MYM - Chap5, Ep5: "Mane Smelody"..........................(SPOILERS)

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Chap-5 moves along with a new ep!
And seems Pipp found a new treatment.
What is it and what does it do?
And what does it smell like?

The episode is now available on Netflix


Mane Smelody

Pipp stumbles upon a strange plant that can instantly
shine a pony's hoof for a luxury, all-natural hooficure treatment.
The only problem? It stinks!



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Pipp episode! This chapter is looking up.

"Watch where you're going, plants."

Sales are down. Pipp doesn't always make this work.

Zipp is in danger. *grabs popcorn*

So Pipp seems to have lost her sense of smell. Get that pony in quarantine.

"We lost a lot when the lighthouse was destroyed." Don't do that to me, show.

Both of you can fly.

"Probably could have just flown up there." Zipp would be excellent at writing these Allspark commentaries.

Jazz really wishing the animators forgot her nostrils instead of her ears right now.


So they can just go back to the Breezie market whenever.

Sprout! He's going to regret coming here, isn't he?

Their product is so horrible that enduring it has become a Tiktok challenge. Task failed successfully.

Yeah there's only one episode after this. You need to start solving some of them.

They've really gotten better at writing Opaline since Make Your Mark started.

New Yawk pony.

"You're just about to see Sparky fail his safety drill with flying colors."

Kids learn very different life lessons from their cartoons than we did.

Sprout's participation in this challenge implies he has friends.


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So I discovered when I was watching this last night I dozed off and missed parts and had to go back to see what I skipped... yeah.

The side plot with Sunny and Zipp is the only reason I really got through this episode. The Mane 'Smelity' stuff I just don't care for.

Okay so Zipp has an app now that can translate Breezie, but is it taking what they say and repeating it with that robot voice, or is that actually how that breezie sounds? Because before you were just slowing down their voices and it worked fine. Why isn't the app just doing that?

Also I thought that locket was going be to a lens you had to look at the map with. I missed the part with the glowing scales last night.


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This episode wasn't as good as the first few seconds had me hoping, but somehow it kept me going. I guess it was just a breath of fresh air... no definitely wrong metaphor here. I guess it was just a change of pace I really needed. After three whole episodes on a surprise I didn't love, I was ready for whatever this episode wanted to do.

The thing that interested me the most was that it wasn't really a Pipp episode. It was a Jazz episode. This was her conflict. Our new Mane 6 aren't the only ones who get spotlight episodes anymore. I welcome this development.

Yeah, it was the "just tell your friends the truth" lesson again. It's tiresome. But this one had a professional angle making the choice harder. Try telling your boss their product sucks. Especially when it's turning around what had been a sales slump. It's contrived, but it's a stickier dilemma than episodes like this often go for.


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Episode 5 Mane Smelody:

Nature REJECTS Pipp’s selfie! Nature…the ultimate photo-bomber.

“Watch where you’re going, PLANTS!” So rude, growing there without any thought to anyone else.

Instant hoof-shining flowers? Okay.

“WOAH, MAMA, I think my future is gonna be BRIGHT! …I never say “mama”…now I KNOW this is a good idea!” This episode is going to be SOMETHING, isn’t it?

Oh no…Pipp has the stank-hoof.

Jazz is giving us some memorable faces this episode.

Ice cream face masks…it probably would’ve worked if not for the flying rats.

Sunny’s too nice. She needs to not go along with everything everyone tries to get her to do.

Why is no one telling Pipp the polish still stinks? It’s supposed to be scentless. Clearly something went wrong with the formula. Or with Pipp’s nose. Or both.

Pipp has such sparkly eyes here. That’s not a filter, either, her eyes just do that naturally.

“The past is something we’ll never stop discovering” Especially if the writers don’t bother to make their world building consistent with it.

Yeah, Zipp, remember that? When my house got destroyed? I had to live outside for a week before we could magically build a replacement. Good thing that family of bunnycorns took me in and taught me their ways.

Maybe my dead dad would be fine shifting through the wreckage of his ancestral home on the off chance we find a clue about a mythical supervillain…anything to make things more convenient for you, Zipp.

All kidding aside, Argyle would probably jump at the chance to research the past, with everything we know about him. Which isn’t a lot, but what little we do know is really interesting.

“It’s not just going to fall into our laps” *Map literally falls into their laps* You don’t know how your own world works very well, do you?

Poor Jazz…that moment when you realize your boss is completely oblivious to everything around her.

Okay…Pipp doesn’t seem to know any better…but Jazz is purposely misleading these customers. Jazz is just STONE COLD.

“HMM” “hmm” HMMMM…

Okay, Sunny geeking out about Zipp’s goggles is cute. Such a cute little spin.

“YAY! Field Trip!” “Field…research” Sunny just wants a excuse to hang out with Zipp.

Huh, Windy (a Pegasus) is Posey’s bestie. That’s quite the change from the outsider-hating Posey we know. I wonder what Dahlia would say about that.

Also, Posey gets mislead by a popstar’s scheming underling. Posey’s rage is justified count…1.

But, it’s the day. The Night Market wouldn’t be open yet.

Sunny’s getting treated to Triple Berry ice cream. ZIpp’s just spoiling her today.

So, this whole stinky hooves bit is a “Emperor has no clothes” thing, right? Everyone just doesn’t want to be the first to say something? Because, this is getting weird.

The phone is recording the stink lines. It’s not just for artistic effect. It’s a literal phenomenon. This can’t be healthy.

Wait, it’s night now in Bridlewood? Or…just by the tree? Is the tree’s magic effecting the day/night cycle around this area? Because this is MLP, that COULD be a thing.

Oh, no. This turned into a internet challenge. I was halfway expecting this, but I didn’t think they’d actually do it.

“So our new hoof treatment is now a JOKE ONLINE!?” “Yeah, but it’s a really good one” Posey is actually being pretty upbeat, here. And, hey…money is money.

Heh…Pipp referencing Hitch being afraid of ghosts from the last batch of episodes. Nice.

Sunny is…THE ONE! And she gets free jewelry! SCORE! How random. Sunny just fulfills prophecies by sitting and eating ice cream. Kind of reminds me of Megan’s locket from G1, even though this isn’t it.

Hey, Opaline! I almost forgot she was a thing this season.

Opaline is stockpiling spiders…the fiend.

Posey gets her phone thrown in the trash. Posey’s rage is justified count…2.

Also, Jazz is getting REALLY good at throwing other people’s phones. She could go pro.

For Hitch, cuteness trumps safety. He’s even mocking his own safety obsession. Having a baby really mellowed him out.

And Sparky just wants to bring destruction to his enemies, if how he treats those safety cones is any indication. He’s wearing them like trophies of war.

I guess a dragon’s scales are like a pony’s cutie mark? They glow in response to stuff?

“Don’t be long! There’s evil pie charts to go over!” Never let it be said that Opaline doesn’t put her all into her plans. They always fail, but she always tries.

So Pipp IS just used to the Stink Thistle smell…after half a day. Seems like she wouldn’t have been around it long enough, but assuming she was around it a long time while making her polish…fine.

“If you were part of a viral craze that made you the butt of somepony else’s joke, wouldn’t you want to know?” …I’m not sure how to answer that question. It’s a weird question.

“Opaline…Dragons…Awake…Magic!” “Get her some water” “Give her some room” Give her some verbs!

HA HA HA..Misty’s sniffing face.

“So…listen…Pipper…Pippito…Pipperoo” Pippmeister. Pipperton, Mayor of Pipptonia. Pippsy Dipsy Doo. Pippastasia. Pipp-town girl. Pippy Long-stockings.

You know…all these ponies..smelling each other’s smelly feet…this is going to awaken something in the next generation. I fear the children of tomorrow.

“You know what does feel good?” All that money you made going along with this joke?

Pink Thistle. Sure, why not?
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Yeah, it was the "just tell your friends the truth" lesson again. It's tiresome. But this one had a professional angle making the choice harder. Try telling your boss their product sucks. Especially when it's turning around what had been a sales slump. It's contrived, but it's a stickier dilemma than episodes like this often go for.
Hmm well that is a good point, but the writing of the episode doesn't make it work.

We know Pip isn't a horrible pony or boss. So Jazz shouldn't fear bringing stuff like that up. Even so Pip mentioned she made it scentless and revealed it only for it to very much still stink. The first thing Jazz should have done there is mention that something must have gone wrong with the process and it still stank.

It's also a big stretch they went an entire day without her ever catching on what her customers were doing, or taking clue of their faces the entire time. :/


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Maybe Pipp's a way scarier boss than we know. We like her dramatic freakouts because she's small and cute, but it's probably a very different experience watching it in-universe.

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