Masterpiece Thread

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I find it funny that the diaclone deco girls are way more exciting to me as Masterpieces than the likes of Arcee/Nightbird and Blackarachnia


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Hmm. I don't have the Bumblebee Movie Masterpiece Optimus. If that's expensive (relatively speaking) now then going for Nemesis Prime could be smarter. He looks good anyway. I don't see any changed parts, though. Still has the kitty ears in truck mode. But I like the cute kitty ears so that's a good thing. :3


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The truck mode would be terrible even without the ears. It just looks unfinished. It's especially egregious considering how late to the party this MP was, and how much better the Studio Series truck is.

But this thing does have some good ideas. The transformation has a couple 'whoa' moments where it accomplishes in one step what some third party versions accomplish in twelve. If you don't mind the truck mode, you might love this.


I'm a big fan of how simple MPM Bee Movie OP is. Although the cat ears are dumb, the "silver stripe" changes to white for the sides, and the back is a bit gappy, I don't see him as unfinished. He's fun for a masterpiece, much like MP-10 and Sideswipe are.
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