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M. Virion

Their Royal Vi-ness

Yes, please continue in your duel. This is EXCELLENT data.

M. Virion

Their Royal Vi-ness
Doc and I have started playing TemTem, since the monthyl Humble offer included it for $12. It's GOOD, but it's making me desperately wish Gamefreak would actually give us a game with a proper co-op option. Ah well, more's the pity.


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Meat between two slices of bread... I guess it qualifies. But man the "smartass" vibe from those pictures are off the charts!

The Doctor Who

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You say smartass, I say challenging culinary preconceptions.

Like, if you fold a slice of pizza in half, does that become a taco?


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*Quiet, angry sigh*

Okay. Silver lining, this greatly increases the odds of a studio series figure, or at least third party.

But. You're telling me I got within CGI render striking distance of my favorite Transformer on the big screen, and shockingly accurate.

I'll be in the angry dome.
Sounds like someone's feeling a bit crabby.

Destron D-69

ohmygod it was right there... I'm losing my touch in my old age. Well done PB

embarrassingly enough I missed the tank one too and had to edit this in

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