was to just kidnap Static. >_>

Also, these changes did cause some problems. Rhapsody and Night Cap haven't met Anchors Away IC.



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Copper can confirm that my most common suggestion early on in the Mayhem campaign when players seemed to be avoiding the plot was "just kidnap them". However, this post reminds me that I actually had a Amber focused Dazzling Midnight scene that got cut.

EDIT: Were you also going to do Static's hospital scenes from Caballuston?
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