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See, you say teaser but when I think of teaser I think 15-30 seconds to give you a taste. This was almost 2 minutes so it seems like a bit more than a teaser.

Normally I avoid too much info for movies I want to see, but like I said, I'm willing to watch more trailers or get a better sense of what the movie is about outside of antics. I didn't care at all to see D&D but the skeleton trailer sold me on the whole movie.

I don't say teaser, the trailer itself does.

You can feel its not, but that is literally what it is labeled.


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According to NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) accepted studio guidelines for trailers a 'teaser' should be no more than 2m00s long and a 'full trailer' shouldn't be longer than 2m30s. In actual application, they really fall wherever they want but somewhere around these standards usually.


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I like that it’s playing on the classic Rick Jones switch out between the three of them.

Though is it weird to anyone else that Kamala knows who Fury is….. oh right the SHIELD info dump in Winter Soldier would have made him public knowledge.

Also SABER? Was SWORD not good enough? Disney push for some SW in the name?


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Marvels teaser is fun. I'm not expecting Infinity War with this, I'm expecting Ant-Man type shenanigans.

Nice to see the Flerkin again, too.

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I didn't dislike either of the "Marvel" projects, UT that sat pretty firmly in the middle of the MCU for me. This trailer was dumb. It was dumb in the best possible way. Outlandish body swap humor and hijinx, with it looking like they will master it for a fun fight. I'm all in.


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While I am more than happy it happened for No Way Home, I hope not. If anything I’d rather they brought in the Spider-Verse actors for their roles. I love Maguire and Garfield’s movies and I like seeing them back, but doing it again would feel less special and cheapen their appearance in NWH.


I started No Way Home and have caught up MCU so a waiting for Phase 4 on DVD before resuming.

I caught up MCU on Disney + recently however.

I got a 23 movie set that has Iron Man - Black Widow so I would just need to pick up Phase 4 forward at this point.

I'm also watching X3 The Last Stand - X11 The New Mutants on DVD having bought all 11 movies before X Men
joins MCU.

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