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Okay, I'm pissed...but not for the reason you may think.

I don't think it's any surprise to anyone that I lean right on the political spectrum. And I have had so many issues lately of some shows going the whole "make everyone non-cis-white-male" and "I don't need no man" and blah blah hugging blah. And you may ask, why am I bringing this up.

Well because every thing I heard before watching this tonight was "James Bond goes woke" "James Bond sidelined for woman replacement" #woke #metoo #whitecismenarebastards


It was not that film. There was no gender swapping/race swapping/male hating/what the hell ever. I was so close to not even giving this movie a chance because of all the press making me think it went that way...and it didn't...not at all.

This is still absolutely a James Bond film. And yes, someone else took over the 007 number for most of the movie. But there was absolutely no disrespect towards the Bond character. He was right in there. The movie was entirely focused on him.

And yes, there were strong women. I NEVER cared about that. One of the reasons "For Your Eyes Only" is by far my most favorite Bond movie ever is because Melina Havlock takes no shit and stands toe to toe with Bond. I love Ghost Busters Afterlife. Half of the new Ghostbusters are female. That has never EVER been a problem with me.

But as far right as I lean politically, the way this film was portrayed by just about everyone was just so far off base to what it actually was. I actually enjoyed this movie. This movie was actually pretty damn good and I think I'll be watching it again.

Okay, maybe they could have trimmed the runtime down a bit...because...2 hours 40+minutes? Damn!

But other than that...I'm actually kinda pissed at how this film was being portrayed. I wonder how many people refused to see it because they thought it was going to be something it wasn't. I very nearly did!

Sorry if this leans too political. If so, tell me and I'll scrub this entirely. But this got so much flack before anyone even knew anything and I very nearly swallowed it hook line and sinker and it just pisses me off because this is actually a pretty damn good movie.


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Daniel Craig really should've checked out after Skyfall.

This one wasn't that great & "Spectre" was ******* awful.
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