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John Carpenter of Mars
Are the actual trains really that off-white color or did Takara color sample some vintage toys that had been in the sun for a while? I'd have figured the whites would have been brighter on both him and Shoki.
It seems they were pretty fastidious regarding accuracy to the trains in question:



Which is understandable. As I have said elsewhere this is primarily for the Japanese market, and if the train modes on the Trainbots aren't right the Japanese collectors won't touch it.

The Phazer

Skywarp arrived this morning. It's nice to have them all in hand, but man, that's an expensive shelf now.

The purple is definitely more indigo than the solicitations though. But the black is more charcoal as it should be in hand.


Photographer/3H Fan
First look at MPG newest offering, the foot himself Getsuei!!
I’m going all in on this set. Each figures makes me want them even faster.

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