Hasbro Opens A New Division To Develop AAA Game Titles


Wrong demon i guess
Hasbro‘s Wizards Of The Coast division (previously a subsidiary) has opened up a new digital games division called New Raleigh-Durham Studio to develop AAA titles (for PC and Consoles) based on Hasbro properties.

This new division is lead by game industry veterans from big companies such as WB Games (Hitman series, Batman: Arkham series, etc.).
I hope we get a mmorpg based transformers game in the future, bc the World isnt just prime and megs


Yeah, I can see how PC inputs would be well-suited to the genre, but also I literally can't name one for the PC, whereas I have two different devices on my person as I type this that have had Fire Emblem games made for them.

Undead Scottsman

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PC. Navigating menus and moving things on a grid is a job for a mouse.

History is littered with failed MMOs. Hell, history is littered with failed Transformers MMOs. I don't see this new company breaking the trend.

It's a shame too, if there was ANY franchise that was a perfect fit for game where you play one of a million generic characters who fit into a preexisting visual and class based categories, who are constantly running around upgrading themselves, set against the backdrop a faction war, it's Transformers.

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