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I get the feeling that this will get funded, however the Chess set isn't getting funded, it failed to hit its target but then I wasn't really intersted in that and it wasn't getting much attention.


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I and many others would likely buy that exact Chess set at $100 with hollow plastic pieces.

$700+ for it with higher quality pieces was doomed to failure.


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Yeah, there were several of those chess pieces that I would like to own individually as statues. And $20 apiece for those select ones is something I absolutely would pay.

But $600 for a chess set that I would never use as a chess set, and of which I'd only want a handful of pieces? Not a chance.

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The odd thing is, there have been so many appropriately sized non-transforming small figurines over the years, that anyone who decided to MAKE a Transformers Chess set could pretty much do it, without spending much money at all.


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Unless theyre using the money they get on the first to pay for it when it funds


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Takara Tomy have announced their upcoming version:

"Information will be lifted soon! Hasbro's cloud founding trader HH Country Victory Saver Hasbro's second trend former cloud founding product, "Victory Saver" We are planning to inform you on the Takara Tomi Mall in the near future."

(This was shared by my Japanese TF chum, "Masabon", so all credit goes to him).


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That's a bit misleading. The TakaraTomy release will be the same toy. This is just the TakaraTomy leg of the same crowdfund initiative.

Not really. Even the "regular" Hasbro-boxed TFs are changed somewhat, usually by some extra stickers that replace or omit information on the original boxes. Thus, even though it's a stretch, the final, complete "product" is a slightly different/similar "version", sotospeak.

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I said the toy itself will be the same. There might be a package variation, if only just a sticker slapped on the box with extra Japanese text.

I don't know how Unicron was handled in that regard, if they got a different instruction booklet or what.


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"We are planning to inform you"

The prototype is on tour and we've seen full color renders, and they are still doing this silhouette nonsense.
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