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...and Hell followed with him.
Take a shot any time a squadmate tells Shepard "I'm buying" or "the drinks are on me."


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Well, an hour ago I would've said I only have the loyalty missions left before the suicide mission, but I found a rather decent sized mission chain I'd never seen before. Like...c'mon! This makes the 13th time I've played this trilogy. How in the world are there still missions I've never seen before?

Go to Rosetta Nebula (you'll pass through it on your way to Zaeed's loyalty mission. Stay in the Enoch system (system with the Mass Relay in it. Go into Joab's orbit and EDI will find an anomaly. Enjoy a multi-part mission against the Blue Suns, particularly the Batarians.

13 play throughs and this is the first time I've seen this mission. How is this hugging possible?


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And I just found a mine full of Husks. Okay, that's it. Loyalty missions are on hold until I have every system explored at 100%

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You could just use a guide. You've played through it more than enough, it's not like you're cheating.


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I just figured I already got everything. I played through it enough. But I did decide to just Google for the side missions. I still intend on 100%ing map exploration and just checking against the list. I simply don't trust online sources to be totally complete.

Then I'll just have to use my journal and make a spreadsheet for further play throughs. I already have a document list for ME3.


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Well I've explored 100% of the map. I compared my journal with a google search and it looks like I've done absolutely everything. Now I really am down to loyalty missions, Reaper IFF and end game.

I'm going to have to go through my journal and make a spreadsheet for the next time I play. That could take a while.


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Any other mission should be easy enough to come by just by going through the story. But here are some of the ones that require a bit more digging.

Mass Effect 2 Missions:

Mission NameGalaxy SectorSystemPlanetPrerequesits
N7: Abandoned MineMinos WastelandFortisAequitas
N7: Abandoned Research StationEagle NebulaStraboJarrahe Station
N7: Anomalous Weather DetectedPylos NebulaDiradaCanalus
N7: Archeological Dig SiteRosette NebulaEnochJoab
N7: Blood Pack BaseShrike AbyssalXe ChaZada Ban
N7: Blood Pack Communications RelayCrescent NebulaLusarnTarith
N7: Blue Suns BaseSigurd's CradleDecorisSanctum
N7: Captured Mining FacilityCrescent NebulaZeleneHelyme
N7: Eclipse Smuggling DepotHourglass NebulaFaryarDaratar
N7: Endangered Research StationCaleston RiftSolveigSinmara
N7: Hahne-Kedar FacilityTitan NebulaHaskinsCapek
N7: Imminent Ship CrashPylos NebulaNariphMSV Broken ArrowBuy Pylos Nebula Starchart on Illium
N7: Javeline Missiles LaunchedSigurd's CradleSkepsisWatson's Moon Franklin
N7: Lost OperativeOmega NebulaFatherLorek
N7: Mining the CanyonCaleston RiftTalavaTaitus
N7: MSV EstevanicoHourglass NebulaPloitariZanethu
N7: MSV Strantium MuleOmega NebulaArinlarkanMSV Strantium MuleN7: Archeological Dig Site
N7: Quarian Crash SiteHades NexusSheolGei Hinnom
N7: Wrecked Merchant FreighterEagle NebulaAmunNeith
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Here's some more stuff I've put together over the years.

Mass Effect 1 Keeper Locations

Citadel Tower

Right next to Chorban, it's the one you caught him trying to scan.

On the highest tier, near a door in the bottom-left (southwest) corner of the map.

Back on the middle tier, in an enclosed circular area to the east, past Rear Admiral Kahoku.

On your way out, in a corridor above and to the left of the stairs down to lower tier. This is in the northwest corner of the map.


West side, near the elevator to the Citadel Tower, right next to an Avina terminal.

Northwest, near the Wards Access.

Enter the Embassy Lounge, continue through a door and on to an "external" balcony.

Again in the Embassy Lounge, to the northeast in an unnamed room containing computer terminals, human diplomats and an elcor.

In the Embassies, the volus and elcor office beside Ambassador Udina's.

Southeast, by the entrance to the Consort's Chambers.

Beside the stairway south of the Krogan Monument and west of the Consort's Chambers.

In the upstairs storeroom of the Emporium.


Upper Wards, behind the Med Clinic, across from the Rapid Transit terminal.

Upper Wards, in the north-west corner of the Upper Markets between stalls (left of Expat's stall).

Wards, on the northern wall mid-way along the Alleyway between Chora's Den and the Wards access corridor.

Upper Wards, Flux, upstairs behind the Quasar machines.

Lower Wards, in front of the entrance to C-Sec Academy, near Officer Eddie Lang.

C-Sec Academy, in the C-Sec Requisitions office.

C-Sec Academy, in the Traffic Control room.

Alliance Docking Bay (Dock 422), at the end of the gantry the Normandy is docked with (This keeper will not be present if the assignment Citadel: I Remember Me is active).

Ward Access, in a small, north facing room on the corridor between lifts.

Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission (You may have your own preferences. This is what's gotten me through 13 playthroughs with no one left behind)

Collector Base Infiltration

Specialist Technician – Kasumi

Fire Team Leader – Miranda

Your Team – Garrus, Samara

Collector Base

Biotic Specialist – Samara

Fire Team Leader – Miranda

Escort – Mordin

Your Team – Tali, Legion or Jack, Grunt

Final Battle

Your Team – Jack, Tali or Jack, Miranda

To max out Conrad Verner's Mission in 3: Retrieve Gavin Hossle’s data on Feros, Obtain 10 Matriarch writings and the Elkoss Combine Armory License

Matriarch Writings

Argos Rho Phoenix Tuntau

Armstrong Nebula Gagarin Junthor

Armstrong Nebula Grissom Solcrum

Armstrong Nebula Hong Matar

Artemis Tau Macedon Porolan

Artemis Tau Macedon Sharjila

Gemini Sigma Han Paravin

Hades Gamma Antaeus Ploba

Hades Gamma Cacus Chohe x3

Hades Gamma Plutus Nonuel

Horse Head Nebula Pax Veles

Kepler Verge. Newton. Klencory

Maroon Sea Vostok Pataiton

Styx Theta Acheron Altahe

Mass Effect 3 Side Missions (What missions need to be completed to finish them and when is the best time to do them)


Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk

Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula - First N7 Mission

Apien Crest: Banner of the First Regiment

Aria: Blood Pack

Aria: Blue Suns

Aria: Eclipse

Benning: Evidence - N7 Before Tuchanka

Citadel: Barla Von

Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces – Grissom Academy

Citadel: Hanar Diplomats

Citadel: Heating Units – N7 After Tuchanka

Citadel: Improved Power Grid – N7 Tuchanka before Priority

Irune: Book of Plenix – After Tuchanka

Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components

Kite’s Nest: Pillars of Strength

Citadel: GX12 Thermal Pipe

Citadel: Krogan Dying message

Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics – After Cerberus Coup


Athena Nebula: Hesperia-Period Statue

Citadel: Asari Widow

Citadel: Batarian Codes

Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers - N7 Communication Hub

Citadel: Cerberus Retribution

Citadel: Cerberus Turian Poison

Citadel: Chemical Treatment – N7 Fuel Reactor

Citadel: Inspirational Stories

Citadel: Kakliosaur Fossil

Citadel: Medi-Gel Sabotage

Citadel: Medical Supplies

Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments

Citadel: Target Jamming Technology – Rannock: Admiral Koris

Citadel: Volus Ambassador

Citadel: Wounded Batarian

Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients

Hades Nexus: Obelisk of Karza

Hades Nexus: Prothean Sphere

Nimbus Cluster: Library of Asha

Silean Nebula: Rings of Alune

Valhallan Threshold: Prothean Data Drives

Dekuuna: Elcor Extraction


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