List of Transformers Products Bought During 2022


Maystor missspelur
Fine ill do it myself

1 Robotech SDF-1
2 BW Magmatron
3 BW Buzzsaw
4 BW TM2 Cyberstark

Kingdom Red Alert
Kingdom Coronation Starscream

ER Titan Scorponock
ER Fasttrack
Diaclone DA-80 Big Powered GV

Diaclone DA-14 Big Powered
Legacy Silverstreak
Legacy G2 Optimus Prime
Diaclone Tri-Jetter
Legacy Hotrod
Legacy Iguanus
Legacy Blaster
Legacy Dragstrip
Legacy Skids

Diaclone Tri-Riser


BB Arcee
Legacy Core G2 Megatron
Legacy Springer
Studio 86 Sluge
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So far, Shattered Glass Starscream, now I finally got his comic as well, thus I can spend time reading issues 3 - 5, clearly the paint job is inspired by Jetfire/Skyfire thou I gotten a upgrade kit prior to his arrival that gives him some extra parts, now all Hasbro needs to do is produce some more heroic Decepticons as mine are completely out numbered!


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I'll do it again this year too!


1). Shattered Glass Jetfire (Pulse)


2). Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack (Pulse)
3). Coronation Starscream (Pulse)
4). Buzzworthy Bumblebee SS 86 Kup (Trarget)
5). Buzzworthy Bumblebee SS 86 Cliffjumper (Target)
6). Kingdom Tigatron (Target)


7). SS86 Perceptor (Amazon)


8). Buzzworthy Bumblebee Silverstreak (Target)
9). Legacy Blaster (BBTS)
10). Legacy Skids (Pulse)
11). Legacy Dragstrip (Pulse)
12). Legacy Kickback (Pulse)


13). Legacy Galvatron (Couldn't help myself; Target)
14). Legacy Iguanus (Target)


15). Premium Finish Megatron (Hasbro Power Days sale)
16). Artfire / Nightstick (Hasbro Power Days sale)
17). Studio Series 86 Spike (BBTS)
18). Studio Series 86 Junkheap (Pulse)


19). Premium Finish Optimus Prime (Amazon)
20). Refraktor Reconnissance 3-Pack (Amazon)
20). Legacy Jhiaxus (Amazon)
21). Studio Series 86 Sludge (Amazon)
22). Studio Series 86 Arcee (Amazon)
23). Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide 4-pack (Target)
24). Legacy Wreck 'N Rule Springer (Amazon)
25). Legacy Cyclonus / Nightstick (Pulse)


26). Legacy Motormaster (Pulse)
27). Speedia 500 Road Rocket (Pulse)
28). Speedia 500 Cosmos (Wal Mart; the planets aligned - found in wild)


29). Legacy Red Cog (Target)
30). Legacy Blitzwing (Amazon)
31). Legacy Elita-1 (Pulse)
32). SS86 Wheelie (begrudgingly; BBTS)
33). Legacy Tarantulas (Amazon)
34). Legacy Wildrider (Amazon)


35). HISS Tank Megatron (Amazon)
36). A Hero Is Born 2-Pk. (Pulse)
37). A.W.E. Striker Bumblebee (Amazon)


38). SS86 Ironhide (Pulse)
39). Legacy Inferno (Pulse)
40). Legacy Dead End (Pulse)
41). Legacy Pointblank (Pulse)


42). Legacy Crankcase (Target run)
43). HasLab Victory Saber (Pulse)
44). Speedia 500 Galaxy Shuttle (Walmart preorder; miracle)
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No links back to previous years, so a new beginning.

Selects Artfire
TDW TCW-10 King Poseidon Ugrade Kit
Kindgom Pipes
Kingdom Slammer
Funko POP Optimus Prime
Shattered Glass Jetfire
Shattered Glass Starscream
Legacy Lift-Ticket
Mutant Tigatron

SS86 Coronation Starscream
BW Reissue Tigatron
Flame Toys Optimus Prime G1 Version Model Kit
Flame Toys Starscream Model Kit
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Hey, it's finally up. As usual, I'm hoping to spend less this year, but I'm sure I'll end up spending too much again.

January: $128.38
01: JRC Design Tooth Fillers for SS Grimlock - $8.58
02: So Cool Leg Extenders for K. Scorponok - $11.45
03: Kingdom WFC-K32 Deluxe Pipes - $28.08
04: Kingdom WFC-K33 Deluxe Slammer - $28.07
05: JRC Design Leg Locks for K. Tracks - $11.23
06: Kingdom WFC-K37 Leader T-Wrecks - $40.97


February: $143.99
07: IDW Beast Wars #12 - $3.99
08: Kingdom Golden Disk #4: Terrorsaur - $24.37
09: Beast Wars Vintage Tigatron - $24.39
10: Beast Wars Vintage Scorponok - $44.49
11: Beast Wars Basic Fuzor Bantor - $15.53
12: Beast Wars Deluxe Transmetal Terrorsaur - $31.22


March: $41.31
13: Buzzworthy SS-86.02 Deluxe Kup - $24.37
14: Beast Wars Basic Transmetal 2 Scarem - $16.94


April: $125.10
15: Legacy Voyager Blaster & Eject - $31.79
16: Beast Wars Mega Polar Claw - $18.13
17: IDW Beast Wars #13 - $1.99
18: IDW Beast Wars #14 - $3.99
19: Beast Wars Basic Transmetal 2 Optimus Minor - $15.
20: IDW Beast Wars Annual - $5.99
21: BW Polar Claw's right paw/bat drone - $12.35
22: Legacy Core Iguanus - $10.59
23: Legacy Deluxe Skids - $24.37


May: $90.46
24: Beast Wars Vintage Deluxe Cybershark - $26.47
25: IDW Beast Wars #15 - $3.99
26: Beast Wars Deluxe Fuzor Sky Shadow - $21.04
27: Beast Wars Basic Fuzor Noctorro - $16.17
28: IDW Beast Wars #16 - $3.99
29: Beast Wars Basic Transmetal 2 Sonar - $18.80


June: $71.48
30: Generations Decepticons Forever! Set - $42.61
31: IDW Beast Wars #17 - $3.99
32: Beast Wars Transmetal Waspinator - $24.88


July: $138.28
33: Legacy Voyager Jhiaxus - $33.38
34: Studio Series 86.11 Deluxe Perceptor - $26.47
35: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide Set - $78.43


August: $141.11
36: Dr. Wu DW-P51 Chatter G1 colors - $33.63
37: Legacy Deluxe Nightprowler - $24.35
38: Vintage Beast Wars Deluxe Wolfang - $30.19
39: Speedia 500 Deluxe Cosmos - $26.47
40: Speedia 500 Deluxe Road Rocket - $26.47


September: $24.37
41: Legacy Deluxe Tarantulas - $24.37


October: $55.12
42: Studio Series 86.15 Leader Sludge - $55.12


November: $24.37
43: Legacy Deluxe Pointblank w/ Peacemaker - $24.37


December: $109.12
44: Legacy Voyager Inferno - $36.03
45: Legacy Deluxe Sandstorm - $24.35
46: Legacy Deluxe Crankcase - $24.37
47: Legacy Deluxe Skullgrin - $24.37


Total for 2022: $1,093.09
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I wish that I'd noticed this sooner.


Matrix Workshop M-65 Kit for Jackpot
Matrix Workshop M-66 Kit for Terrorsaur
BDT Studio BDT-18 Weapon Set for Rhinox
JRC Design Arm and Leg Covers for Puffer
JRC Design Arm and Leg Covers for Road Ranger
JRC Design Antennae for Gnaw
5mm Painting Tool
Chest Add-On for RtS Jazz (White)
ToyHax Labels (Clear-Backed Decepticon Symbols, Labels for Kingdom Cheetor)
Nonnef Add-On Kits (Black Earthrise Ironhide/Ratchet Feet Kit, Metallic Earthrise Ironhide/Ratchet Weapon Set, Metallic Earthrise Ironhide/Ratchet Sled Kit)


Golden Disc Collection Terrorsaur
Generations Selects Black Zarak
Generations WfC Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack
Arm/Turret Peg for Kingdom Slammer
Gap Fillers for Mutant Tigatron
Matrix Workshop M-17 Kit for WfC: Siege Jetfire
Matrix Workshop M-64 Kit for WfC: Kingdom Blackarachnia
Larkin's Lair Add-Ons for Golden Disc Terrorsaur
Larkin's Lair Add-Ons for WfC: Kingdom Waspinator
JRC Design Feet for Mindwipe/Draculus
JRC Design Add-On for Hot House
5mm Painting Tool
Chest Add-On for RtS Jazz (Black)
Gap Fillers for Siege Sideswipe (x2)
Gap Fillers for Siege Red Alert (x2)
Gap Fillers for Netflix Deep Cover


Weapon and Filler Kits for Tigatron & Terrorsaur
Nonnef Red Ratchet Set for Earthrise Ironhide/Ratchet
JRC Design Rack'N'Ruin Filler Set
JRC Design Tigatron Tail Mount
JRC Design Arm and Leg Covers for Pipes
BDT-22 Weapon Set for Tigatron
BDT-06 Ejectors for Siege Mirage
Nonnef Lambo Weapon Set (x2)
ToyHax Labels (Labels for Generations Selects Galvatron II)
Shapeways Components (Black Zarak Spear, Gnaw Gun)
Generations Selects Guard
Masterpiece Reboost
DNA Designs DK-33 Upgrade Kit for Black Zarak


Buzzworthy Bumblebee Silverstreak
Generations Legacy Bulkhead
Studio Series Perceptor
Upgrade Parts for Pipes/Puffer
Upgrade Part for Draculus
Nonnef Datsun Set B
Gap Fillers for Bulkhead
Upgrade Parts for Pipes/Puffer
Replacement Hands for Nightbird
Targetmaster Adapter for Artfire
Behold Galvatron Stand Pack
Tracks/Road Rage Upgrade Kit
Gap Fillers for Origins Bumblebee
BDT-20 Upgrade Kit for Rodimus Prime
BDT-27 Laser Rifle for Rodimus Prime
Tim Heada TH-034 Weapon for Rodimus Prime
Upgrade Parts for Perceptor
Gap Fillers for Sixshot/Quickswitch/Greatshot (x3)
YYW-20 Upgrade Kit for Star Convoy
Shapeways Components (PCC Commander Weapons, Shotgun for Legends Class Releases)
Generations Legacy Arcee
BDT-30 Kit for Perceptor
YYW-27 Upgrade Kit for Iguanus
SL-30 Gap Filler Kit for Iguanus


Gap Fillers for Legacy Arcee
Weapons Kit for Legacy Bulkhead
Chest Filler for Waspinator
115 Studio Purple Sword for Super Megatron
Juqi Toys JQ03 Gap Fillers for Kingdom Ark
Juqi Toys JQ03B Gap Fillers for Kingdom Ark
Studio Series Spike
Legacy Dragstrip
Legacy Laser Optimus Prime
Arm Gap Fillers for Legacy Laser Optimus Prime
Hip Gap Fillers for Legacy Laser Optimus Prime
Gun for Legacy Laser Optimus Prime
Shoulder Gap Fillers for Legacy Dragstrip
Arm Gap Fillers for Legacy Dragstrip
Nonnef Upgrade Parts for Wreck-Gar
Titans Return Topspin
115 Workshop YYW-12B Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Ironhide/Ratchet
Superman Studio SPS-04 Upgrade Kit for SS Perceptor
Matrix Workshop M-68 Weapon Set for SS Perceptor
Upgrade Parts for SS Perceptor
ToyHax Stickers (Mirror-Backed Autobot Symbols, Mirror-Backed Decepticon Symbols)
Shapeways Components (Strika Flag, Seeker Cannons)
JRC Design Gap Fillers for Exo-Suit Spike
JRC Design Grey Hubcaps for Dragstrip
JRC Design Black Stinger for Kingdom Waspinator
Legacy Nightprowler
Legacy Buzzsaw
Legacy Sandstorm
Gap Fillers for Buzzsaw
Gap Fillers for Cordon
Gap Fillers for Spin-Out
Gap Fillers for Exo-Suit Spike
Gap Fillers for Bulkhead


Beast Wars Cybershark (Reissue)
Gap Fillers for Scorponok/Black Zarak
Chest Filler for Waspinator
Shockwave Lab SL-119 Upgrade Kit for Dai Atlas
Studio Series Wreck-Gar (Custom Fodder)
UW-EX Grand Scourge (w/ Renderform Add-On)
UW-EX Lynxmaster (w/ Renderform Halonix Add-Ons)
Mirror Upgrade Parts for Wreck-Gar
Nonnef Productions Conversion Kit for Wreck-Gar
Go Better Studio GX-29 Upgrade Kit for Wreck-Gar
Superman Studio SPS-07 Upgrade Kit for Dragstrip
Matrix Workshop M-75A Upgrade Kit for Dragstrip
115 Workshop YYW-22 Upgrade Kit for Perceptor
Mirror Upgrade Parts for Wreck-Gar (x2)
LEGO Optimus Prime
Masterpiece Crosscut
Shapeways Components (Titan Scorponok Accessory Set)
Leg Gap Fillers for Junkheap
Storage Gap Fillers for Junkheap
Studio Series Junkheap
Combiner Wars G2 Stunticons
Nonnef Productions Upgrade Kit for Wreck-Gar
Masterpiece G MPG-01 Shouki


JRC Design Leg Kit for Laser Optimus Prime
JRC Design Missiles for King Atlas
JRC Design Jackhammers & Pile Drivers for Sideswipe
JRC Design Hoverboard for Gigawatt
Larkin's Lair Trailer Kit for Laser Optimus Prime
Larkin's Lair Weapon Upgrade for Buzzsaw
Chest Filler for Waspinator
Gap Fillers for Scorponok/Black Zarak
Shockwave Labs SL-GF10 Gap Fillers for Apeface
Matrix Workshop M-24 Weapon Kit for Apeface
Shockwave Labs SL-142 Kit for DK-02 Guard
115 Workshop YYW-12AG Upgrade Kit for DK-02 Guard
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Dinobot
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Terrorsaur
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide 4-Pack (Goldbug, Ransack, Skywasp, Scorponok)
Wreck 'N Rule Collection Bulkhead
Wreck 'N Rule Collection Twin Twist
Wreck 'N Rule Collection Springer
DK-29 Gear Master Accessory Kit
DK-31 Upgrade Kit
Shapeways Components (Add-On Parts for Kingdom Scorponok/Selects Black Zarak)
Wreck 'N Rule Collection Impactor & Spindle
Siege Apeface
Legacy Red Cog
Nonnef Productions Upgrade Kit for Trailbreaker
Gap Fillers for PotP Optimal Optimus (x2)
Gap Fillers for Siege Hound
Gun for Siege Apeface
Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Snapdragon
Superman Studio SPS-08B Gap Fillers for Laser Prime
Matrix Workshop M-77 Upgrade Kit for Laser Prime
Go Better Studio GX-33 Upgrade Kit for Gnaw


YYW-26 Upgrade Kit for Sandstorm
Beast Wars Terrorsaur (Reissue)
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Road Rocket
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Road Hauler
Gap Fillers for Nightprowler
Beast Wars Wolfang (Reissue)
Legacy Motormaster
BDT Upgrade Kit for Sandstorm
Upgrade Parts for Grapple/Road Hauler
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Clampdown
Rifle for Motormaster
Gap Fillers for Wreck 'N' Rule Bulkhead
Gap Fillers for Arcee
Gap Fillers for Netflix Deep Cover
Hole Covers for Galvatron
Sword for Cheetor (x2)
Sword Holder for Motormaster
Truck Cover for Motormaster
Legacy Metroplex
BDT-34 Weapons for Scourge
SL-GF16 Gap Fillers for Snapdragon
M-36 Weapon Kit for Snapdragon
JRC Design Firing Rotor for Leadfoot
Legacy Iguanus
Wreck 'N Rule Collection Leadfoot & Masterdominus
Shapeways Components (Cannon for Hot House, Guns for Treadshot & Mainframe)
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Scourge
SPS-08B Gap Fillers for Laser Prime/Scourge
M-23 Weapon for Astrotrain
M-23B Tail Fin for Astrotrain
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Override
Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus


Gap Fillers for Skywasp
Gap Fillers for Soundblaster
Upgrade Kit for Arcee
Weapon for Wreck-Gar
Shockwave Gun
Generations Selects Cyclonus w/ Nightstick
BotCon Unlimited #1
BotCon Beyond Guidebook Vol. 2 (Thrustinator & Nexus Maximus Covers)
Gap Fillers for Flamewar
Plugs for Terrorsaur
Gap Fillers for Cliffjumper (x2)
Gap Fillers for Wheeljack
Gap Fillers for Trailbreaker
Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-49 Mentis
BDT-31 Heel Kit for Arcee
Matrix Workshop M-74 Weapon Kit for Arcee
Shockwave Lab SL-118 Kit for Mainframe
Legacy Tarantulas
Legacy Knock Out
Legacy Wildrider
Legacy Elita-One
Alternators Nemesis Prime
Shapeways Components (Ionic Fusion Rifle, Add-On for Legends G2 Megatron)
TF Lab Gap Fillers for Knock Out
TF Lab Gap Fillers for Wildrider
PE-10X Shadow Bat
Legacy Jhiaxus
Gap Fillers for Elita-One
ZX Studio Gap Fillers for Wildrider
Armor Kit for Astrotrain
JRC Design Leg Kit for Laser Prime/Scourge
Shockwave Labs Gap Fillers for Bulkhead
Rifle for Dinobot
Upgrade Kit for Scourge
ToyHax Labels for Generations Selects Cyclonus w/ Nightstick
Legacy Blitzwing


BotCon Beyond Guidebook Vol. 2 (Airazor Cover)
Legacy Bomb-Burst
Renderform Weapons (Combaticon Weapon Set, Random Weapon Set, Glit Missiles, Purple Leo Shield, Purple Leo Sword)
Selects DK-3 Breaker
Gap Fillers for Siege Soundwave/Soundblaster
Upgrade Kit for Kingdom Dinobot
BDT Studio BDT-33 Weapon Kit for Bulkhead
Superman Studio SPS-08A Sword for Legacy Prime
Matrix Workshop M-72 Kit for Bulkhead
Masterpiece MPG-02 Getsuei
Shapeways Components (BotCon Tarantulas Energy Saw, Octopunch Trident)
YYW-31 Upgrade Kit for Ransack
Upgrade Kit for Wheeljack/Slicer
Megatron Gun
Shattered Glass Flamewar
Shattered Glass Slicer w/ Exo-Suit
Legacy A Hero Is Born Set
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Shadowstrip
YYW-30 Upgrade Kit for Legacy Prime (x2)
Gap Fillers for Spinister
Terminus Blade for SG Ultra Magnus
Filler Kit for Shadowstrip


Studio Series Fallen
ZX Studio Upgrade Kit for Kingdom Terrorsaur
Shockwave Lab SL-141 Kit for Collaborative Jurassic Park Set
Sole Plates for SG Ultra Magnus
Arm & Shoulder Gap Fillers for Drag Strip
Arm & Hip Gap Fillers for Legacy G2 Prime
Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Galaxy Shuttle
Legacy Inferno
Go Better Studio GX-06C Upgrade Kit for Road Hauler
Go Better Studio GX-41 Upgrade Kit for Override
Gap Fillers for Orion Pax
Gap Fillers for Shadowstrip
Legacy Armada Starscream
Legacy Transmetal 2 Megatron
APC Night Countess
Legacy Skullgrin
Legacy Pointblank & Peacemaker
Legacy Dead End
Shapeways Components (Upgrade Parts for Road Hauler, Combaticon Weapons)
Gap Fillers for Cliffjumper
Gap Fillers for Wheeljack
Gap Fillers for Gigawatt
115 Studio Hubcaps for Drag Strip
Upgrade Kit for Dino
Hubcaps for Shadowstrip
Saw/Weapon Holder for Menasor
Gap Fillers for Skullgrin
Gap Fillers for Dead End
Vok Accessories


Gap Fillers for TM2 Megatron
Energon Saber
Gap Fillers for Hot Rod (x2)
Shockwave Lab SL-154 Kit for SG Ultra Magnus
Go Better Studio GX-39B Kit for Ransack
Matrix Workshop M-75B Kit for Wildrider
Upgrade Kit for SG Slicer
Upgrade Kit for Victory Saber
Upgrade Kit for Skullgrin
Arm Covers for Apeface
Adapter for Inferno
HasLab Generations Deathsaurus
DK-37 Upgrade Kit
DK-37B Upgrade Kit
Shapeways Components (Breakdown Gun, Spychanger Guns)
Holiday Optimus Prime
Gap Fillers for Star Convoy
Gap Fillers for GS Hot Shot
Gap Fillers for Armada Starscream
Renderform Components (RW-42S Cyber Power Blade (Silver), RW-40 Phantom Divine Axe, RW-40S Phantom Divine Axe (Shadow Empire), RW-41SB Heartrix Blade (Silver/Blue), RW-41GE Heartrix Blade (Gold/Purple))
Nonnef Upgrade Kit for Holiday Prime
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Poison Love
To Definitely Get:
Legacy Scourge
Kingdom/Legacy Blaster
Legacy Bulkhead
SS86 Core Spike
Shattered Glass Blaster
Studio Series Core Ravage
Studio Series 86 Junkyard
Legacy Sandstorm
Legacy Nightprowler
Legacy Knock-Out
Legacy Jhiaxus
Legacy Tarantulas

UW Thrust

On Preorder/In the Mail:
Legacy Sandstorm
Legacy Wreck N' Rule Impactor & Spindle
Legacy Scourge
Legacy Jhiaxus
Shattered Glass Slicer
SS86 Core Spike
Legacy Override
Earthrise Autobot Clones (Amazon Exclusive)
35th Anniversary Cel-Shaded Siege Optimus Prime
Universe WM Black Friday RID Wedge/Heavy Load
WM Vintage TR Brainstorm
Selects Sandstorm (The Jet one)
Kingdom Tigatron
Cybertron Dark Scorponok
ROTF Heavy Load
HFTD Payload

The Dream:
CW Devastator
UW Megatronia
Selects Black Zarak

18 - Shattered Glass Starscream
Kingdom Slammer
22 - SS86 Kup (Technically this would have been the 21st but I had to return that copy of the toy as it was missing the wheel well on the right leg)
25 - Selects Sandstorm (The Jet One)
29 - Kingdom Tigatron
31 - Cybertron Dark Scorponok

18 - Cyberverse Rack 'n' Ruin
22 - 35th Anniversary Cel-Shaded Siege Optimus Prime
24 - SS86 Coronation Starscream
26 - Universe WM Black Friday RID Wedge/Heavy Load

1 - WM Vintage TR Brainstorm
31 - Legacy Blaster

1 - SS BB Movie Soundwave
Selects Cromar
6 - Legacy Bulkhead
9 - Buzzworthy Legacy Silverstreak
20 - SS Core BB Movie Ravage

5 - RotF Air Raid
9 - Legacy Core Iguanus
12 - Legacy Core Hot Rod
Legacy Core Skywarp
15 - SS Core BB Movie Shockwave
18 - SS BB Movie Brawn
26 - Legacy Kickback
28 - Legacy Dragstrip

1 - SS86 Junkyard
2 - SS86 Perceptor
3 - Legacy Nightprowler
10 - Legacy Prime Arcee
22 - WM Reissue BW Megatron
24 - WM Exclusive Black Friday Grimlock
Legacy Skids

1 - SS86 Sweep
14 - Botcon 2009 Razorclaw
19 - Legacy Sandstorm
Legacy Buzzworthy Terrorsaur
21 - Siege Aragon
28 - Legacy Target Red Cog
29 - Legacy Jhiaxus
30 - Legacy Wreck N' Rule Impactor & Spindle

12 - Kingdom Pipes
Buzzworthy Core Bumblebee/Spike
Legacy Buzzsaw
15 - Legacy VS500 Scourge
19 - Legacy Core G1 Shockwave
Legacy Core G2 Megatron
22 - Legacy Masterdominus
26 - Earthrise Autobot Clones
29 - Legacy VS500 Override

2 - Legacy VS500 Blurr
5 - HTFD Payload
9 - ROTF Heavy Load
11 - Selects Cyclonus
18 - Legacy Knock-Out
Legacy Elita-1
20 - SS86 Core Spike
22 - Selects Tricranius

18 - Selects Black Zarak
31 - Shattered Glass Slicer

1 - Legacy VS500 Crasher
17 - Shattered Glass Soundwave w/Laserbeak and Ravage
30 - SS86 Voyager Ironhide

5 - WM Reissue BW Optimus Primal
6 - Shattered Glass Blaster
9 - Studio Series Voyager Galvatron
10 - Legacy Skullgrin
Legacy Pointblank/Peacemaker
16 - Legacy VS500 Shadowstrip
17 - G1 Birdbrain
30 - Legacy Core Bomb-burst
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Selects Artfire
TDW TCW-10 King Poseidon Ugrade Kit
Kindgom Pipes
Kingdom Slammer
Funko POP Optimus Prime
Shattered Glass Jetfire
Shattered Glass Starscream
Legacy Lift-Ticket

SS86 Coronation Starscream
BW Reissue Tigatron
Flame Toys Optimus Prime G1 Version Model Kit
Flame Toys Starscream Model Kit
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Toy photographer, webcomic artist, dinogeek
So far:

-TF07 Payload
-ROTF Soundwave
-DoTM Darksteel
-Combiner Wars Viper
-Kingdom Tigatron

Aside from Tarantulas, Terrorsaur and Inferno, nothing new really interests me. *shrugs* More money for LEGO sets and JP dinos.


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Selects Artfire
TDW TCW-10 King Poseidon Ugrade Kit
Kindgom Pipes
Kingdom Slammer
Funko POP Optimus Prime
Shattered Glass Jetfire
Shattered Glass Starscream
Legacy Lift-Ticket
Mutant Tigatron

SS86 Coronation Starscream
BW Reissue Tigatron
Flame Toys Optimus Prime G1 Version Model Kit
Flame Toys Starscream Model Kit
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Had Kingdom Blaster arrive today, haven't let him out yet, been busy building a bookcase to display my figures on, no doult in due course, he will get on there at some point, when I'm ready!


Front page don't mean what it useta, eh?


January 10th was one of those Christmas-type days, as I hit send on a Pile of Loot a week or so prior. 3P version of Rung; a magnificent Robotech Alpha Fighter; and Slammer & Pipes.


January 14th: Masterpiece Skids! And X-Transbots Savant goes in the sell-off pile.


Feb 6: Terrorsaur went directly from “Shipping March 6” to “delivered”. Not complaining! Now where’s my new BW Inferno?


Feb 18: My local Target has the same problem as the Mos Eisley cantina: no Blasters! Fortunately, the local Walmart came through — fortunate, because hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good Blaster at your side.


March 2: a random British sports store had a crazy clearance price on MPM Starsceam, so I bit. Even if I hate him, I can flip him eventually and break even at very least. Also a couple of $5 Firedrives for dyeing.


March 10: Netflix Megatron! I only got him for the Battle Masters (which I didn’t think to photograph), but I like the darker tones so much I decided to strip off the battle damage and keep him.


March 20: Kingdom Ultra Magnus! I hate getting levered into buying the same guy/mold twice but Kingdom definitely looks better in robot mode — more Ultra Magnusy — than the Siege version. Leg extender kit to get his silhouette corrected is on the way.


March 27: Skids! And some extra Singes from Five Below.


April 2: Silverstreak! He showed up everywhere at once. I was able to just pop down to my local Target and pick from 8 of him on the pegs.


April 2: Wingfinger Wingfinger Wingfinger! Picked up three of these guys on clearance from Amazon, with plans to do some crazy dye work on them.


April 6: Grabbed ST Bee Movie Brawn for $16 when Amazon had him on sale. Well worth it -- he's terrific! The pink dye will be used on a Wingfinger and maybe some Battle Masters.


April 9: Another batch of dye fodder from FiveBelow. I got a second round of these a month later, too.


April 22: Target’s Kingdom clearance was a heck of a deal. I cleared them out of Wingfingers at $6 a pop.


April 23: A couple of spare Trackses from Target’s $6 Kingdom Deluxe clearance. One is now painted green. One will eventually purple.


May 5: a second batch of 5 for 5 Firedrives from FiveBelow. Not sure how I burned through the previous batch already, but the color possibilities are endless.


May 20: filled in a gap in my collection of tiny monsters. Back in 2014 it didn’t seem worth getting the translucent multipack of Prime Terrorcons when I already had the solid color individual release, but now the novelty appeals to me.


June 1: grabbed Iguanus at Target because hey, lizardcycle! At another Target a lone Paleotrex somehow eluded the clearance police. He rang up as $0 but I was reasonably honest and paid the $6 clearance price that’s popped up elsewhere.
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Shockwave 75


Kingdom Tracks, Waspinator, Paleotrex


Kingdom Tigatron
Now Legacy Black Zarak, GS Black Roritchi, Kingdom Megatron & Wingfinger.
Symbiot Studios SDCC exclusive plush Unicron head.


Just got Kingdom BW Grimlock in the mail from eBay.


G1 Omnibot Camshaft
BW2 Megastorm and Moon.
Upgrade kits for Kingdom Megatron and Siege Ultra Magnus
BW2 Magnaboss


KO G1 Inferno to make a custom Artfire


Generations Selects Transmutate


G1 Micromasters Greasepit and Airwave


Symbiot Studios Grimlock, Shockwave, and Skywarp
Legacy Skids
SS86 Wreck-Gar
Upgrade set for SS86 Wreck-Gar and Kingdom Cheetor
Pre-ordered SS86 Junkheap
Got Legacy Fossilizers Masterdominus and Spindle off eBay
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SS86 Coranation Starscream
SS86 Sweep X4

Missing one item from this order, thus I have complained to the company I bought them from


My Amazon Terrorsaur arrived yesterday; the disk is a little rough but Terrorsaur himself is great. Can't wait to finish off the group with Tarantulas and Inferno. Also snagged the two new vintage Beast Wars bots today to replace my badly yellowed Takara Tigatron and my Scorponok whose tail sheared off 20 years ago.

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1. SS86 Sweep (£34.99)
2. Selects Lift Ticket (£22.99)
3. Selects Mutant Tigatron (£33.99)

4. SS86 Perceptor (£21.99)
5. Selects DK-2 Guard (£20.95)

6. Legacy Blaster & Eject (£26.99)
7. Selects Ramjet (£24.99)

8. Legacy Bulkhead (£29.99)

9. Legacy Buzzsaw (£22.99)
10. Legacy Sandstorm (£22.99)
11. Legacy Skids (£25)
12. Earthrise Grapple (£19.99)
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