Legends headmasters, 3 megatrons for sale / trades

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i have a regular siege megatron, as well as the animation style 35th anniversary megatron, and the target exclusive ss 31 battle damage ROTF megatron with his box available for sale or trade. for sale im looking for about $35 + shipping each but im willing to barter. nothing specific for trades for those 2 other than i am in search of earthrise sunstreaker, trailbreaker, and quinteson judge, and the retro headmasters versions of the headmaster decepticon trio. i also have available legends Hardhead and Highbrow which i would like to trade for the retro headmasters versions (or i suppose alternatively sell for the price of them). I also have a legends Chrome dome, with both the legends and titans return heads. i would like to trade this for the titans return version of the mold. Lastly i have a legends brainstorm. i would not be oppose to trading him for one of the hasbro versions, but i would prefer instead to trade only his headmaster (or rather simply the faceplate) for some variation of the hasbro idw style head (either from the 2 hasbro releases of the figure, or the LG-ex headmasters pack version) all figures are complete except for the headmasters extra mini vehicles. pics in the imgur album or attached to the post.20211210_180618.jpg20211210_180924.jpg20211210_180956.jpg20211210_181427.jpg20211211_005815.jpg20211211_005854.jpg20211211_010019.jpg20211211_010108.jpg


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