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Super Computer VTuber
Names you go by: Hi hi, I'm TIV, short for Teletraan IV
Pronouns: they/them
Location: do you want the VTuber Kayfabe answer or not, otherwise not spilling but, USA
What got you into Transformers: been a fan as long as I can remember so probably beast wars
Other Hobbies beisdes collecting: model building vidya, writing
Do you have any social media profiles you want to promote: I'm on youtube and twitch under TeletraanIV


All Hail Galvatron!!!
Names you go by: Galvatron77, since 1996 on IRC chats (if you know what IRC is then you are a cool person)
Pronouns: All, I think...
Location: Heredia, Costa Rica
What got you into Transformers: The cartoon in 1984. In my country we saw the cartoon only, we were totally unaware of the comics. I first read them like 20 years ago and fell in love with them too
Other Hobbies beisdes collecting: Watching sports, reading, travelling, and still watch a lot of TV
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