New fan film: Starscream OVA

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I'm surprised no one has posted about it already but a new fan film called Transformers: Starscream OVA was just released on YouTube.

It's a pretty short but very well made journey into cartoon G1 Starscream's mind. It features great-looking cell-shaded 3D models (reminiscent of the movie in terms of their proportion) and animation as well as stellar voice-acting both for Starscream and Megatron.

It looks like the makers poured a lot of love into it and I fell it deserves as much attention as possible.


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I really loved it! That person/team has been making some nice TF content over the past little while. I'd have loved to see this blow up (along the lines of that Dragon Ball fan animation that also came out last week) because I'd love them to make more shorts like this!

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Ok, I finally saw it and I have to say, at least part of this is now my head-cannon for how Coronation Starscream and Super Megatron interact on my shelf...
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