List of Transformers Products Bought During 2021

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I don't want to go...
Okay, let's try this one more time...



02: Siege: WFC-S4 Roadhandler & Swindler (Race Car Patrol) Custom Fodder
04: Collaborative: Gigawatt --- Did he... did he just travel forwards in time to make me purchase him again?
06: Collaborative: Ectotron (Ecto-1 Afterlife)
06: Earthrise: WFC-E26 Thrust
13: Kingdom: WFC-K3 Vertebreak
23: Kingdom: WFC-K1 Optimus Prime
23: Kingdom: WFC-K2 Rattrap
23: Kingdom: WFC-K3 Vertebreak Custom Fodder
30: Earthrise: Galactic Odyssey Collection: Encounter 4: Dominus Criminal Pursuit (x2)
31: Selects: WFC-GS17 Shattered Glass Ratchet and Shattered Glass Optimus Prime
31: Kingdom: WFC-K8 Optimus Primal


03: Kingdom: WFC-K9 Cyclonus
05: Studio Series: 86-04 Autobot Hot Rod
05: Studio Series: 86-05 Scourge
24: Studio Series: 86-06 Grimlock & Autobot Wheelie
24: Earthrise: Galactic Odyssey Collection: Encounter 2: Micron Micromasters (x2)
25: Earthrise: WFC-3 Trip-Up & Autobot Daddy-O (Hot Rod Patrol) Custom Fodder
25: Earthrise: WFC-4 Bombshock & Decepticon Growl (Military Patrol) Custom Fodder


02: Collaborative: Ultimate X-Spanse
03: Earthrise: Galactic Odyssey Collection: Encounter 5: Botropolis Rescue Mission (x2)
05: Studio Series: 86-02 Kup
05: Studio Series: 86-03 Blurr
19: Kingdom: WFC-10 Megatron (Beast) --- Yeeeeess
26: Earthrise: WFC-37 Runamuck Custom Fodder
31: Kingdom: WFC-K19 Inferno


03: Kingdom: WFC-K13 Megatron
06: Selects: WFC-GS23 Deep Cover (x2)
08: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Cheetor
08: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Deep Cover
08: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Desseus Army Drone
08: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Sparkless Bot
13: Kingdom: WFC-K7 Paleotrex
16: Kingdom: WFC-K18 Dinobot
16: Kingdom: WFC-K19 Inferno
16: Kingdom: WFC-K20 Ultra Magnus
21: Buzzworthy Bumblebee: Bumblebee and Spike Witwicky
22: Kingdom: WFC-K12 Starscream

3rd Party
12: DNA Design: DK-20 SS Combiner Upgrade Kits
13: Iron Factory: IF EX-44 City Commander Final Battle Armor
16: FansProject: Function-X: X6 Knight


03: Kingdom: WFC-K15 Ractonite
29: Kingdom: WFC-K14 Airazor
29: Kingdom: WFC-K16 Huffer

31: Selects: TT-GS03 Seacons Turtler


25: Kingdom: WFC-K25 Wingfinger

12: Selects: TT-GS05 Abominus

3rd Party
15: Dr. Wu: DW-P51 Chatter
17: DK-16 Gear Master Accessory Series for SS-08 SS-49 SS-61


06: Kingdom: WFC-K22 Dracodon
09: Kingdom: WFC-K27 Wingfinger
22: Kingdom: WFC-K26 Autobot Tracks
23: Kingdom: WFC-K15 Ractonite (x2)
27: Kingdom: WFC-K23 Predacon Scorponok

23: Selects: TTGS-12 Soundblaster




07: Selects: WFC-GS25 Transmutate (x2)
09: Kingdom: WFC-K26 Autobot Tracks
09: Kingdom: WFC-K28 Galvatron
09: Kingdom: WFC-K30 Autobot Ark
30: Cyberverse: Deluxe Class (Maccadam BAF): Grimlock
30: Cyberverse: Deluxe Class (Maccadam BAF): Megatron

01: Studio Series: 86-09 Wreck-Gar
05: Kingdom: WFC-K41 Autobot Road Rage (x2)
09: Cyberverse: Warrior Class: Dinobot Snarl


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Cool, it's back. I had to piece part of my list back together after the loss of the original forum; I'm pretty sure I haven't left anything out.

Fortunately the upcoming Legacy line seems to be light on items I want, 2021 has turned out to be a very expensive one. :/

January: $91.70
01: IDW Transformers Vol. 1 - $8.99
02: Kingdom WFC-K8 Voyager Optimus Primal - $31.79
03: Studio Series SS86.04 Voyager Hot Rod - $31.79
04: Earthrise WFC-E19 Deluxe Allicon - $19.07
February: $155.37
05: IDW Beast Wars #1 - $3.99
06: Studio Series SS86.01 Deluxe Jazz - $19.97
07: Kingdom WFC-K5 Deluxe Blackarachnia - $21.06
08: Studio Series SS86.05 Voyager Scourge - $23.99
09: Kingdom WFC-K9 Voyager Cyclonus - $31.79
10: IDW Transformers: Escape #1 - $3.99
11: IDW Transformers: Escape #2 - $3.99
12: Thrilling 30th Deluxe Scoop x5 - $46.59
March: $408.76
13: WFC-S29 Titan Omega Supreme & Countdown - $169.59
14: IDW Beast Wars #2 - $3.99
15: Kingdom WFC-K2 Core Rattrap - $14.29
16: Kingdom WFC-K10 Leader Megatron - $52.99
17: Kingdom WFC-K18 Voyager Dinobot - $31.63
18: Kingdom WFC-K19 Voyager Inferno - $31.63
19: Studio Series SS-86.02 Deluxe Kup - $19.97
20: Kingdom WFC-K14 Deluxe Airazor - $26.34
21: Kingdom WFC-K16 - Deluxe Huffer - $26.34
22: Earthrise WFC-E22 Voyager Quintesson Judge - $38.15
April: $3.99
23: IDW Beast Wars #3 - $3.99
May: ~$41.97
24: IDW Beast Wars #4 - $3.99
25: IDW Transformers: Escape #3 - $3.99
26: IDW Transformers: Escape #4 - $3.99
27: Netflix WFC Deluxe Cheetor ~ $30.00
June: $3.99
28: IDW Beast Wars #5 - $3.99
July: $59.33
29: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Deluxe Origins Bumblebee - $24.37
30: IDW Beast Wars #6 - $3.99
31: IDW Transformers: Escape #5 - $3.99
32: IDW Collection Phase 2 Vol. 1 - $13.49
33: IDW Collection Phase 2 Vol. 2 - $13.49
August : $357.29
34: Generations Selects WFC-GS10 Soundwave Spy Patrol - $28.61
35: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide - $80.49
36: Earthrise WFC-E25 Titan Scorponok & Zarak - $169.59
37: IDW King Grimlock - $4.99
38: Beast Wars Deluxe Rhinox - $37.84
39: IDW Beast Wars #7 - $3.99
40: Beast Wars Vintage Rattrap - $31.78
September: $76.16
41: Kingdom WFC-K28 Leader Galvatron - $40.27
42: Combiner Wars Legends Chop Shop - $14.83
43: Kingdom WFC-K23 Scorponok - $21.06
October: $142.34
44: Studio Series SS-86.08 Deluxe Gnaw - $39.33
45: Kingdom WFC-K26 Deluxe Tracks - $21.93
46: Kingdom WFC-K29 Commander Rodimus Prime - $81.08
November: $
December: $

Kingdom WFC-K35 Tigatron
Studio Series SS-86.09 Wreck-Gar
Golden Disk 2 Jackpot & Sights
Golden Disk 4 Terrorsaur

2021 Total: $1,122.40 (as of 9/1/21)
2021 Ebay: $505.16 (as of 9/1/21)
Final 2021 Total:

2021 Planned Purchases:
Deluxe: Pipes, Slammer
Voyager: Blaster?
Commander: Rodimus Prime
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It lives! I've been waiting for this!


Nonnef Productions Siege Lambo Spoilers (White)
Nonnef Productions Siege Lambo Spoilers (Black)
Nonnef Productions Conehead Weapons
Nonnef Productions Seeker Landing Gear
Dr. Wu DW-P20 Scythe
Fansproject TFX-02 G3 Trailer
Shapeways Components (Power Core Combiners Autobot Weapons Pack)
WfC: Kingdom Vertebreak
WfC: Kingdom Cheetor
WfC: Kingdom Rattrap
WfC: Kingdom Blackarachnia
WfC: Kingdom Paleotrex
WfC: Kingdom Optimus Primal


Nonnef Productions Earthrise Sunstreaker Upgrade Kit (x2, Grey Version)
Shapeways Components (Power Core Combiners Autobot Weapons Pack)
Earthrise Galactic Odyssey Collection Encounter #2 (Fireguard & Roadburner, Runner & Motorhead, Stingracer & Windstorm)
WfC: Kingdom BW Megatron
Matrix Workshop M-26 Set for Crosshairs
Matrix Workshop M-37 Set for Rotorstorm
Matrix Workshop M-48 Set for Cyclonus
115 Workshop YYW-08A Weapons for Topspin
115 Workshop YYW-08B Weapons for Twin Twist
115 Workshop YYW-11 Upgrade Kit for Doubledealer
Generations Collaborative Ultimate X-Panse
Earthrise Galactic Odyssey Collection Encounter #5 (Overair, Ironworks, Fuzer & Blast Master, Moonrock & Missile Master)


Custom Part for Generations Selects G2 Megatron
WfC: Kingdom Dinobot
Shapeways Components (Power Core Combiners Commanders Weapons Pack, CW Blades Cannons)
Earthrise Galactic Odyssey Collection Encounter #2 (Fireguard & Roadburner, Runner & Motorhead, Stingracer & Windstorm)
Ratchet Studio ROS-003S2 Gap Filler Kit for Siege Crosshairs


Generations Selects Deep Cover
Shapeways Components (Power Core Combiners Commanders Weapons Pack, CW Blades Forearms)
BDT-09 Weapon Kit for Kingdom Cheetor
Legends LG-60 Overlord
WfC: Kingdom Huffer
WfC: Kingdom Airazor
WfC: Kingdom Ractonite
Upgrade Kit for Titans Return Overlord
Sword for Kingdom Cyclonus
Go Better Studio GX-20 Kit for Kingdom Optimus Primal
ZX-06 Golden Discs
DK-20 Upgrade Kit for Studio Series Devastator
Preregistration Package for Pete's Robot Convention
WfC: Netflix Deep Cover
BotCon 2016 Airazor
ToyHax Labels (Silver-Backed Autobot Symbols, PotP Throne of the Primes)
Shapeways Components (Power Core Combiners Commanders Weapons Pack, Nonnef Trailer Kit Landing Gear)
WfC: Netflix Cheetor x2
Studio Series Dino
WfC: Netflix Deseeus Army Drone


Go Better Studio GX-21 Weapons and Upgrade Kit for Kingdom BW Megatron
Tim Heada TH-23 Gap Fillers for Kingdom Huffer
Weapons for Titans Return Sixshot/Legends Greatshot
Upgrade Kit for Deseeus Army Drone
Nonnef Productions Earthrise Sunstreaker Partial Upgrade Kit (x2, Metallic Silver)
Shapeways Components (Earth Wars Weapons, Forearm Adapters for Titans Return Overlord)
Upgrade Part for PotP Swoop
Upgrade Part for Legends Dai Atlas
Tim Heada TH-23 Gap Fillers for Kingdom Huffer
WfC: Kingdom Galvatron


Micron Booster Trigger
Micron Booster Clamp
Micron Booster Gauge
Micron Booster Plier
Micron Booster Bit
Upgrade Kit for Deseeus Army Drone
Toyhax Labels (Titans Return Overlord)
Nonnef Productions Siege Lambo Spoilers (White)
Nonnef Productions Siege Lambo Weapon Set (Red and Black)
Dr. Wu DW-P51 Chatter
Customization Workshop at Pete's Robot Convention (Vok x2)
BotCon 2009 Box
TFCC Subscription Service Pretender Megatron w/ Spacewarp
Shapeways Components (Sideswipe Arsenal)
DK-19 Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok
DK-21 Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok
Legends LG-63 G2 Megatron w/ Noble
Pete's Robot Convention After Party Pack #1
Pete's Robot Convention After Party Pack #2
WfC: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Bumblebee & Spike Witwicky


WfC: Kingdom Dracodon
Shapeways Components (CW/PotP Forearm Cannon Adapter Two-Pack x2)
Gap Fillers for Netflix Cheetor
CBB CW Superion Multicolor (Knock-Off, Custom Fodder)
Leg Gap Fillers for Kingdom Galvatron
Shoulder Gap Covers and Arm Fillers for Kingdom Galvatron
Hammer for Siege Ultra Magnus
Upgrade Kit for Kingdom Galvatron
Gun for CW Computron
Upgrade Kit for Legends G2 Megatron
BDT-08 Meteor Hammer for Kingdom Optimus Primal
GX-21R Kit for Kingdom T-Wrecks
GX-22 Kit for Kingdom Rattrap


WfC: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Origins Bumblebee
WfC: Kingdom T-Wrecks
WfC: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide Set (Nemesis Primal, Fangry w/ Brisko, Blackarachnia, Bumbebee)
WfC: Netflix Spoiler Pack #3 (Megatron w/ Skellivore)
WfC: Netflix Sparkless Seeker w/ Sparkless Caliburst & Sparkless Singe
WfC: Netflix Optimus Primal w/ Rattrap
Gold Matrix for Generations Selects Star Convoy x2
Fansproject Parallax TFX-06 Red Armor
Sword for Generations Selects Star Convoy
Shapeways Components (Overlord Powermaster Two-Pack, Hound Missile Launcher Adapter)
WfC: Kingdom Rodimus Prime
Studio Series Wreck-Gar
Tim Heada TH-019 Double-Headed Axe for Allicon
Shockwave Lab SL-110 Transport Vehicle for Ark
Matrix Workshop M-60 Kit for Galvatron
Matrix Workshop M-62 Kit for Bugbite
Matrix Workshop M-58 Kit for Wreck-Gar
Matrix Workshop M-63 Kit for SG Megatron
115 Workshop YYW-14 Kit for Fangry


BW Rattrap (Reissue)
ZX-004 Weapon Kit for Siege Optimus Prime
Upgrade Part for CW Streetwise
Swords for Legends Greatshot
WfC: Kingdom Wingfinger
WfC: Kingdom Scorponok
Planet X PX-07 Triton
Fansproject Parallax TFX-07 Blue Armor
115 Workshop YYW-01 Kit for Legends Dai Atlas
Generations Selects G2 Ramjet
Generations Selects Transmutate
WfC: Kingdom Ark w/ Mainframe
Go Better Studio GX-05 Upgrade Kit for Impactor
Go Better Studio GX-29 Upgrade Kit for Wreck-Gar
WfC: Kingdom Battle Across Time Collection Sideswipe & Maximal Skywarp
WfC: Kingdom Tricranius
WfC: Kingdom Battle Across Time Collection Mirage & Maximal Grimlock
Prime BH Sharkticon Megatron
Shapeways Components (CW Devastator Foot Lock, Missiles for Earthrise Airwave)
WfC: Kingdom Ark Gap Fillers w/ Extra Engine
JRC Design Machete
JRC Design Nemesis Roller
JRC Design Spoilers for Kingdom Red Alert
Upgrade Part for CW Streetwise
Guns for PotP Dreadwind & Blackwing


WfC: Kingdom Rhinox
HasLab Victory Saber (Star Saber, Victory Leo, Holi & Fire)
Studio Series Jolt


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Two arms and one smile
I'll try to remember what I've gotten so far:

...and I can't. I know that I got a lot of cool TF stuff this year though, so I will just continue on with the remaining months:


1). Battle Across Time Sideswipe/Skywarp
2). SS86 Wreck Gar

3). SS Slag and Daniel
4). Sweep
5). Charged for Victory Saber


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Internet Jesus

Poison Love
Prices post-march are omitted because I don't care to go through receipts again.

To Definitely Get:
Kingdom Leader Megatron
SS86 Leader Grimlock
Kingdom Voyager Dinobot

Generations Turtler/Snaptrap
UW Thrust
POTP Select Red Swoop

On Preorder/In the Mail:
SG Optimus/Ratchet 2-pack
Legends LG-63 G2 Megatron
Selects Rotorstorm

The Dream:
CW Devastator
UW Megatronia
Earthrise Scorponok

2 - Legends LG-63 G2 Megatron - $90.53
7 - Selects Rotorstorm - $26.85
8 - Earthrise Sunstreaker - $27.41
12 - TLK Infernocus - $29
18 - Universe Red Leo Prime - $15
21 - Beast Hunters Divebomb - $15.33

1 - Beast Hunters Rotgut - $8.59
2 - Selects Shattered Glass Optimus Prime/Ratchet 2-pack - $49.99
4 - Studio Series 86 Hot Rod - $29.99
16 - Earthrise Airwave - $16.98
20 - Studio Series 86 Blurr - $20.48
25 - Universe Hightower/Long Haul - $25
Studio Series 86 Leader Grimlock - $49.99
26 - United Tank Megatron - $35
28 - Kingdom Paleotrex - $19.87

5 - Kingdom Leader Megatron - $49.99
18 - Kingdom Rattrap - $9.99
Siege 35th Anniversary Soundblaster - $36.99 (The Trilogy version may be clean but mine's gonna be a Logos Prime stand-in so filthy is fine. Plus I don't like the Mercenary logo on his chest.)
19 - Universe Bonecrusher/Scavenger - $45

16 - Kingdom Dinobot
18 - Siege Singe
21 - Earthrise Doubledealer
24 - RiD Walmart Black Friday Hightower

5 - Selects Black Roritchi
6 - Kingdom Cyclonus
17 - '07 Movie Grindcore
20 - Kingdom Ractonite
28 - Studio Series 86 Scourge
30 - Kingdom Amazon Warehouse 5-Legged Blackarachnia

10 - Kingdom Airazor
Kingdom Huffer
24 - Crossovers X-Spanse

8 - Selects Turtler/Snaptrap
10 - Generations T30 Waspinator Targetmaster
12 - Siege Decepticon Impactor
17 - Selects Coelagon
22 - Selects Red Swoop
28 - Selects Greasepit
Undated - Kingdom Core Megatron

5 - Titans Return Arcee
6 - Selects Transmutate
7 - Cybertron Override GTS
19 - Earthrise Smokescreen
21 - Selects Gulf/Skalor
24 - Kingdom Core Starscream
27 - Kingdom Wingfinger

17 - Buzzworthy Fangry
20 - Buzzworthy Nemesis Primal
Netflix WFC Megatron/Skelivore 2-pack
29 - Kingdom Shadow Panther

13 - Studio Series 74 Bumblebee


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My preorder from Entertainment Earth for Gnaw went through today. I'm not sure if I'd call $14.96 "Super Saver Shipping", though. Sheesh.


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Picked up Tracks and Rodimus the other day. And of course there were a couple Gnaws on the shelf as well, a few days after my overpriced preorder shipped. Almost done for the year, though! Two deluxes and two voyagers to go, and 2021 is finished. 👍
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