2D/3D art I Hate Manure!

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I hate manure! :) Ok, so someone suggested that I do this scene after I got the Hill Valley Court house. I had to make a manure truck for it, of course. Instead of using a 1951 Chevy Advance-Design truck (which I couldn't find anywhere), I used a 1950 Studebaker truck. Painted it blue and made the paint job rough so it looks like a well seasoned work truck used for hauling manure. Used card stock for the wood, and painted concrete for the manure in the truck. The manure in Biff's car (1946 Ford) is the plastic manure that came with the Back to the Future poop-mobile. The car itself is NOT the official poop-mobile, as that car had no white wall tires, and was made much more cheaply than the car I used. I also painted a guy to match Biff as best I could. A crowd has gathered to see the spectacle.


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