MYM - Chap4, Ep4: "The Manesquerade Ball"............................(SPOILERS)

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Another MYM episode pops in.
And appears there's going to be a Ball.
But what kind of Ball is it?
And will Misty be there?

The episode is now available on Netflix


The Manesquerade Ball

It's the Zephyr Heights Manesquerade Ball and everypony's invited!
When Misty sneaks out of Opaline's lair, the ponies bring her along to the party.



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The Manesquerade Ball

They have another event coming up. You know, one thing I liked about G5 and continue to like about G5 is that they do have day jobs. It does seem like those day jobs are being forgotten. They have time for events every day.

How will these candy colored equines ever tell each other apart if they're wearing masks?

Poor Misty is back to being confused again.

I had to look it up. That is not Hitch's superhero mask.

Whoever writes Misty's dialog needs a raise. It's so awkward and robotic but it's supposed to be. Imagine writing robotic dialog when you've spent your whole career training yourself to specifically not do that.

Now that is definitely Misty's mask from TYT.

Sunny, maybe you could let just this one event go without any unity stuff.

I am so ready to see the hilariously tiny crowd for this major event.

Yup. Zephyr Heights looks deserted.

Part of me expected the masks to somehow work, but G5 takes itself far too seriously for that.

Misty is investigating Zipp now. How the turntables.

Is that Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in the background?

"Oh. You're serious."

How is Misty so bad at this?

WHAT massive herds of ponies?

HOW is Misty so bad at this?

Okay, nice save.

"Let's just make it up as we go." She has no idea that she just described Misty's entire life.

I think the crowd got smaller.

Did Zephyr Heights not arrange for the music? They're letting the guests do it?

The palace literally is empty without them.

This dance should have been a disaster.

Okay. No wonder Opaline gets frustrated with Misty. She finally decides to fetch something herself and she manages it in two tries.

Ooh, Misty did a bad. She's back on the fence.

I keep mocking the lack of crowds but I am having a good time here.

I am glad Zipp finally got back on the case and confronted Misty again. That was compelling stuff in the first batch of episodes, and the way it got dropped was not satisfying. The way Misty got out of it was much cleaner this time. I'm satisfied.


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The Manesquerade Ball:

This is a lot of glitter and eyeshadow. I guess these are new toys?

“Only if you show them off on the dance floor tonight!” Is Jazz asking Hitch out on a date?

Unity dance? I’m sure that won’t go wrong. (It didn' feels wrong that it didn't go wrong)

“Shouldn’t you two be getting ready?” Is this going to be a Cinderella thing?

“The Manesquerade is THE place to see and be seen by ponies you can’t recognize who don’t know who they’re seeing.” This is actually kind of biting commentary.

"Everyone loves a mystery" Wait, where did Zipp go?! And who is THIS pony?!

We’re having an entire mini-arc about getting a rock out of a hole.

Misty’s got some real Stockholm Syndrome about Opaline.

Couldn’t Zipp do research in the palace library…literally anytime? She’s a princess. It’s her library.

Izzy’s so happy to see Misty. She’s like a golden retriever.

“I live in a home. At a HOUSE!” Convincing.

Misty’s Nightmare Night mask from Tell Your Tale?

“I can taste the WIND!” It tastes of birds and FREEDOM!

Oh…Izzy made Misty a charm bracelet with everyone’s cutie marks on it…that’s so sweet…MY HEART!

…This is going to be a Grand Galloping Gala moment for Sunny, isn’t it? She’s setting herself up for disappointment, expecting everyone to know her dance.

Yes, it’s so hard to tell who everyone is. These masks hide everyone’s identity perfectly.

Oh, even the ponies know this is all ridiculous and can clearly tell who everyone is. It’s all a sham!

Hitch is going to spend all night next to the food, isn’t he?

“Oh…you’re serious” That moment when you realize your girlfriend is a dork.

Does no one ever DUST in this library? The librarian must not be doing her job. Of course, maybe the dust is what’s guarding the library, since it propelled Misty that far back with a sneeze.

Aw, now I feel bad for Misty getting yelled at by Zipp. This show does a good job making her sympathetic.

Zipp is only semi-confident in her deduction abilities.

“I don’t have a cutie mark!” “*GASP*” Is it really that shocking? I mean…I guess it’s a little weird when she’s this old, but still, I don't think it's gasp-worthy. Good deflection by Misty, though.

That Alicorns of the Ancient World books is going to be important soon, methinks.

And Pipp mentions the Spooky Stables books again.

Oh, shared public humiliation. The surest way to form bonds of friendship.

Oh…everything’s going RIGHT with the dance. I’m a little disappointed.

Just Prance. I guess they have video games?

Huh. Pipp and Zipp can actually DO the fake-routine they did with wires in the movie.

She got the rock out of the hole! Hooray! I kind of wish we had gotten to see how she did it, though. A intricate network of pullies and gears? Bribing a bunny? Digging a hole UNDER the hole it was already in?

“Okay, calm down, that’s too much basking” Why does Opaline get such good lines?

The ancient magic rock that was hovering over a mountain of crystal didn’t come with BATTERIES? Curse these cost-cutting measures!

Opaline may be evil, but she has standards for cleanliness. I can respect that.

And Misty has the pages from the Alicorn book. Probably the ones about Opaline. Interesting.


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...Probably about two years? I'll admit, I blanked on that. Mea culpa.

I think I was thinking they might have been talking about a new Wii-like game? I mean with the Pegasi's technology, they SHOULD be able to upgrade some of the games at the cafe. But, yeah, I just made a note of it in my notes and didn't think about it too hard.
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When Alphabittle is watching the big dance for some reason a background pony wanders into frame and happens to totally block his view of Misty.

This show is operating at levels beyond our imagination.

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