Mayhem City

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*tumble weed passes by*

No! This thread is the only way I survive. Please, don't let me die!

Please, save a pony. Don't let your city go to waste.


So now I have another RP character, though it seems do to life issues, the RP has run into a delay before even starting. Not complaining, just giving back story. I kinda have a flavor of how I want to play the character. But I don't want to loose that flavor before the RP even starts. SO...I'm going to introduce her here and then take her over to the RP whenever it starts.

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Meet Hazy Signal. She's a tech pony and Static's granddaughter.

Granddaughter? I'm not old enough to be a grandparent. What the hell?

Take it easy, Static. This RP is set a bit into the future. You're still a young early 20's stallion here meeting your mid-20's granddaughter. Nothing unusual here.

Gramps? Is that you? You're...young!

I'm making her text speech Green because Static's is yellow and I imagine her father, being a seapony, would be blue. So...yellow+blue...

Did you really have to bring up my sea pony heritage? I'm not a damn fish!

If I'm your grandfather, does that mean I should admonish you about language?

*eye roll*
Sure, if you want to be a hypocrite!
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