Neil Gaiman's The Sandman

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Fero McPigletron

Feel the fear!

I wonder if people went looking for Spider-Man in the show? Haha

I'm only up to ep 5 so far, before the dreaded diner comic.

It's been good so far. So many gender swaps and race changes. Aren't there any Asians tho?

Also I'd have been happier if they picked a different voice for Matthew.

Edit - I'm at ep 6 and, yeah, there's an Asian side character.

I wonder how the impact of the diner scene is to people who didn't read the comic. It frightened me when I first read it but it might be so so by today's standards now.
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Ultra Magnus13

A few ep in, maybe 3. The aspect ratio distortion is super annoying and distracting, so far it's at its worst in episode one, but whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired.

Not real familiar with the series so the only character swap I noticed was Joana.
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