Marvel's Hawkeye on Disney Plus

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I'd have loved just a single shot of Coulson's SHIELD team during Endgame's climactic reveal.

Howard the Duck was there, man!


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Just finished this up. Honestly this was one of the more well grounded shows out there and for that I'm kinda grateful. Yeah the pacing could've used some work but for what it was, it was great.

Ironbite-now let's see where they go from here with the threads they have.


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Yeah it was a great show but with ultra low stakes. Like sure bad for the characters if they lose but also not exactly earth shattering either. Like even the Ironman movies had higher stakes than.. a couple people die and a watch gets stolen.


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Yeah, this felt more like one of the MCU Netflix shows, just PG-13 instead of R.

Or more on the scale of Spider-Man: Homecoming, with the threat level more "friendly-neighborhood" rather than "world-ending".
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