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My Little Pony

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10:01 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:01 Caldwin good morning

10:02 Caldwin Yay! It recognized my password the first time this time.

10:07 FnuAw Hi hi hi there.

10:07 Caldwin What's up?

10:07 FnuAw Not much.

10:07 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

10:07 FnuAw But...

10:07 FnuAw I'm in charge today.

10:07 Caldwin Morning, Scav

10:08 Scav zzzzzzz

10:08 FnuAw Welcome.

10:08 Caldwin You seem to be getting a lot of power lately. I guess the good news is you're not as evil as you try to make us believe

10:09 Caldwin Is Pao taking a break or is he just handing it off to you for good?

10:10 FnuAw His schedule changed.

10:10 Caldwin Poor guy.

10:11 FnuAw So for the forseable future I'll be running the chat.

10:11 Caldwin Oh, Sobana has his review for Birds of a Feather up. He missed some of the points we made. I was dissapointed

10:12 FnuAw I'll look at that later.

10:16 Caldwin There's usually more people by now, isn't there?

10:17 FnuAw Yup.

10:17 FnuAw Oh heck, I'll read that play by play now.

10:17 Caldwin Well, lets see...Scav's asleep. I won't be able to watch the episode untli later tonight. This may be a one person chat, Fnu

10:18 FnuAw Well, that'll make the transcript really easy.

10:22 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

10:22 Dvandom Morning.

10:22 Caldwin Good morning, Dave

10:23 Caldwin You see...that phrase just isn't the same if you can't hear the HAL voice I'm saying it in

10:23 Dvandom Open the pod bay doors, Cal.

10:23 Caldwin Ooooh, never noticed that. It can go both ways. Nice!

10:24 Caldwin Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true. I'm half crazy...I'm just going to leave it there for now. Can't remember all the lyrics

10:25 Dvandom ...all for the love of you.

10:25 Caldwin Well...yeah...but I know there's more after that.

10:25 Caldwin It's been waaaay too long since I've seen that movie

10:27 Caldwin *dumps a pitcher of water on Scav*

10:27 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:27 Scav cofeeaquired

10:27 Caldwin Good morning Prime

10:27 *** Cheeerileeretro joined #allsparkle

10:27 GuardianPrime Morning.

10:27 Scav ugh missed the "why Maud was wearing a german helmet" bit again

10:27 Caldwin Congrats on your newest aquisition, Scav

10:27 FnuAw Looks like the party's getting started.

10:28 Caldwin Morning Cheerilee...too many 'e's can't count all that

10:28 Cheeerileeretro hello

10:29 Scav have I ever seen cherileretro post on the board?

10:30 FnuAw You should have.

10:30 Scav is disapointed he hasn't seen any PMVs with the maud theme

10:30 Caldwin I think so. I don't remember so many 'E's in the name, but yeah, she's on the board

10:30 Caldwin Hasbro needs to release a Maud poetry book

10:31 Dvandom Gah, forgot to change channel and missed the first few seconds.

10:31 Dvandom Fortunately, this wasn't one of the times my DVR inexplicably won't let me change channels to an active recording.

10:31 Scav Ponies have iron tech

10:31 *** Utilitarian joined #allsparkle

10:31 Scav and elmers glue...which is troubling

10:31 Dvandom Morning

10:31 Scav hey ut

10:32 Caldwin Marning Util

10:32 Dvandom (Hooficure trimmings are sold by spas to gluemakers?)

10:32 FnuAw Nice.

10:32 Utilitarian hi

10:32 Caldwin They've had glue on this show before. But I do agree. Very troubling.

10:32 FnuAw Those dresses.

10:33 Dvandom Also, not all pre-synthetics glues are made from rendered down animal collagens. Plenty of plant-based glues out there.

10:33 FnuAw Night Cap's attempt at a Nightmare Night costume has been outdone.

10:33 Scav Chris Sims says the scooby wrestlemania movie is awesome

10:34 Scav which he was pretty much always likely to say...

10:34 Cheeerileeretro art of the dreees argh!

10:34 Caldwin ?? Please don't tell me they're using that song again!

10:34 FnuAw I predict that this is going to be a popular episode.

10:35 Caldwin Well, if it has Luna in it, I'm sold

10:36 FnuAw Cheerilee still exists.

10:36 Caldwin Yay!

10:36 FnuAw Dave Polsky's writing Rarity again!

10:37 Dvandom Forsooth!

10:37 Utilitarian Sweetie Belle in the Park

10:37 Dvandom But getting carried away is what the CMC is all about.

10:37 FnuAw The Crusaders actually did well at something.

10:38 Caldwin CMC does something right? Is that allowed?

10:38 Dvandom Recapitulation of the Coco Pommel ep.

10:38 FnuAw Modesty!

10:39 Scav Colgate making a bid for fame with some derp face

10:39 Caldwin Minuette's been popping up more lately than she used to

10:40 Dvandom Filly Belle flashback forthcoming?

10:40 FnuAw I love Sweetie Belle's squeaking.

10:40 Dvandom I guess not.

10:41 Dvandom She's in the middle of voice change this season.

10:41 FnuAw It works for her.

10:41 FnuAw Rarity's voice cracks too.

10:41 FnuAw It makes them seem more like sisters.

10:42 Caldwin Because it wasn't obvious enough before

10:42 FnuAw They're way more like each other than they thought.

10:43 Cheeerileeretro bunnies!

10:43 Dvandom Color-bland.

10:44 Utilitarian How many rooms does the Botique have?

10:44 Dvandom Casual use of TK now

10:44 FnuAw Evil.

10:44 Caldwin She's learned her lessons well then

10:44 FnuAw Sweetie Belle is evil.

10:45 Dvandom Luna in 3, 2, 1...

10:45 Dvandom But only probably dreaming.

10:46 FnuAw Doesn't matter, still Luna.

10:46 Dvandom Sweetie-mallow

10:49 Dvandom Ghost of Fashion Show Present

10:49 Dvandom Ghost of Fashion Show Future.

10:50 Dvandom Duck Amok meets A Christmas Carol....

10:51 Utilitarian Sweetie Belle's cutie mark is going to be a strip of acid tabs.

10:52 Scav did y'all just get a chicken commerical?

10:52 Utilitarian no

10:53 Dvandom Yes, the steroid chicken.

10:53 FnuAw Picking up my jaw now.

10:53 Scav they brag about marigolds in their feed..

10:54 Dvandom And now a typical CMC caper.

10:54 Scav I learned last nite that marigolds turn the chicken meat yellow, for marketing

10:54 FnuAw So much dream imagery.

10:54 Utilitarian Not to overthink this, but if Luna could enter dreams, why was she alone at night?Z

10:54 Scav and us has no steroids in chicken

10:54 Cheeerileeretro back3

10:54 Scav ut: yeah, that's a problem

10:55 Caldwin Maybe because entering ponies dreams used to freak them out and they still rejected her?

10:55 Caldwin Or maybe it's a new trick she learned?

10:55 Dvandom Or entering dreams is a new thing Celestia suggested as a way to help Luna too.

10:56 Utilitarian Yeah.

10:56 FnuAw Poor Scootaloo.

10:57 Dvandom Another "What in the wide, wide world of sports?" callback.

10:57 Cheeerileeretro Luna!"

10:58 Caldwin So, was this as good as "Sleepless in Ponyville"?

10:59 FnuAw I don't knwo.

10:59 Scav felt a bit padded

11:00 Cheeerileeretro Luna!

11:00 *** Cheeerileeretro quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 GuardianPrime I gotta run already. Catch y'all later.

11:00 Caldwin Later

11:00 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 FnuAw I guess people didn't like it.

11:01 Caldwin Aww! Well, if it's a Luna episode, I'm not going to let that stop me. I'll have to Youtube it tonight

11:01 Scav this isn't the show for it but I'd kind of like "I'm going to make fun of you Rarity for your headress faling apart" "YOu do realize I'm one of the heroes of the realm and best friend to one of the Royals, right?"

11:01 Dvandom I think it was trying to do a little too much for a single episode, without being a big enough deal to merit a two-parter.

11:02 FnuAw still, LUNA!

11:02 Scav the crisis was solved in act 2, all of act 3 was the wacky caper.

11:02 Utilitarian "But have you saved the realm lately?"

11:03 Caldwin Am I going to have to switch my avatar back to Luna once the Gif's roll in for this ep?

11:03 FnuAw Probably not.

11:03 FnuAw She didn't do anything all that new.

11:03 Caldwin Ah well! I'm content using Dash for now.

11:04 Scav .me didn't know you had changed your avatar

11:04 FnuAw I liked this.

11:04 Caldwin Yeah, now it's Dashie doing a facehoof

11:04 Scav This episode had a mch more "target audience" feel...and not in the good way

11:04 FnuAw Dave Polsky still nails the dialog.

11:06 Dvandom I suspect one reason they've got Sweetie Belle's voice breaking all over the place this season is to provide a solid excuse why she doesn't get her inevitable singing-related cutie mark. As the Brady Bunch taught us, a cracking voice can be rough on a singing career.

11:07 Caldwin But if she's at the stage in her life where her voice is changing...doesn't that mean that she's reeeeeeeally late getting her cutie mark?

11:07 FnuAw yes.

11:07 Caldwin They seriously need to just end that plot line

11:08 FnuAw This episode confirmed, Sweetie Belle is at least 5.

11:08 Dvandom Well, keep in mind that the cutecinera is based on the quincinera, or 15th birthday. And voice cracking usually happens before that.

11:08 Caldwin Lovely! I mean, c'mon. There's being a late bloomer and then there's...well...this is just rediculous

11:08 FnuAw Then again, we saw how old Fluttershy was when she got hers.

11:09 Caldwin Oh dear...that's right. No wonder she got made fun of.

11:09 Scav ...girls don't usually have the cracking problem as much, do they?

11:09 Dvandom Not as much, but it still happens.

11:09 FnuAw With that in mind, the CMC plotline really isn't that crazy.

11:10 Dvandom Especially if they're gonna end up altos or even contraltos.

11:11 Scav 1) If the season premiere is to be taken literarly, they haven't even been CMC's for a year yet

11:11 Scav 2) it is extreemly unlikely the CMC's will get their cutie marks in the scope of the series

11:11 Dvandom (I wonder if a Luna/AppleBloom ep is already planned, to make it a troika?)

11:12 Caldwin If they end the series without them getting their cutie marks...I'm going to be very dissapointed. It would be a HUGE plot thread that's just left dangling

11:13 Caldwin Luna/Bloom ep would be nice. On the other hand, if Scoots isn't going to get an ep where she's at odds with her sister...only fair Bloom get's left out of something.

11:14 FnuAw Luna/anyone episode would be nice.

11:14 Caldwin True

11:14 FnuAw I liked this.

11:14 Caldwin Well, I better get going. Almost time for me to go on break

11:14 FnuAw We got to see Luna doing her thing.

11:14 Caldwin Later everyone!

11:14 Scav I think you're placing too much emphasis on the CMC's cutie marks, ironicaly

11:14 Dvandom Luna/Zecora - it would be so elliptical and allegorical the Hub would implode.

11:14 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:15 Scav Luna/Lyra

11:15 Dvandom Luna x Derpy!

11:18 Dvandom Anyway, looks like we're done, I guess Fnu's posting this time. Not gonna hang out for Rescue Bots, I'm going to a 1PM showing of Muppets.

11:18 FnuAw Yup, looks pretty done.

Yeah I still have some of these. I do not have all of them, unfortunately. I'm going to be uploading what I have.


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10:16 *** Philomenaphoenix joined #allsparkle

10:16 Caldwin Hello Philomena.

10:16 Scav ergh

10:17 Scav 4 hours of sleep

10:17 Caldwin You okay, Scav?

10:17 Scav but pony

10:17 Caldwin 3 hours here. Yeah, kinda sucks. Stayed up all night playing Mass Effect. Then had to wake up for work

10:18 Philomenaphoenix hi

10:20 FnuAw My sleep last night was interrupted by an episode of sleep paralysis. The creature choked me.

10:21 Caldwin Man, Fnu...your life seems frightening some times between your sleep paralysis and your school life

10:21 FnuAw I wouldn't have it any other way.

10:21 Caldwin I could know you for years, Fnu...and still not be able to figure you out.

10:22 Scav Caldwin: I wasn't doing something fun..just not being able to sleep....

10:22 Scav sjgb

10:22 Scav sigh...failed movie download

10:22 Caldwin Scav: yeah, that sucks too. When you look at the clock and it's past 2:00 in the morning...and you have to get up to go to sucks no matter the reason

10:22 Scav hi philomena

10:24 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

10:24 Dvandom Morning

10:24 Caldwin Good morning, Dave.

10:25 Philomenaphoenix hi

10:26 FnuAw Hi.

10:26 Caldwin Philomena speaks! Wassup?

10:26 Philomenaphoenix whoa,. more activitiy than usual

10:27 Dvandom Luna the Cenobite.

10:27 Dvandom "It's only a dream!" "No. It's not."

10:27 Philomenaphoenix Luna!

10:28 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:28 FnuAw I'm expecting a great episode today.

10:28 Caldwin Hello Prime

10:28 GuardianPrime Hello.

10:28 Sobana Whats the episode today again?

10:29 Dvandom Flim and Flam return

10:29 Caldwin Some background pony going up against Flim and Flam

10:29 Sobana Applejack's key epsidoe?

10:29 FnuAw And best new writer returns.

10:29 Sobana Laura?

10:29 Sobana No wait, you said new...

10:30 Sobana George Author Bloom?

10:30 FnuAw The one who gave us "I love bein covered in mud."

10:30 Dvandom Ducky

10:30 Philomenaphoenix soon

10:30 Scav Ponies have inflatable technolgy

10:31 Dvandom We need a Doctor Schlock pony?

10:31 Philomenaphoenix ship ahoy

10:32 Sobana It seems like it is mostly a mental fear of water...

10:32 Philomenaphoenix jaws!

10:32 Dvandom And thus a placebo effect could easily cure her.

10:32 Sobana I bet the Flim & Flam potion works because the ponies think it works

10:32 Philomenaphoenix faans

10:36 Dvandom The big question is will they still be honest inventors with iffy business practices, or be changed to outright charlatans?

10:37 Dvandom Cute Hooves cameo-ish.

10:37 Philomenaphoenix flim flam!

10:38 Dvandom Those are badly designed crutches for a quadruped.

10:38 Philomenaphoenix pony used tonic

10:39 Dvandom Lyra bounce

10:39 FnuAw That sick pony from season 2 is still sick.

10:39 Caldwin Yay! Lyra's been too laid back this season.

10:40 Philomenaphoenix song at last

10:40 Dvandom Granny knows their super-speedy cider squeezy 5000 actually made good cider, so her buying in isn't that unreasonable.

10:41 Sobana I knew it!

10:41 Caldwin're actually going to make a mutually benificial deal? Wow! Things have changed since S1.

10:41 Scav thats been my thoery,

10:41 GuardianPrime That was a sick song.

10:41 Sobana It's a scam!

10:41 Sobana It was, I liked it

10:41 Sobana I didn't realize this many ponies were that sick

10:42 Caldwin They live in Ponyville. Life is hell

10:42 Dvandom Keep in mind, they are unicorns, magic exists, and Zecora's potions can do a lot of things. So the claims made in the song aren't as laughable as they would be in real life.

10:43 Sobana hmmm

10:43 FnuAw If this stuff works, it's something their world could really use.

10:43 Dvandom AJ fails perception check.

10:44 FnuAw Why does no one know how horse shoulders work?

10:44 Dvandom Granny Smith mugged Strawberry Shortcake.

10:45 Caldwin Dave: Ooookay, can't wait to see that on Youtube tonight.

10:45 Dvandom The shill is named Shill. Cute.

10:48 Dvandom The anti-homeopathy episode.

10:48 Caldwin Dave uses big words

10:49 Scav I dunno..if there was a mystery potion you wanted to know about, maybe go to the princess of magic who's your best friend

10:49 Scav does chlorine fade ponies coats?

10:49 Dvandom If Big Mac's yoke can be used as a floatation device, why does he need the ducky?

10:50 FnuAw Applejack's making quite a deal with the devil here.

10:50 Dvandom Well, if being truthful were easy, it wouldn't be a Key episode.

10:51 Sobana did you now "shill Shell" are two terms used to refer to a plant in the audience?

10:51 Sobana He is a pony who's special talent is scamming other ponies

10:52 Scav thought he said Silver Shill

10:52 Sobana This is a pretty good key episode

10:52 Sobana could be that too, I was goign by what the other person spelled it because I suck at spelling

10:52 Dvandom Lyra is not impressed.

10:53 Sobana To tell the truth to make someone not happy... hard choice

10:53 Scav waas that derpy in the stands?

10:54 FnuAw Yup. Derpy's there.

10:54 Dvandom Derpy's bopping to her own beat.

10:54 Scav and Lura get's her own gag

10:55 Dvandom Will Shill's hat be the key item, or a bottle of tonic?

10:56 Scav awfully short on time for rainbow effect and stuff

10:56 Dvandom Equestrian sports clearly have no rules about performance enhancing substances.

10:56 Dvandom "And I hang around Pinkie Pie.:

10:58 Dvandom Okay, it's the bit.

10:59 Caldwin So who all's left that needs a key? Is it just Twilight now?

10:59 Dvandom Eyup

10:59 FnuAw Just Twilight.

10:59 Caldwin Probably wait till the season finale for that.

10:59 Scav well that was wrapped up quickly

11:00 Dvandom

11:00 Scav and whats his name can't whine that F&F were redeemed

11:00 *** Philomenaphoenix quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 Caldwin Said it seems redemption is what these ponies do!

11:01 Caldwin Aww! Philomena didn't even say goodbye!

11:01 Scav if orange background pony can get a key...maybe Lyra or Derpy can get one too

11:02 Caldwin Sure! Either one of them is obviously more important than orange background pony

11:02 Scav so Silver Shill joins the league of substitute mane 6

11:02 Dvandom Hm, if you get a zit or lesion on your flank inside your cutie mark, could it change the meaning of the cutie mark and thus your destiny?

11:03 Caldwin Whoah boy! Now we're getting into the deep philosophy here.

11:03 Sobana You're special talent would become acme

11:03 Scav like a big scar....and yo become the Anti-Apple

11:03 Sobana Can cutie marks be changed like that?

11:03 Sobana Maybe it's like a birth mark?

11:04 Caldwin I think it would just be a scar...not part of the cutie mark. I think the pony should be okay

11:05 Sobana I wonder how much money Flim and Flam got away with...

11:05 Sobana Also, Applejack's key is money

11:05 FnuAw They made out like bandits.

11:05 Sobana I wonder if she will keep it or sell it...

11:06 Sobana I bet they can retire now...

11:06 Caldwin I wonder if they even know they actually have the keys yet?

11:06 Sobana They seen the rainbows

11:06 Caldwin Maybe. But even if they have seen the rainbows, do they necesarily know what that means?

11:06 Sobana If they don't, how can they explain bringing those items to the tree to unlock the chest?

11:07 Scav why'd she sell the bit? You don't sell money (usually)

11:07 Scav they've not seen rainbows on the keys

11:07 Scav only the audience has

11:07 FnuAw It would be funny if she spends the bit.

11:07 Sobana Again, then what is stopping Applejack from using her key to buy something or to drag all those items to the tree if they don't know?

11:08 Caldwin I want to know what's in that box. It may influence my next fic!

11:08 Scav chest is at the library, assumingly...twi has blueprints n the wall

11:08 Scav Caldwin: there is no secret ingrediant

11:08 Sobana Inside the box is the Rainbow of Light... or the smooze, really it can go either way.

11:09 Scav or a bag of skittles

11:09 Sobana We are already tasting the rainbow

11:09 Caldwin I would fall over laughing if it is the Rainbow of Light. That would fit my fic so well considering I brought Tirek into the mix

11:09 FnuAw I wish it would be the smooze. Season cliffhanger!

11:09 Sobana Your fan fic has brought back Tirek?

11:10 Caldwin You haven't read my latest DA posts? You make me sad.

11:10 Scav Does hasbro have the rights to that slime ooze stuff toy that used to be all the rage?

11:17 Caldwin Later all!

11:17 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:18 Dvandom (I am slowly sneaking versions of my pony OCs into another setting. )

11:22 Sobana The bed is calling my name... So I'm going to log out... I'll chat more on DA

11:23 Sobana See ya laters...

11:23 Sobana <3

11:23 *** Sobana quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:23 FnuAw Well I liked this episode.

Time for me to run. See ya.

11:25 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

gonna try to get a little more sleep so my brain works later. cya

11:27 *** Scav quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

*** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

The beginning of this one got cut off. This must have been before I realized Mibbit has a limit to how much it saves. After that I started building the transcripts during the commercial breaks.


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Part 1

09:52 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

My Little Pony

Topic set by FnuAw on Fri Mar 21 2014 23:58:09 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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10:01 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:02 Caldwin Hey

10:05 Caldwin lively bunch here!

10:09 Sobana People!

10:09 Sobana People are here!

10:09 Caldwin Hey! A response! Wassup, Sobana!

10:09 Sobana Hello, caldwin!

10:10 Sobana I was here since 9:30. Was eating breatfast

10:10 FnuAw Hi.

10:10 FnuAw I've been busy trying to add he chat link to the first post. Not working.

10:11 Caldwin Yeah, to me, breakfast was a bowl of cereal and some coffee. Breakfast of champians I say!

10:11 Caldwin It's still on the first page. People should be able to find their way

10:11 Sobana I had a cream cheese bagel, cheese cake and a banana! =D

10:12 Caldwin You just had to go and make me jealous

10:12 Sobana Sobana likes bananas

10:12 FnuAw I had a yogurt.

10:12 Sobana My text is now pink!

10:13 Sobana Caldwin, can I use your OC in my comics? =3

10:13 Caldwin My text is blue! I finally found the toolbar at the bottom that's been there all along

10:13 Caldwin Of course. I actually made him for the purpose of you and Fnu using him.

10:14 Sobana Yay, now you have twice the reason to ignore my comics! =D

10:14 Caldwin Oh Sobana...don't say things like that.

10:14 Caldwin I never needed a reason

10:14 Sobana Alright

10:14 Sobana =(

10:14 Caldwin I tease, I tease

10:15 Sobana Did you hear the crazy stuff they made recently?

10:15 Caldwin they?

10:15 Sobana I talking about a different thing now

10:15 Caldwin Well...okay...I still don't know who "they" are

10:16 Sobana Someone actually made a porn with everyone cosplaying as the characters from FiM

10:16 Caldwin Yick! Doesn't surprise me...but seriously, I don't need to know that

10:16 Sobana I mean I seen these characters dressed up a few weeks ago and their outfits were well done but I didn't expect anything like this

10:17 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

10:17 Dvandom Morning

10:17 Sobana I just seen reaction videos on it from YouTube

10:17 Caldwin Good morning, Dave

10:17 Sobana Morning!

10:17 Sobana And like the acting was so terrible it made me laugh for a half hour

10:18 Dvandom There's a sequel Kickstarter to Pewter Ponies. Changelings, undead, witches (i.e. Trixie), Ponies of the Apocalypse....

10:18 Sobana But enough about that

10:18 Sobana Changelings!? =D

10:18 Sobana I am so getting that!

10:18 Caldwin It's a porno, Sob. Acting isn't *supposed* to be good. Anyway...different topic...please?

10:18 Sobana I'm talking about changelings now

10:18 Caldwin Yay!

10:19 Sobana Topics change quickly, you have to keep up

10:19 Caldwin I can't type that fast

10:19 Sobana We stop talking about that kind of thing when someone elses enters the room

10:19 Sobana It's called being polite

10:20 Caldwin Polite? How long have you known me, Sobana?

10:20 Sobana Now Dvandom is going to think I'm like you

10:20 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

10:20 Caldwin Good morning Scav

10:20 Sobana Morning Scav!

10:21 Sobana So, I got plans for your OC in my comics, Caldwin

10:21 Caldwin I want Quiznos

10:21 Sobana Subways!

10:21 Caldwin Eh, Subway takes too long

10:21 Sobana Subways is like 5 minutes!

10:22 FnuAw Yay I got the link working.

10:22 Caldwin No...most Subways are like 5 minutes. The Subway close to where I work...oy!

10:22 Scav heus

10:22 Scav heys

10:22 Caldwin Congrats, Fnu! But...looks like everyone's already here

10:22 Sobana What do you mean? There is one right down the street. I can get one and be back before the show starts

10:23 Sobana Did you all see the preview for this week?

10:23 FnuAw I had to do it anyway.

10:23 FnuAw Consistency!

10:23 Caldwin I don't think that's the same Subway that's close to where I work, Sob

10:23 Sobana How far way from there do you work?

10:23 Caldwin It's not the travel time. It's the people who work there.

10:24 Sobana You mean Tom? He seems like a nice guy once you get to know him.

10:24 Caldwin *whaps Sobana on the nose with a newspaper* IT'S NOT THE SAME SUBWAY!

10:24 Sobana He gives me free sauce

10:24 Sobana Not the newspaper!

10:24 Caldwin Always the newspaper

10:25 *** Buttonmash1973 joined #allsparkle

10:25 Sobana Fine, we will order Jimmy John's then

10:25 Caldwin *shudder* I know I may be in the minority...I actually don't like Jimmy John's.

10:25 Sobana They are freaky fast

10:25 Sobana La gasp!

10:26 Sobana Yeah, they suck, but they are fast and you are a picky eater

10:26 Caldwin I mean, I won't starve to death if they're the only place left in the world to eat. The're just not my favorite

10:26 Sobana Time to fight for control of the TV!

10:26 FnuAw I've never had Jimmy John's.

10:26 Sobana Such shocking revelations!

10:27 Caldwin It's...okay. But with a Quiznos right there, I'd rather just go there

10:27 Sobana Well, I expect that from a man who has never eaten a taco before

10:27 Caldwin I'm going to assume you mean the food and move on

10:27 Buttonmash1973 the final counbtdown!

10:27 FnuAw I've had tacos before.

10:27 Dvandom Every time I've tried Quiznos, my toasted sub has been burned at the edges and cold in the middle.

10:28 Caldwin Really? You may want to try a different Quiznos. I never had that problem

10:28 Sobana Try Subways

10:28 Sobana We are trying to decide were to take Caldwin

10:28 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:28 Caldwin Subway's good if I'm not on a lunchbreak. I only get 30 minutes for lunch

10:28 Buttonmash1973 wet mane ponies

10:28 Caldwin Good morning Prime.

10:29 Buttonmash1973 hello

10:29 Caldwin There's really nothing to decide, Sobana. I'm going to Quiznos

10:29 GuardianPrime Morning.

10:29 FnuAw Hi Button.

10:29 Sobana hi

10:29 Sobana show is on

10:29 Caldwin And let the spoilers being

10:30 Caldwin begin


Staff member
Council of Elders
Part 2

10:30 Scav oxygen, Caldwin

10:30 Scav and bacteria

10:31 Dvandom So, the test song didn't happen in songspace.

10:31 Scav two big spoilers

10:32 Sobana Did they say "Newly formed"?

10:32 Scav they did

10:32 Sobana I wonder why they would need this new thing all of a sudden?

10:32 Sobana Are they expecting trouble?

10:33 Sobana Maybe expand the rescue teams?

10:33 Sobana So many questions! >.<

10:33 Dvandom To explain why Dash didn't join it in season 1.

10:33 Caldwin Did you see the synopsis for the two parter coming up? Yeah, major trouble

10:33 FnuAw Don't spoil it!

10:33 FnuAw I haven't read anything.

10:33 Scav no.. I avoid future episodes

10:33 Caldwin Two parters always have major trouble, Sob. That's not a spoiler

10:33 Sobana Spoilers, Calwin, please!

10:34 Dvandom I've been inside Golden Corral. The food does NOT look that appetizing.

10:34 Sobana The only one not watching the shows spoils everything =p

10:34 Caldwin go fig!

10:34 Scav doesn't...but the comemricals REALLY sell it...

10:34 Sobana Depends on which one, some are always packed around here

10:34 Sobana I always wonder why they don't open two around here

10:35 Caldwin I want Arbys. But there isn't an Arby's around where I work

10:35 Dvandom The closest Arby's to me is 45 minutes away.

10:35 Scav there was an arbys 3 minutes from my apt....then it closed

10:35 Caldwin

10:35 Dvandom The Wonderbolts have certainly been around a long time.

10:35 FnuAw I've never eaten Arby's.

10:35 Dvandom Twi is hopelessly Thorndykian. Drill and memorize.

10:36 Caldwin I wonder if the Shadowbolts are ever going to make an appearence

10:36 Scav ponies have highligher technology

10:36 Dvandom And movies.

10:37 Caldwin Ponies have whatever tech they need for a particular episode...then they lose it

10:39 Caldwin Any mention of Lightning Dust yet? Be sure and tell me if she makes an appearence, kay?

10:40 Dvandom You'd think Dash would know some of the history already. Just from generalized obsession with the Wonderbolts.

10:40 Buttonmash1973 historyy

10:40 FnuAw Ponies are bad at history.

10:41 Caldwin You would think. o_0

10:41 Scav could be the resoluton, dave

10:41 Sobana I guess this disproves that the Wonder Bolts is just a proformance team...

10:41 Scav sobana "is"...we don't know... "was"

10:41 Sobana They were a royal guard

10:42 Dvandom They may have become more performance-related over time, favoring flash over substance, so that when called upon to fulfil their original role they get jobbed.

10:42 Caldwin No wonder Tia needed the Mane 6. We've seen how the Bolts handle actual danger.

10:42 Sobana There is at least two forms of military forces in Equestria

10:44 FnuAw Lag!

10:44 Dvandom Grumpy Twi face

10:44 Dvandom Angel crossplaying

10:45 FnuAw I can't follow this anymore.

10:45 FnuAw It's like Simple Ways all over again.

10:45 Caldwin Yay! Fnu and I are in the same boat

10:45 Caldwin Oh...Fnu and I are in the same boat. Sorry

10:45 Caldwin I thought you meant the plot was just getting complicated

10:45 Buttonmash1973 find a pet

10:46 FnuAw Stupid lag.

10:46 Dvandom Schoolhouse Rock Pony

10:46 FnuAw So is this a good episode? I cant tell.

10:46 Dvandom Pinka Pink.

10:46 Scav !!!!!

10:46 Buttonmash1973 rap

10:46 Caldwin Guess we'll just have to get in on the conversation once it hits Youtube, Fnu

10:47 GuardianPrime Nice ratio and old school VHS look.

10:47 Scav Ponies have early 90's Will Smith technology

10:47 Buttonmash1973 vinyl

10:47 Dvandom Rarity the historical cosplayer.

10:47 FnuAw Now the lag is actually trolling me.

10:48 FnuAw Pinkie says "That was pretty" and then it freezes.

10:48 Dvandom EVERYPONY knows more about the Wonderbolts history than Dash.

10:48 FnuAw The lag is creating clifhangers!

10:48 Dvandom Flight Jacket Twi.

10:49 Scav I want toys now!

10:49 Caldwin That's just not right, Dave. No one was more obsessive about the Bolts than Dash. How can she not know every single thing about them?

10:49 Scav bWHAHAH

10:50 Scav interesting..the shoes on the costumes moved to the back hoovs

10:50 Dvandom Fashion changing over time, I suppose.

10:51 FnuAw Well from what I did see this seems like it must have been a fun episode.

10:51 Sobana Geez, teaching Dash is harder then teaching Sobana how to behave...

10:51 Dvandom "Young'uns these days, with their shoes on front hooves and frilly poofy sense of fashion."

10:51 Caldwin IMPOSSIBLE!

10:51 Sobana Still odd that she doesn't know anything about them...

10:52 Sobana Maybe she is more in love with the idea then the people?

10:52 Caldwin Yeah, that just doesn't make any sense to me

10:52 Scav Caldwin compare it to someone who's al about a band, tons of posters and stuff, but has never studied the members history or the history of music

10:52 Caldwin And they dare call themselves a fan!

10:52 Dvandom Most serious sports fans I know (and that's really how Dash approaches this) are fountains of trivia on their favorite teams.

10:53 Scav that was a new angle

10:53 FnuAw Equestria doesn't have fan wikis yet.

10:53 Dvandom Toyetic copter

10:53 Dvandom Fnu, pre-internet they memorized books.

10:53 Buttonmash1973 cmc

10:54 Dvandom Situational awareness.

10:54 Dvandom Dash just wet her bed.

10:54 FnuAw Hey, refreshing worked.

10:54 Buttonmash1973 key

10:54 FnuAw I can see!

10:56 Dvandom "I like boot-blacking VERY MUCH."

10:56 FnuAw Firefly.

10:57 FnuAw Did I hear that?

10:57 Dvandom Yes,

10:57 Dvandom Noooooo!

10:57 Buttonmash1973 firefly

10:58 Dvandom Princess Fluttershy

10:58 Caldwin Okay...all I'm getting are random words and I absolutely must see this episode

10:59 Dvandom They squeeze the credits JUST BEFORE the cast list. Every time. Grr.

10:59 FnuAw Well the ending was great.

11:00 Buttonmash1973 100%!

11:00 *** Buttonmash1973 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 Dvandom With guts, it's 100%!

11:00 Scav who was that C&D'ed pony?

11:01 Sobana Was it where that Dash was the only one there?

11:01 FnuAw That Celestia and Luna gag was great.

11:01 Sobana Like where they expecting a bigger turn out?

11:01 Caldwin Well, I better get going. Later all!

11:01 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:01 FnuAw Later.

11:01 Sobana Great wolrd buidling

11:02 Sobana I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about in this

11:03 Sobana I guess Dash didn't pay much attention in class.

11:03 FnuAw Well I've got a great idea for a punchline for my next comic, but no idea how to set it up.

11:03 Sobana Was not expecting Pinkie to rap... Rap is now canon.

11:03 Sobana I have no ideas for mine yet...

11:03 Sobana I have a set up, but no punch line

11:04 FnuAw I can see the whole thing now.

11:04 Sobana My vision? How?

11:05 Sobana Chat kinda died off

11:06 FnuAw We're all stunned.

11:06 Sobana I guess I should run to the bank before going to bed...

11:06 Sobana I'm out, see you guys either on DA or next week's chat...

11:06 FnuAw See you.

11:06 FnuAw Make more comics.

11:07 Sobana sure will =)

11:07 *** Sobana quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:07 Scav hmm

11:08 Dvandom Twi is very much the standard Academic. Learns well via lecture and reading. Represents less than 1/20th of the college population.

11:09 Dvandom (But nearly 20/20ths of professors)

11:09 Scav you speak as if you were a doctor of teaching or something

11:09 Dvandom I dabble.

11:09 Scav isn't sure how I learn yet

11:10 Dvandom Probably by doing/tinkering.

11:10 Scav microchip inplantation sounds like it

11:10 FnuAw I learn by getting a random obsession stuck in my head and going nuts until my brain moves on to something else.

11:11 Scav derpy made the new MLP dvd commerical

11:12 Scav for science concepts I really need to be able to analogize ...

11:12 Dvandom I'd have preferred if Pinkie's song were more of a Schoolhouse Rock reference. Well, the better original series. There was at least one rap SHR, in the later material. Not so good.

11:12 Scav take it from theoretical to physical/real///

11:13 Scav which is why I keep having trouble with the data base class I'm taking...the professor is head (cohead? lt head?) computer science at stanford, but she's the cliche of such a professor

11:13 GuardianPrime I miss the old Schoolhouse Rock. It was always a part of my Saturday mornings back in the 80's.

11:14 Scav schoolhouse rock helped me in civics

11:14 Scav bck when civics worked

11:14 FnuAw I used to go to the library and read until there was nothing left on a subject to read.

11:15 Dvandom (Finally reads last night's Goodnight from Pinkie. Huh, Wind Whistler.)

11:16 Scav "I was telling jokes" "Are you sure? I've heard jokes and they didn't sound like those"

11:16 Scav dave: that right before chat...didn't get it

11:16 FnuAw You guys need to watch G1.

11:16 FnuAw It has its fun moments.

11:18 Scav

11:18 FnuAw It's not as bad as you'd think.

11:19 FnuAw The characters don't really have layers, but they're fun.

11:19 Scav selling Pirate Fairy as Peter Pan year 0

11:19 GuardianPrime Time to run. See ya.

11:20 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:22 Scav what time cap, dave?


Staff member
Council of Elders

You'll never guess this one./s

Pao learned how to give the chats titles at this point. And you can see one of the most enduring bit characters of these chats, the changeling who took a liking to Caldwin.

09:55 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

Season 4, Episode 22: "Trade Ya"

Topic set by pao on Sat Apr 19 2014 09:21:08 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

09:56 +++ ChanServ has given op to FnuAw

09:57 *** Kaldwin joined #allsparkle

09:58 *** Kaldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

10:01 pao look, a convenient opportunity to watch the episode from two weeks ago!

10:02 pao also, good morning

10:05 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

10:05 pao 'morning

10:06 Scav hey

10:07 pao oh, I hope there are so many gifs of Testing, 1, 2, 3

10:09 FnuAw Hi.

10:09 pao how've things been?

10:10 *** skids joined #allsparkle

10:10 skids Good Morning everyone!

10:10 skids I finally have a Saturday I'm off or not exhausted to watch this with ya guys.

10:13 FnuAw Things are tough for me. I'm crazy busy right now.

10:15 *** PonyMonster joined #allsparkle

10:16 PonyMonster Good morning pony friends.

10:16 FnuAw Hello.

10:16 skids I know that feeling. trying to buy a new car and find better job. Good morning PonyMonster!

10:19 PonyMonster Who is excited for a new episode?

10:19 FnuAw I am.

10:19 PonyMonster Me too

10:20 pao how come everyone *but* RD is encyclopedic on the Wonderbolts?

10:21 pao well, I hope that the crazy busy is manageable, FnuAw and skids

10:21 FnuAw I can always manage crazy.

10:21 skids Me to and not sure on THe RD with the wonderbolts

10:21 Scav anyone ntice a problem with top gun Twilight?

10:22 FnuAw Nope.

10:22 pao but overall I'm enjoying this episode

10:22 skids Whoever is handling the page may not be those who were just in the academy.

10:22 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

10:22 Dvandom Mornin'

10:22 skids Morning

10:23 *** PonyMonster quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

10:23 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:23 pao oh, that overhead view was spectacular

10:23 pao it's called "situational awareness", Twi

10:24 FnuAw Hello Caldwin.

10:24 pao "I have a cunning plan!"

10:24 pao hey Caldwin

10:24 *** Caldwin is now known as Guest55252

10:24 *** Copper joined #allsparkle

10:24 *** Guest55252 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

10:26 FnuAw I'm keeping an eye on this guy with the phone.

10:27 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:29 pao learning styles!

10:30 FnuAw Here we go.


Staff member
Council of Elders
Part 2

10:30 Scav the problem with top gun twilight, she's wearing a leather jacket

10:30 FnuAw I have no clue what this is about.

10:30 Dvandom And finally the writers realize what fame means.

10:32 FnuAw I don't even know whose episode this is expected to be.

10:32 Scav last year was princess cadence...that to me feels like it's been more than a year for s1-3

10:32 Dvandom Well, Cadence could have been in charge of it before her wedding.

10:33 *** Buttonmash973 joined #allsparkle

10:33 *** Buttonmash973 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

10:33 *** Buttonmash1973 joined #allsparkle

10:34 pao Buttonmash1973: if you just mistype your name, you can change it with the /nick command

10:34 pao no need to quit and relog

10:34 Dvandom Murphy is listening, Twi.

10:35 Copper IRC is a mysterious and wondrous thing....

10:35 pao ar-bi-tration!

10:36 pao are we going to have to set up an excessively long trade chain?

10:36 Dvandom Natch.

10:36 Buttonmash1973 back

10:37 Dvandom Hey, correct name for Orthrus, too!

10:38 FnuAw Fluttershy...

10:38 pao oops

10:38 Dvandom Orthros/Orthrus is the two-headed hound of Geryon, IIRC. Orthri-on is one of the later Webdiver toys, one of its modes is a two-headed dog monster.

10:38 Buttonmash1973 ponies finally back

10:39 FnuAw This is going to be a colossal tangled mess. And it will be glorious.

10:39 Scav i wish i had your faith

10:40 skids the chaos that's going to happen

10:40 FnuAw It's fun when they have multiple storylines going.

10:41 Copper Subplots are hard to carry in 20-minute format. But welcome.

10:41 FnuAw Castle Mania worked.

10:42 Copper True that.

10:42 Dvandom I am, however, finding the background ponies more interesting than the AJ/Rarity thread.

10:43 FnuAw Fluttershy is best Hagrid.

10:43 pao bets they swapped the broaches and are now in Big Trouble?

10:43 Dvandom Wheelchair pony?

10:44 FnuAw My stream is glitching up. T_T

10:44 Buttonmash1973 Babscon the episode

10:44 Dvandom Trade is going to break down...or literally break, oops.

10:46 pao oooookay

10:46 skids need it wasn't going to be that easy

10:46 pao brilliant

10:49 pao someone reel in the marketing staff

10:51 skids and thus fast food was created in equestria

10:51 FnuAw This is insanity.

10:52 Dvandom Arbitration time!

10:52 Buttonmash1973 Tartarus and back

10:53 Scav that's why you get it in writing!

10:53 Dvandom If only somepony had a pen....

10:55 pao Fluttershy the Fixer

10:56 Scav wow...dash traded fluttershy into slavery

10:57 Dvandom And thus, Twi starts down the road to towers of books everywhere, making a fire hazard.

10:58 Dvandom Also, what special purpose could result in a teddy bear cutie mark?

10:58 pao (insert general complaint with easy CTRL-Z's in this show)

10:59 *** Copper quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

10:59 FnuAw That was insane.

10:59 Dvandom I wish they'd wait one more second to squeeze the credits so we could actually see the voice credits.

11:00 Buttonmash1973 cya

11:00 pao fun episode, though back-to-back I liked Testing better

11:00 Scav i agree

11:00 Buttonmash1973 Not so bad

11:00 *** Buttonmash1973 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 FnuAw Something amazing happened this week.

11:01 FnuAw SPIKE is the one who got what he wanted.

11:01 pao lol

11:01 Dvandom Heh

11:02 skids yea

11:02 Dvandom And we got to see the way women are portrayed in Equestrian comics.

11:03 FnuAw Did anyone see Derpy and the Doctor?

11:03 FnuAw In line?

11:03 skids yep

11:04 Scav we did?

11:04 pao nice little slice-of-lifer, and I think that two out of three subplots ain't bad; I was underwhelmed by the Twi/Pinkie one, but appreciated the play on the swap chain trope and thought the Rarity/Applejack one went fine

11:05 Dvandom The maquette thing at the comics booth at the very end.

11:06 pao alright, no LPS today, and I've got errands to run, hairs to get cut, etc.

11:06 pao I can leave this running and post in a couple hours, or y'all can handle it like you have the past few weeks without me, your call

11:06 Scav i'd have liked a better use of twilight ges used to princesshood

11:06 FnuAw I find the timing of this episode hilarious.

11:06 skids I didn't see them

11:07 FnuAw BABScon the episode.

11:07 pao yeah, I think there were some good comic beats--breaking the chalice, for instance

11:09 pao FnuAw: you posting or shall I get it when I return?

11:09 skids It was good episode nice to have a simple basic plot with out having to worry about saving the world or stopping the enw crisis

11:10 FnuAw My only disappointed that the AJ/Rarity feud didn't escalate to insane levels, but I guess they're past that point in their relationship by now.

11:10 FnuAw I can post it.

11:10 pao I was still hoping for the broach swap

11:10 pao but it's fair to focus on their interpersonal relationship rather than having an external force

11:11 pao alright, then I'll be off...depending on some external factors I may or may not be back for the rest of the season (but probably not)

11:11 FnuAw I like that Rarity apparently could tell which one was hers.

11:11 pao I'll try to get a post in the ep threads though

11:12 pao enjoy, everyone!

11:12 FnuAw I'll take it from here.

11:12 pao salutes FnuAw

11:12 *** pao quit (Quit: ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs))

11:12 FnuAw Bwa ha ha ha.

11:16 GuardianPrime Gotta run.

11:16 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:16 *** skids quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:18 *** Scav quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Guardian Prime

Veteran Allsparker
Ah, yes. The Fake Caldwin. We dealt with that changeling for quite some time. I remember it even tried to be Dave once.

Guardian Prime

Veteran Allsparker
You know what this thread needs? It needs our old chat pic...



Staff member
Council of Elders
It exists!

This is a long one. Also Pao forgot to change the title.

09:49 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

Season 4, Episode 22: "Trade Ya"

Topic set by pao on Sat Apr 19 2014 09:21:08 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

09:49 +++ ChanServ has given op to FnuAw

09:57 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

09:57 Caldwin Kinda busy at work, so I may not be talking much today

09:57 Caldwin Heya Sobana.

09:57 Caldwin Wassup Fnu

09:58 Sobana what

09:58 Caldwin uh at work. brb.

09:58 Sobana Where did all these people come from?

09:58 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

09:58 Sobana I didn't even get to ask my question =(

10:00 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:00 Sobana Mornin' Fnutaloo

10:00 Sobana Caldwin!

10:00 Sobana You are back!

10:00 Sobana Now I can ask my question!

10:01 Sobana Did you get that thing I sent you?

10:01 Caldwin What thing?

10:01 Sobana The email.

10:02 Sobana You didn't change your email since you last gave it to me, did you?

10:02 Caldwin I haven't seen it yet. I'll check after the chat. I check right now it'll kick me out of the chat

10:02 Sobana what? Why?

10:03 Caldwin iPad can only do one thing at once

10:04 Sobana Are you serious? That is so lame! I hope you didn't pay much for a "one-thing-at-a-time" machine, lol.

10:05 Caldwin

10:05 Sobana lol, that did sound kinda jerkish of me...

10:06 Caldwin yes...yes it did. I actually did spend good money on this thing

10:07 Caldwin Oh, Fnu...I actually have an idea for Nightcap. Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I do have an idea for him

10:08 Sobana Fnu is in the time out corner right now

10:08 Caldwin Also, Sob...just so I can avoid pronoun issues in the future, is Nightshade male or female?

10:08 Sobana Q_Q

10:08 Caldwin the moderator is in time out? Wha?

10:08 Sobana Female

10:08 Caldwin just making sure

10:08 Sobana I put him there for not talking to me

10:08 Sobana Now he talks to no one

10:09 Sobana I think this episode might help my fan fic ideas

10:09 Sobana Have you seen Guardian Prime's fan art of Nightshade yet?

10:10 Caldwin The one with normal Nightshade and a Nightmare Nightshade?

10:11 Sobana Yes, have you seen it yet? =3

10:11 Caldwin Nope. Don't know what you're talking about.

10:11 Sobana Oh, it ties in with my short fan fic I posted, did you read it yet?

10:11 FnuAw I'm here.

10:11 Caldwin Not yet. Did you just post it?

10:12 Caldwin Hey Fnu!

10:12 FnuAw iHi.

10:12 Sobana Looks like Fnu is finally ready to come out of time out

10:12 Sobana I posted it like a week ago....

10:12 FnuAw So wht's this idea.

10:12 Caldwin I can't tell ya that!

10:13 Sobana It is only a page long, I didn't feel like fleshing it out. It just an outline of it

10:13 Sobana My idea?

10:13 Caldwin I'll check it out later today then, Sob

10:13 *** RetroCheerilee joined #allsparkle

10:13 Sobana Yay!

10:13 Sobana Hi Retro!

10:14 RetroCheerilee hi

10:14 Caldwin Actually, it's no big thing, Fnu. Basically Static Signal and Nightcap are contemplating the penny.

10:14 Caldwin Hey Retro

10:14 FnuAw Yay, the penny.

10:15 Caldwin Course, I may have to wait till payday so I can actually get a penny. Can one of you lend me a penny?

10:15 FnuAw I should really get a drawing tablet. Any suggestions?

10:15 Sobana I miss the pennies

10:15 Caldwin Wacom's always good

10:15 Caldwin I have a Wacom bamboo tablet.

10:16 FnuAw How do you use those?

10:16 Sobana One program at a time apparently...

10:17 Caldwin Well, after you install it, using it's actually pretty intuitive. It's just like using a pen.

10:17 Caldwin Not talking about the iPad now, Sobana

10:17 FnuAw I can't imagine drawing with a pen.

10:17 Sobana Oh right

10:18 FnuAw Without some friction on the page my hand would just slide all over the place.

10:18 Caldwin Well, after you install it, using it's actually pretty intuitive. It's just like using a pencil.

10:19 FnuAw I have absolutely no hand-eye coordination.

10:19 FnuAw You've seen my handwriting.

10:19 Caldwin I'll tell ya one thing though, if you plan on computer coloring, tablet's the only way to go. Trying to color with a can be done, but it's a major pain in the arse

10:19 *** Skids joined #allsparkle

10:20 FnuAw I wish Im could do computer coloring.

10:20 Caldwin Hello Skids

10:20 Skids Hi Caldwin! Hi Everyone!

10:20 FnuAw Hi Skids.

10:20 Sobana You know what we haven't done in a while? Talked about how great Queen Chrysalis is....

10:20 Caldwin All you have to do is get a decent program and get started. Once upon a time, you used not to be able to draw well.

10:20 Sobana So I made this is express my feelings... Getting info...

10:20 Caldwin *puts Sobana on ignore*

10:21 Sobana Nuuuuhhhhh~

10:21 Sobana I worked hard on that and I was proud that I was able to do it QQ

10:21 Skids Awesome pictures.

10:21 Caldwin Actually, is that even possible? Can we put people on ignore here?

10:21 Sobana Yes, we can. You just did.

10:21 FnuAw Nope. All I can do is banish people.

10:22 Caldwin I can't see it. I just have a little icon that shows you tried to post something

10:22 RetroCheerilee hi

10:22 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

10:22 Caldwin Good morning, Dave.

10:22 Dvandom Mornin'. Almost slept through.

10:22 Sobana Click on my name in the chatting box to ignore me

10:22 Sobana morning!

10:22 Sobana Wait, wait, wait!

10:22 Sobana I had a thought on a previous episode I wanted to share

10:23 Caldwin Too late. That was last week. Moving on!

10:23 Sobana Remember in the episode Teasting, Teasting, 1, 2, 3 how Dash was a huge fan of the wonderbolts and didn't know their history?

10:24 Caldwin That was a couple weeks ago...but yeah?

10:24 Sobana How like a lot of people said that was unrealistic to love something that much and not know the past history of it?

10:24 Sobana then I realize that was a nudge at the fans. Do you know how many super FiM fans are out there that know nothing of the previous generations?

10:25 Sobana Your mind has now be blown at that realization!

10:25 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:25 Skids Nice observtion

10:25 Caldwin Morning, Guardian

10:26 FnuAw Hi.

10:26 Sobana Morning, Prime

10:26 GuardianPrime Morning.

10:26 Sobana And that would have been prefect for Prime to hear too.

10:26 RetroCheerilee few min to go

10:27 FnuAw This is going to be a good one.

10:27 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

10:27 Caldwin iTunes hasn't gotten a single episode early this entire season. *is dissapointed*

10:27 Sobana Fnu, save that part for the appropriate episode discussion. Everyone must know my genius!

10:27 Caldwin I guess on the good side, they haven't been late either.

10:27 RetroCheerilee FLim Flam brooters

10:27 Caldwin Morning, Scav

10:27 RetroCheerilee morning

10:27 Sobana Mornin' Scav

10:27 Scav blergle...Early

10:28 Sobana Some times I miss laying out my brilliance on forum pages =(

10:28 Sobana Anyway, need to go fight for the TV controller again, brb

10:28 Caldwin *wraps up newspaper into a roll**

10:28 Sobana O_O!!! *runs away*

10:29 RetroCheerilee I like train

10:29 Sobana Show time!

10:29 Sobana yay!

10:29 FnuAw Here we go.

10:30 Caldwin Yay! Spoiler time!


Staff member
Council of Elders
Part 2

10:30 FnuAw Lots of cameos.

10:31 Caldwin already?

10:32 FnuAw Aw, poor Rarity.

10:32 Sobana Looks like Night Cap's hoof puppets are making come back! =D

10:32 Dvandom A designer letting aesthetics trump functionality? Gosh, that never happens in reality!

10:32 Scav I did not see any noticple cameos

10:32 RetroCheerilee so many new ponies

10:33 Sobana I can see why she is upset that she thinks she is a failure...

10:33 Dvandom DJ Pon-3 had a booth.

10:33 Sobana The filly from the last episode came back

10:33 Sobana She needs a name now...

10:34 Sobana These commercials never seem to end...

10:34 Dvandom If this K-Mart swimwear ad is national and not local insertion, they may have decided bronies are a big part of the audience....

10:35 Caldwin I thought that was already a given

10:35 FnuAw Rarity meltdowns are best meltdows.

10:35 Scav Ponies have icecream

10:35 FnuAw Old castle.

10:36 Dvandom The Hall of Ideas Best Left Unused!

10:36 RetroCheerilee the castle

10:36 *** KKKaldwin joined #allsparkle

10:36 Scav and wheely ladders

10:37 Dvandom Ponynomicon.

10:37 RetroCheerilee tardios

10:37 Caldwin Wow! That's not an offensive way of doing the name at all

10:37 RetroCheerilee tardis

10:37 KKKaldwin What's up my pony fart friends?

10:37 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

10:37 *** KKKaldwin was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

10:37 Caldwin Thanks, Fnu

10:37 FnuAw What did you ever do to that guy?

10:37 FnuAw He likes you.

10:37 Dvandom I presume Twi had the library functions restored immediately.

10:38 Caldwin I don't know. I don't even know who it is.

10:38 FnuAw My goodness rarity.

10:38 Dvandom Any spell that ends "will you finally be set free" is a bad spell.

10:39 *** Copper joined #allsparkle

10:39 Caldwin Heya, Copper

10:40 Copper Hey. = ) Had fussy stream problems, but I'm here for once. = )

10:40 *** Cockwin joined #allsparkle

10:40 Cockwin Eat a pony fart

10:40 Caldwin Oh for crying out loud!

10:40 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

10:40 *** Cockwin was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

10:40 Caldwin Seriously?

10:41 Copper Wow. They really do like you, huh?

10:41 RetroCheerilee muppet shoow

10:41 Dvandom Owl doesn't even have eyebrows to lift, but manages it.

10:41 Scav so last week charles nelson riley, this week wc fields

10:41 Caldwin Why me? That's what I want to know. Why me?

10:42 Copper Eyes!

10:42 Copper Sorry.

10:42 Copper But that was a bit on the creepy side.

10:42 Scav that's a werid bag she's using

10:42 Dvandom Same lesson as the Breezies ep: being an enabler is not being a friend.

10:42 Copper Isn't it the same with the flap left open?

10:43 Scav it's not a white bag with her cutie mark

10:43 Scav which is the usual

10:43 Copper Oh. I'd forgotten it was white.

10:43 RetroCheerilee ghoots!

10:43 Scav it's a kahki knapsack

10:43 Scav which is werid for Rarity of all

10:43 Copper The cutie mark was on the flap, though, so that's why I didn't notice the difference.

10:43 Sobana I bet this about helping a friend with an addiction

10:44 Copper Yeah, she is, for once, clearly not concerned with how she looks. = )

10:44 Copper Yeah, I'm getting that vibe.

10:44 Dvandom At some point, she will come to distrust wheels.

10:44 Sobana Also, who si Caldwin's new friend?

10:44 Copper Ha. = ) Yes please.

10:44 Skids Hmm, will probalably see the town transform and maybe a pony or two

10:45 Sobana This will be disastrous and good

10:45 Skids it begins

10:45 Copper Oh dear,

10:46 RetroCheerilee Applejack

10:46 Dvandom (Book) Hiya

10:46 Copper Oh, oh wow.

10:47 Copper Makes her eyes really pop....

10:48 Dvandom Poniachi band

10:49 Dvandom Teleportation of Tavi, or gender reassignment?

10:49 GuardianPrime Octavia!

10:49 RetroCheerilee Octvaia

10:49 Caldwin Octavia makes an appearence? Oh wow! So gonna haveta Youtube this tonight.

10:50 Copper Cameo as always.

10:50 Copper Non-speaking.

10:50 Caldwin Of course...but an appearence is an appearance

10:51 Sobana I'm surprised they haven't blamed Discord yet...

10:51 Scav octavia lets her chello speak for her

10:51 Copper For what?

10:51 RetroCheerilee Kristals

10:52 Copper Indeed. = )

10:52 Dvandom Discord probably wrote the book.

10:52 Copper Ah, I see.

10:52 FnuAw This is awesome.

10:52 Skids The craziness

10:52 Sobana Also, Octavia got more screen time then DJ for once...

10:52 Copper Yeah, and we've definitely left the realm of repeating the DPC from the Breezies.

10:52 Dvandom Well, in fractions of a second, Sobana.

10:53 Sobana Shhh, don't spoil it for me...

10:53 Caldwin Isn't this actually the first time they were in the same episode?

10:53 GuardianPrime I hope the mayor didn't mean ponies were LITERALLY trapped in the walls. O.O

10:53 Copper Caldwin, I don't think so - and it's barely relevant when they appear together in EG.

10:53 RetroCheerilee only three eps to go how times fly

10:53 Skids ye a

10:54 Dvandom If that was really Tavi. Is Rarity swapping ponies in and out (i.e. the poniachi band appeared in Canterlot), or remolding ponies into new forms (in which case this isn't really Tavi, just a guy changed to look like her).

10:54 Copper Not going to doubt the crazy powers for the moment.

10:54 FnuAw Owls cannot roll their eues.

10:55 FnuAw eyes.

10:55 Copper True, but ponies can't do ... a lot of things, so I think it'll pass.

10:56 FnuAw Ouch.

10:56 Copper Oh wow,

10:56 Skids that's a new twist on that

10:56 GuardianPrime Spike really takes in the literature.

10:56 Copper Nice. = )

10:57 Dvandom Spike gets a key?

10:58 Scav sigh..

10:58 Caldwin You're...kidding...right?

10:58 Copper That's a rather brief resolution....

10:58 Scav "lets run it out and wrap it up in a minute"

10:58 FnuAw But where did that magic fly off to?

10:59 Dvandom It may have gone back to the book....

10:59 FnuAw Princesses do things.

10:59 FnuAw The book was in Spike, remember?

11:00 Dvandom Yep.


Staff member
Council of Elders
Part 3

11:00 Skids Royal Duties. Princess of clean up.

11:00 Copper Yeah, I was thinking that since the book was destroyed, the aura probably went off to be the book again.

11:00 FnuAw The magic did not head in his direction.

11:00 RetroCheerilee cya at the Equestria games

11:00 *** RetroCheerilee quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 Dvandom Spike later poops out dark magic. Royal doodies.

11:01 Skids Thos fan comics are going be something on that.

11:01 Sobana The dispelling of the spell didn't change anything

11:01 Sobana You need princess power to fix dirt magic

11:01 Skids That I like in a way.

11:01 FnuAw I want that book.

11:02 Dvandom (peers at weather radar) Okay, that's a weird storm front. Hugging the western border of Missouri.

11:02 Sobana I want that book too

11:02 Copper DVD: personally, I'd really like it to stay over there....

11:02 Sobana Oh good, then I should be fine from that weather

11:02 Skids Nice to see them not going the classic route. destroy book, display spell. Negates the spell actions

11:02 Scav skids, other than a closing gag, it did the same

11:03 Sobana This book as inspired me to make a fan comic about it! =D

11:03 Skids ok

11:03 Sobana I think, Fnu has been inspired too

11:03 FnuAw I am inspired.

11:03 Caldwin Well, I'm out. Laters all!

11:03 Sobana Nuh

11:03 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:03 Sobana email!

11:03 Copper Damn, I was going to make that correction myself.

11:04 Sobana dang it!

11:04 FnuAw I don't know what I'd do with a book like that, but I'd do something.

11:04 Copper Oh hell yes.

11:04 Sobana I'm going to need to make whole new props for my next comic which should take about 10 minutes then posting it will only take about a week... I'm lazy...

11:04 Copper But apparently the designs were dark magic constructs....

11:05 Copper Ha. Well, no one's asking you to be anyone but yourself...

11:05 Sobana I think I'm going to make it the cause of Nightshade's dark descent...

11:05 FnuAw I don't know what I'd do.

11:06 FnuAw Grandus for everyone?

11:06 Sobana It looked like changelign magic...

11:06 Copper No, it was green like Sombra's.

11:06 Copper I mean, Changeling magic is, too....

11:06 Copper But a different green.

11:06 Sobana Green like Chrysalis!

11:06 Dvandom (Evil) Magic is Green

11:06 Copper Changeling magic was more lime, wasn't it?

11:07 Copper Sure,

11:07 Sobana The power to change how things look? How is that not Chrysalis magic?

11:07 Skids Hmm, the book was the source of what created the changling race to begin with. Where addiction to the spell would eventually lead to self transformation.

11:07 Copper But they eye thing - it was a straight-up callback to Sombra's magic.

11:07 Copper Don't say things like that.

11:07 Copper They rapidly become fanon.

11:07 Copper And then someone canonizes them.

11:08 Sobana And the spell is dependent on the positive feelings of others...

11:08 Dvandom Lacked the secondary purple bubbly effects/

11:08 Copper Yeah, I know, but I like my fanon better. = P

11:08 Copper Sombra was really using Destron magic....

11:08 Sobana Totally Chrysalis's eye magic, watch the ending to the first part of Canerlot weeding again

11:09 Copper Can I watch the "This Day Aria" video again, too?

11:09 Copper It won't help, but I love it so much....

11:09 Sobana Watch everything involving Chrysalis, I insist.

11:09 Copper Obliged, darling.

11:09 Sobana Chrysalis has the best song in the franchise, of course.

11:09 Copper Well duh.

11:10 Copper Not coincidentally the only villain song.

11:10 Copper In G4, I mean.

11:10 Sobana Not the only villian song, but the best

11:10 Sobana Did you see my love for chrysalis picture yet?

11:10 Sobana Getting info...

11:11 Copper Yeah, well, I can get behind it, I think. = )

11:12 Copper I don't count "Glass of Water" as a villain song given that he's ostensibly reformed.

11:12 Sobana I do, just so Chrysalis can be better at it then him

11:12 Copper Ha! Fair point!

11:12 Sobana It's a matter of perspective, I guess.

11:13 Copper True, but I find your perspective intriguing. = ,

11:13 Sobana Thank you.

11:14 Sobana I wonder what would happen if another unicorn read that book or a pony without make like an earth pony...

11:14 Copper Christ, can you imagine Pinkie on speed?

11:14 FnuAw Applejack would just go around force-feeding everyone apples.

11:15 FnuAw Oh wait, she does that anyway.

11:15 Sobana It seems like an awfully big book for just a few lines written in it. I wonder what else was in it.

11:15 Copper The rest is the GPL license.

11:15 Skids Take care everone! See ya next week.

11:15 Sobana It is like the pony version of the necronomicon.

11:15 Sobana see ya!

11:15 Copper Have an adventure, Skids

11:16 Skids Always do.

11:16 *** Skids quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:16 Copper I've never got that response, and I think it's the best one.

11:16 Sobana Did they ever say the book's name?

11:16 Copper I missed the first bit thanks to stream problems.

11:16 FnuAw So what's Celestia up to?

11:17 Sobana I guess resting after cleaning up the town's dirt?

11:17 Copper She wasn't involved.

11:17 Sobana She was

11:17 Copper Twi called out Cadance and Luna

11:17 Sobana She was mentioned, both her and luna

11:17 Dvandom The book started with stone slab covers, so it really was just a few pages.

11:17 Copper *Cadance* and Luna.

11:17 Sobana ah, right

11:17 FnuAw This confirms it.

11:18 Sobana Celestia doesn't play in dirt, silly

11:18 Copper Quite right.

11:18 FnuAw Discord is driving Celestia nuts.

11:18 FnuAw Somewhere.

11:18 Copper Ha.

11:18 GuardianPrime Time for me to head out for a bit. Catch y'all later.

11:18 Copper Sweet. Have an adventure.

11:18 Sobana Toodles

11:19 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:19 Sobana I'm really surprised that while reality was magically changing and them trying to figure out what was happening tha Discord never got mentioned.

11:19 Copper It does look vaguely similar to brainwashed Shining Armor, but the whites of her eyes were still white, right?

11:20 Copper Yeah, it's nicely similar to his MO.

11:20 Sobana Sombra had black/purple magic

11:20 Copper No green at all? I'm pretty sure it was green-purple.

11:20 Sobana Could be, I not remember him as much as I do other villians.

11:20 Copper I haven't gotten to the reprise yet, I'm not switching eps. = P

11:21 Copper We see Celestia use dark magic first.

11:21 Dvandom Sombra magic involved green eyes, but black and purple bubbly effects.

11:21 Copper That's where Twilight learns it.

11:21 Copper Ah.

11:22 Sobana You know what, I really liked this episode. This season is diffidently making up for Rarity not having an episode last season.

11:22 Copper Eh. It already had, but this wasn't my favorite.

11:22 Copper "Rarity Takes Manehattan" makes up for a *ot*

11:22 Copper Erm, lot.

11:22 Sobana It takes up the top five for me

11:22 FnuAw This was fun.

11:23 Copper But not ... epic.

11:23 FnuAw Why is it always Rarity getting possessed?

11:23 Sobana I mean Rarity's descent felt natural, believable and not rushed at all.

11:23 Copper Probably better once I see it without commercials and actually with the first bit.

11:23 Copper Yeah, that much is true,

11:23 Copper It really did feel like an addiction path.

11:23 Dvandom Already up on Hubworld.

11:23 Copper Oh, sweet!

11:23 Sobana Wasn't it toally weird to get a Sear's Swimsuit commercial on this show?

11:24 Copper I didn't catch that. Then again, I'm pretty good at tuning out ads.

11:24 Scav didn't really feel like an adiction alegory

11:24 Dvandom That's teh K-Mart thing I was talking about earlier.

11:24 Copper Ah.

11:24 Sobana I mean it went from a gak commercial last week to a commercial with girls taking off their clothes

11:24 Copper Wow.

11:25 Dvandom A bunch of young women in bathing suits running across the beach in slow motion.

11:25 Copper Geez.

11:26 Sobana At least the show is finally getting a better brand of commercial. This way the show it's self is making money independent from the toys encouraging new seasons.

11:26 FnuAw That's a pretty typical summer commercial.

11:26 FnuAw We're just not used to the show lasting this late into the year.

11:26 Copper Fair point.

11:26 FnuAw Season 3 was short, and season 2 started way earlier.

11:26 Sobana Yeah, but for a show for little girls? I can imagine there will be someone mad about image issues to little girls

11:27 Copper Yeah, I see that the green in Sombra-flavored "dark magic" is just the outline of the bubblies, and is in fact also lime green anyway....

11:28 FnuAw I was reminded more of Trixie than anyone else.

11:28 Copper Yeah, good point.

11:28 Copper And both are artificial boosts from enchanted items, too.

11:29 Dvandom At least the Rariots still had wheels. So she wasn't as far gone.

11:29 Copper Ha!

11:29 Sobana That is two episodes about being sucked into magical abuse, isn't it?

11:29 Copper Trixie's was different - she was basically evil from the moment she put it on, although it did get worse from there.

11:29 Sobana Oh my gosh... the show has gone on for so long they are repeating plots already! =O

11:29 Copper Then again, we don't know the timeline.

11:30 Copper Ha. Like that's new.

11:30 Sobana Shut it down! Shut it all down!


Staff member
Council of Elders
Part 4

11:30 Copper I'm really getting sick of Rainbow, particularly, re-learning the same lessons.....

11:30 FnuAw This was just an addiction. Trixie was out for revenge. Very different.

11:31 FnuAw Rainbow has a short attention span. What are you goin g to do?

11:31 Copper Yeah, but Trixie had the gradual slide into crazy, too.


11:31 Sobana It has gone out of hoof, Fnu. We need to shut it down!

11:31 Copper A BIG ONE

11:31 Copper WITH SPIKES


11:31 Sobana Shutdown the sticks as well!

11:31 Copper I really hate Mr. Sonneborn, is what I'm saying.

11:32 Copper Really, if we can hit *him* with sticks, that's okay, too.

11:33 FnuAw I like him.

11:33 Dvandom needs more support.

11:33 FnuAw The double helmet was priceless.

11:33 Sobana With this commercial I wonder if the show will ever take on "hey, a lot of men watch this show too" kinda attitude...

11:33 Copper Fnu, I forgive you. Now help me kill a bad man.

11:34 Copper Swarm Princess!

11:34 FnuAw Hey, he has potential. Think about how good Merriwether illiams got.

11:34 Copper She didn't start with epic failure, though.

11:34 Dvandom Merriwether Llamas!

11:35 FnuAw I'm thinking Rainbow Dash is just a hard character for new writers to do.

11:36 Copper .... oh. MMDW *was* her first, wasn't it?

11:36 Copper Maybe you're right.

11:36 Copper Patience, I suppose.

11:36 Dvandom Anyway, see y'all next week.

11:37 Sobana buh-bye

11:37 Copper Sure. Keep it sassy.

11:37 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:37 FnuAw I'll be here all day!

11:37 *** PonyFaryEater joined #allsparkle

11:37 Sobana wb

11:37 Sobana Glad to see you again

11:37 PonyFaryEater I love to eat them

11:37 Sobana eat what?

11:37 FnuAw Who are you?

11:37 Copper How do they taste?

11:37 PonyFaryEater Pony farts

11:37 Sobana I'm Sobana

11:38 Copper You mistyped it, Mr. Fart.

11:38 Sobana I beat they taste like fresh baked cookies

11:38 FnuAw I'm Fnu Aw.

11:38 Copper I'd assumed it was a typo for "fairy."

11:38 FnuAw Me too.

11:38 Sobana No, fary, the the boat, duh

11:39 Copper Um. That's actually not how that's spelled, either....

11:39 Sobana clearly he likes to eat dock

11:39 PonyFaryEater I want a pony to sit on my face and fart on it

11:39 FnuAw Who are you?

11:39 Copper Well, we all have our eccentricities.

11:39 Sobana I'm still Sobana

11:39 Copper A spammer. Duh.

11:39 FnuAw Phil, is that you?

11:39 *** PonyFaryEater quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:39 Copper But Fary is probably the same

11:39 Copper Oh.

11:40 Sobana He left, did you kick him?

11:40 Copper No, it gives a different message.

11:40 Sobana I was about to say something really inappropriate

11:40 FnuAw Nope. He just left.

11:40 FnuAw Maybe I guessd his secret identity.

11:40 Copper Awesome. = )

11:40 Sobana Batman?

11:41 Copper So he was a groundhog?

11:41 Copper How do they type?

11:41 Sobana With fury!

11:41 Copper Ha!

11:41 Sobana I imagine the same why they drive

11:41 FnuAw The next time he shows up, we should all start trolling him.

11:41 Sobana And no one will get that reference =)

11:41 Copper Weren't we doing that already...?

11:41 FnuAw Something planned and coordinated.

11:42 Sobana You should leave the trolling to professionals

11:42 FnuAw With a theme.

11:42 Copper That's fair.

11:42 Copper Could be fun.

11:42 Sobana That is what I get paid to do

11:42 Copper This is what you were *born* to do, darling.

11:42 FnuAw How about we all start saying "NI!"

11:42 Copper Maybe. A little hackneyed.

11:42 Sobana Momma siad I would be good at something. didn't know that something was trolling trolls

11:43 Copper Ha!

11:43 FnuAw How about everyone starts saying "EXTERMINATE!" and then after everyone has said it I ban him.

11:43 Copper Sounds good!

11:44 Sobana I was going to link him my fav page on a different site. Shields your eyes when I do!

11:44 Sobana Good idea

11:44 Copper Yeah, that's not a bad track.

11:44 Copper Erm, ah, out of curiosity....

11:44 Copper For science, you understand...

11:44 Sobana o.o

11:45 Copper N/M

11:45 Copper = )

11:45 Sobana what?

11:45 Sobana You wanted to see my fav page?

11:45 Copper Yeah, a little. = )

11:45 FnuAw Oh dear.

11:46 Sobana lol, it would blind you. Instead just look up my tumblr page. I keep all my good stuff there

11:46 Copper What? Totally ... normal ... curiosity.....

11:46 Copper Right on. = )

11:46 Sobana I got like 3 followers there

11:46 Sobana but it has links to all the good stuff

11:47 Copper I made a Tumblr account recently, so apparently, I can see when people Tumbl.

11:47 Sobana cool, go follow me then. I make updates every week!

11:47 Sobana Not sure how to allow messages tho yet

11:47 FnuAw Beware, Copper.

11:47 Sobana Be scared! O_O

11:48 Copper Is there a musical number involved?

11:48 *** Copper quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:48 Sobana oh he left

11:49 Sobana I like it how when I google Sobana Tumblr Allspark shows up

11:49 *** Copper joined #allsparkle

11:49 Sobana you know next month I can ask for reassignment... I'll just need a mod to unban me is all....

11:50 Sobana wb

11:50 Copper Sorry, poor timing for a crash.

11:50 Copper Chrome's window management is weird and technobabble arcana words

11:50 Sobana lol

11:52 Sobana did you find my tumblr yet?

11:52 Copper Yeah. = )

11:52 Copper I may have a use for this.

11:52 Copper See, Mayhem does these weekly live video chats.

11:52 Copper tec posts his cheesecake images, constantly, in the chat window.

11:53 Copper Destron counters with porn.

11:53 Copper So yeah....

11:54 Copper Not to say that it isn't slightly disturbing to me....

11:54 Copper So very many penises.

11:54 Copper Just saying.

11:55 Copper Oh my God, the Fluttershy plush is distressing.

11:55 Sobana I can't believe they had a problem with me doing that then.

11:55 Copper Eh, the Hangouts are international waters.

11:55 Copper Same as this chat.

11:55 Copper Allspark rules don't apply.

11:55 Sobana did you find my Tumblr yet?

11:55 Copper Am I looking at the wrong one?

11:56 Copper The one that's and full of Pony porn?

11:56 Sobana That's the one!

11:56 Copper Ah, even in the title. = )

11:56 Sobana I need a more clever name for it

11:56 Copper Yeah, like I said, I'm disturbed by the number of penises....

11:56 Copper Yeah, it could have a bit more bite.

11:56 Copper Aliteration, maybe.

11:57 Sobana I just came up with that name seconds ago so you could find it

11:57 Copper Ha. = )

11:57 Sobana Do you like all the pictures?

11:57 Copper ....

11:58 Copper Well, can we say that I appreciate them for what they are?

11:58 Copper "Like" is probably not the best word.

11:58 Copper But, uh, yeah, it's a fine collection. = )

11:58 Sobana Love? =3

11:59 Copper Ha!

11:59 Sobana I just found out how to repost things on there a few weeks ago so there is only 6 pages

11:59 Sobana On the second page is the new Fluttershy toy

12:00 Copper Yeah, no, I saw it.

12:00 Copper Damn.

12:00 Sobana Good

12:00 Sobana I should probably get to bed soon

12:00 Sobana Chat me up on DA

12:00 Copper Right on. Will do. = )

12:00 Copper Good night and things.

12:00 Sobana See ya

12:00 Sobana Buh-bye >.<

12:01 Copper (Or day - however you refer to it.) = )

12:01 *** Sobana quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:02 Copper I'll head back to Allspark, too, then, Fnu. See you around.

12:02 *** Copper quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Since this is an archive thread I refuse on principle to trim these. I'm posting them as I have them, no matter how many posts it takes.


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Season 4, Episode 24: "Equestria Games"

Topic set by pao on Sat May 03 2014 09:39:42 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

09:52 pao good morning

09:52 FnuAw Hi.

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09:57 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

09:58 pao hi Caldwin

09:59 Caldwin Hi Pao. BRB...just found out they had drinks on the morning show.

09:59 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

10:00 pao new episode! (to me)

10:02 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:02 pao this thing with the puppet theater sounds like a problem with not getting the derived requirements

10:03 Caldwin *cough* Not bad...kinda strong. Better not have too much while I'm still at work

10:03 Caldwin don't ask me what it was I drank, cause i have no idea.

10:04 Caldwin Sorry, hope I didn't derail the conversation. What's up?

10:06 Caldwin Oh hey! I just's been a while since you've made it to the chat, Pao! Good to see ya.

10:07 pao thanks!

10:08 pao this inspiration manifestation book sounds like Haruhi Suzumaya in spell form

10:08 Caldwin Haruhi Suzumaya? That an anime thing?

10:11 Caldwin Oh, just read the most recent comic last night. Without saying anything spoilerish, it was....interesting.

10:11 pao yeah, I found the concept more interesting than the show...just saw a few episodes

10:12 Caldwin I like anime...but just a single visit to Mayhem tells me just how much I don't know.

10:12 pao the short version is that reality warps itself to match her perceptions

10:12 Caldwin I think most of my Anime experience is from: Escaflowne, Trigun, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll (the movie) and several Studio Ghibli movies

10:13 pao and she's into paranormal stuff, aliens, etc. so the world is a somewhat interesting place

10:13 Caldwin Yeah, interesting concept

10:13 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

10:13 Dvandom Mornin'.

10:13 Caldwin Good morning, Dave

10:13 pao me? FLCL, most of Planetes, Trigun, and a few of the Ghibli movies (Princess Mononoke might be my favorite movie period)

10:14 pao hey Dave

10:14 pao (sorry, running back and forth between coffee and laptop)

10:14 Caldwin Yeah, Mononoke is still one of the best anime's I've seen. Too bad it still hasn't seen a BluRay release. I'm just glad Disney wasn't allowed to mess with it

10:15 Caldwin is very important. Can't live without it

10:17 Dvandom I got to see Mononoke on the big screen when I was in grad school, although I had to go to a part of town I hadn't visited before to do so . (Not a bad part of town, but Columbus kinda sprawls around a few chokepoints.)

10:17 pao Rarity is drunk with fabulous power

10:18 Caldwin I would've loved to have seen it in the theatre. Awesome movie.

10:18 Caldwin And the music...chills!

10:19 Caldwin Are you just now watching that one, Pao? That was last week!

10:19 pao yes, had a Saturday/Sunday live viewing conflict doubleheader

10:19 Caldwin yikes!

10:20 Dvandom Spike finally earns the City of Heroes vet reward armor!

10:20 pao eh, no biggie, the house has siding now (Saturday) and while my race didn't go great the course was fun to drive (Sunday)

10:21 Caldwin Just curious. Since a chat is probably distracting while watching the show on most of you usually find a way to watch it again later in the week

10:21 Caldwin ?

10:21 Dvandom I'm good at multitasking.

10:21 Dvandom Also, DVRing while I watch.

10:22 pao I used to, but I've replaced pony rewatchings largely with playing Minecraft...

10:22 Caldwin Ah! I just get it on Youtube saturday night and then iTunes on Monday

10:22 Caldwin Pao! You know that Pony's more important than Minecraft!

10:23 pao tell that to my brain's addiction centers

10:23 *** Skids joined #allsparkle

10:24 Caldwin Mornin' Skids

10:24 pao mornin'

10:24 Skids Happy Free Comic Book Day Everyone!

10:24 Skids Hey guys

10:24 Caldwin *pout* not going to be able to make it to the comic store today

10:24 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

10:25 Caldwin Besides, I already bought everything from my pull box

10:25 Caldwin Mornin' Scav

10:25 Dvandom Yeah, once Pony is over, I'll be heading out for FCBD. With luck, next year I won't have to drive an hour to get to a comic shop. (Got a job in Amarillo, which has comic shops, but shops do go out of business.)

10:25 Scav has spider-man to get readdy for

10:25 pao hilarious book-eating scene

10:26 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:26 Caldwin Sad but true. It seems even the bigger chains have trouble keeping stores open

10:26 Caldwin Mornin' Prime

10:26 GuardianPrime Morning.

10:26 Skids I got a few good choices the one I want to hit I have to pass. Too many pot holes out their.

10:26 Caldwin I hear that!

10:27 FnuAw I'm back.

10:27 Caldwin FNU!!!!!!

10:27 FnuAw Had critters to feed.

10:27 Caldwin Mornin' Fnu

10:27 Scav you know that sensation when you're woken up at 6am when your ceiling high cube shelving thing shifted and crashed a bunch of dvds and stuff on to the ground?

10:27 FnuAw Hi.

10:27 Scav feeling that

10:28 pao in this episode, DHX explains why they're still using Flash 9

10:28 pao (or was it 8?)

10:28 Scav pao: explain?

10:28 Caldwin Scav...hasn't happened to me *knock on wood*

10:28 pao Spike's "changing it but not making it better" line

10:28 *** BonBon2014 joined #allsparkle

10:29 Scav pao: thought you were refering to an actual technial thing

10:29 Caldwin Mornin' BonBon

10:29 FnuAw Here we go.

10:29 pao liked that one

10:29 BonBon2014 let it begin


Staff member
Council of Elders
Part 2

10:30 Dvandom Jive got real.

10:30 Dvandom Hi Derpy

10:30 FnuAw We've waited a long time dor this.

10:30 Caldwin already?

10:30 *** Copper joined #allsparkle

10:30 Caldwin Mornin' Copper

10:30 Copper Morning!

10:30 BonBon2014 de4ep

10:30 Skids derpy

10:31 Caldwin Speaking line?

10:31 BonBon2014 derp

10:31 Dvandom Not so far.

10:31 Dvandom Flutteryshy pumping iron will likely be A Thing now.

10:31 pao train got taller there

10:31 Dvandom -y

10:32 FnuAw I see this is a Dave Polsky ep.

10:32 Copper Yeah, it's fighting with its Spikeness on my expectations.

10:33 BonBon2014 All Dogs Go to Hevaen nostalgia

10:33 FnuAw <3

10:33 Copper Nostalgia? I still love that movie. = )

10:33 Copper Need to rewatch it sometime soon....

10:33 Scav has no nostalgia for it

10:34 Copper Bluth is a god.

10:34 BonBon2014 RIP Judith

10:34 Copper Sorry Scav.

10:34 Scav never saw it

10:34 Copper WTHoof

10:34 Caldwin Never saw it either

10:34 FnuAw I thought everyone who owned a VHS player in the 90s had it.

10:34 Copper wut

10:34 pao nope

10:34 FnuAw Who are you people?

10:34 Copper No way. Seriously?

10:34 pao weirdos

10:34 BonBon2014 well we're back

10:34 FnuAw To be continued.

10:35 Copper Indeed.

10:35 pao I'm resigned to that designation

10:35 Dvandom Heh. easy peasy cider squeezy.

10:35 pao security breach! security breach!

10:35 Dvandom Ah, remembering he actually saved the day from Sombra.

10:36 BonBon2014 sunshine

10:36 Scav hoof ponies/footmen ?

10:36 Copper Oh, right, because he saved the kingdom....

10:36 Copper Ish.

10:36 BonBon2014 clip time

10:36 FnuAw Dave Polsky remembers continuity.

10:36 GuardianPrime That accent.

10:36 pao historical!

10:36 Scav please dont' be a spike sxrews up episode

10:36 BonBon2014 spikey wiky

10:37 Scav please don't be a spike screws p episode

10:37 Copper He doesn't really have other kinds of episodes, but I trust Polsky.

10:37 pao so many princesses

10:37 Scav please don't be a spike screws up episode

10:37 Caldwin Scav, the more you say it, the more likely it is to happen

10:37 FnuAw Luna!

10:37 Dvandom Spike FREEZES up episode.

10:37 FnuAw And Celestia.

10:37 Caldwin You had me at "Luna"

10:38 pao "Mr. The Dragon", heh

10:38 Dvandom Awww, no Derpy yay.

10:38 BonBon2014 derp

10:38 FnuAw Rose and the Doctor again.

10:38 Caldwin Again? That's going to be a thing, isn't it?

10:39 Copper "I'm giving you the signal, now."

10:39 Copper Choice.

10:39 Caldwin Seriously, they just need to give him a sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS and be done with it.

10:39 Skids yep

10:39 FnuAw Saddle Arabians.

10:40 Copper Okay, so back to why most of the people in this chat haven't seen the entire Bluth canon.

10:40 pao feels they should have saved the Apollo 13 reference for a real disaster

10:40 BonBon2014 here comes spoiler

10:40 Skids Their doing a good job on background ponies. They even have Blue Blood

10:40 Scav Derpy loses her name, her voice, her job, and her status as Companion....

10:41 GuardianPrime Did I see Prince Douchebag there?

10:41 Caldwin Sorry, Copper. To me, Bluth equals: Secret of Nimh, Dragon's Lair and Titan A.E.

10:41 Dvandom Well, she can't very well be in the background with the Doctor when she's in the foreground on the team. That'd cause a paradox. Again. Worse.

10:41 Copper Those are mostly good things!

10:41 Scav i've seen/played those 3

10:41 Copper What's your issue with NIMH?

10:41 Copper Damn good film!

10:41 FnuAw If you haven't seen All Dogs, you're missing out.

10:41 Dvandom The Titan AE soundtrack is one of the few things that has never left my iPod rotation.

10:42 Caldwin I...have no issue with NIMH...other than I can't seem to spell it

10:42 Caldwin It's a great movie

10:42 FnuAw Go buy a copy now.

10:42 Copper Yes.

10:42 FnuAw They still sell it everywhere.

10:42 Dvandom I loved the book (NIMH), found the book copped out way too much at the end with mysticism.

10:42 Dvandom Er, the movie copped out.

10:42 Copper Eh ... just don't confuse All Dogs with the sequel, Caldwin. It's frighteningly common and is awful.

10:42 pao I'm going to laugh at "Mr. The Dragon" every time

10:43 Dvandom Luna is unimpressed.

10:43 Copper I haven't read the book....

10:43 Copper Stuff!

10:43 Caldwin Yeah, that's my only issue. But honestly, I just never saw All Dogs.

10:43 Dvandom Spike is not a Zippo.

10:43 pao or maybe he is?

10:43 Dvandom Zippo lights first time, every time.

10:43 pao extremely giffable moment

10:43 Caldwin He's a very important Zippo that actually get's screen time.

10:44 Caldwin Which kinda goes against the definition of Zippo...doesn't it

10:44 pao no longer secret

10:44 Copper Gotta say, you let the flint go bad, you get there....

10:44 BonBon2014 scoots!

10:44 pao or run it out of fuel, you do have to refill them

10:45 Skids and theirs the twist.

10:45 Caldwin Wow! Derpy, Luna, The Doctor and Scoots. This episode has everypony, doesn't it?

10:45 Copper Argh,

10:45 pao they're having fun with extreme perspective

10:46 Dvandom Yay, honesty at the earliest possible moment, rather than dragging out the deception!

10:46 BonBon2014 4chan pony

10:46 pao for once

10:46 Caldwin Dave, that's a first

10:47 Copper Yeah, it's a nice turn.

10:47 pao meanwhile, at the actual games...

10:47 Dvandom Practicing safe unicorning.

10:47 Skids lol

10:47 Scav Lyra spotlight!

10:47 BonBon2014 griffon

10:48 Caldwin *spit take* Lyra spotlight? Gah! I gotta see this!

10:48 FnuAw Unicorns. Can't trust em.

10:48 Dvandom So, when Spike does do something, he'll suspect Twi helped again, only to find out about the horn-blocker.

10:48 Copper DAMMIT SPIKE

10:49 Scav siiiigh

10:49 pao RD not quite winning but not being ticked about it!

10:49 Dvandom I stand corrected: magic can't fix this one.

10:49 Skids he's DOOMED!

10:49 FnuAw O_O

10:49 pao whoops

10:49 FnuAw This is painful.

10:50 Scav seriously?

10:50 Dvandom I muted it.

10:50 BonBon2014 song¨

10:50 GuardianPrime Ouch. Just.....ouch.

10:50 Dvandom The sort of anxiety humor that turns me off most sitcoms.

10:50 Copper DAMMIT SPIKE

10:50 pao like one of them European national anthems with all them verses

10:51 Dvandom Ah, pink fairy Discord.

10:51 Copper "Nailed it!" - awesome.

10:51 pao wut

10:51 BonBon2014 heer coems spoilers

10:51 Scav I say now.....Good thing season finale is next week...maybe they can figure out how to stop disgracing the franchise

10:51 Skids Wow, their going in ways with Spike here that were not expected. Stage Fright with the torch. early address and to compensate something even worse. oh my.

10:51 pao brain

10:51 Copper Fairy? He's being an alicorn.

10:51 pao sure whatever, details

10:52 Dvandom Ad for next week.

10:52 pao desperately needs context

10:52 Dvandom "And an unexpected ally!" (Discord with pink butterfly wings)

10:52 pao oh I saw it

10:52 Copper So you're totally going to check out All Dogs, right, Caldwin?

10:52 Dvandom Actually, looked like pink construction paper wings.

10:52 Copper Yep/

0:53 Caldwin Maybe. Already got a DVD queue a mile long

10:53 FnuAw Watch it.

10:53 Copper But it's ... it's ... priority!

10:53 Caldwin Well, if you're gonna be that way about it, never mind. I'm NEVER watching it

10:53 FnuAw The voice acting is extraordinarily well done.

10:53 Copper What way about it?

10:54 Caldwin Fnu just outright commanded me to do it.

10:54 Copper He's Fnu. He does that.

10:54 FnuAw Yup.

10:54 pao I appreciate how they have filled the stands downrange of the archery targets

10:54 pao ensuring maximum danger

10:54 Dvandom Heh, freakout lessons.

10:54 Copper Excellent.

10:54 Caldwin Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong doing that!

10:54 Dvandom Bloomers?

10:55 Dvandom Pierce is apparently not a Ponyviller.

10:55 pao interesting sport

10:56 BonBon2014 Pokey!

10:56 Dvandom Oops

10:56 pao clutch firebreath?

10:56 Dvandom Non-green...

10:56 pao eyyyup

10:57 Dvandom Of course, if he'd used his letter-flame, it would have been...bad.

10:57 Copper Ha!

10:57 FnuAw And it had to lag right then.

10:57 Copper But she's right there, so it would have barely changed anything....

10:57 Dvandom Donuts!

10:58 FnuAw Why?]

10:59 Dvandom Spikey, you're a firework.

10:59 FnuAw Why lag? T_T

10:59 pao d'awwww

10:59 Scav ok..they pulled it out in the thrid act

10:59 Caldwin Sorry, Fnu.

10:59 Copper Yeah, and it's a really good DPC.


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Council of Elders
Part 3

11:00 Caldwin Guess we'll both have to catch the Youtube uploads

11:00 Dvandom (Seriously, I'll be very surprised if there isn't a new Firework PMV focusing on Spike clips by the end of the week.)

11:00 BonBon2014 cya at the finale

11:00 pao aaaaaaand uncanny valley the series

11:00 FnuAw Be right back. I need to go bang my head on a wall a few times.

11:00 *** BonBon2014 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:00 Scav so...they think the princesses and captain of the guard who's hosting the game might cheat?

11:00 Caldwin End of the week? I think you underestimate the fandom Dave

11:00 FnuAw *BANG*

11:01 Scav well, fandom isn't as pmv-y as they used to be

11:01 Copper I don't think the princesses went through the neutralizer thing....

11:01 Skids oh my

11:01 pao Scav: rules are rules

11:01 Dvandom Scav: The princesses probably went through with it as a show of egalitarianism.

11:01 Copper You okay, Fnu?

11:01 FnuAw *BANG*

11:01 Caldwin Oh dear! Fnu? You okay? Fnu? Umm, somebody might want to clean this up. There's blood everywhere.

11:02 Scav leads to questions of who's running the solar system if they're depowered

11:02 Copper Guys, it's probably best he gets this out of his system;;;;

11:02 GuardianPrime Nice save at the end of the episode. It was getting waaaay to painful there for a while.

11:02 Copper Yeah, pretty unpleasant for the first 2/3.

11:02 Copper I mean, DAMMIT SPIKE

11:02 Caldwin Wait...princesses were depowered? What if they'd been attacked during the games?

11:02 Dvandom I was fine with everything except the song.

11:02 pao they just kicked a little momentum into the celestial sphere first...btw, today was an hour shorter than usual

11:02 Scav if the whole singing scene was gone, that would have been better

11:03 Scav just have spike be sad and maybe show some of the damn sports you've been building to for two seasons

11:03 Copper Caldwin, I think that's why they couldn't fix the cloud problem.

11:03 Skids This episode felt more like a gambling with the storyline. With approach they did with Spike.

11:03 Copper They effectively *were* attacked and left vulnerable.

11:03 Dvandom I'd have done a cut from starting to sing to the horrified reactions and left it for the viewer to imagine the worst.

11:03 Caldwin cloud problem? Never mind. I'll just have to see it tonight.

11:04 Copper Yeah, I think that would have been best, Dvandom

11:04 Dvandom Ice arrows were clearly a weapon of war at one point. A strategic weapon.

11:04 Copper But at the same time, the whole plot was set up for maximum pain....

11:04 FnuAw I'm feeling maximum pain.

11:05 Copper I'm sorry! Keep banging and maybe some of it will get out.

11:05 Caldwin After the holes you put in the wall, I'm not surprised

11:05 Scav like doing biatholn with bazookas

11:05 pao just saw this posted to Hacker News this morning, may be of interest to this crowd:

11:06 Caldwin I'll check it out later.

11:06 Scav what is that pao?

11:06 Skids Definitely maximum pain

11:06 FnuAw I wouldn't cut the song though.

11:06 pao an animated summary of basic animation techniques

11:06 Dvandom Well, if I want to get to the comic shop before the best free comics are gone, I need to get on my way. Later!

11:06 pao bye!

11:06 FnuAw We would have missed "Nailed it!"

11:07 Caldwin Later, Dave!

11:07 Copper pao, thanks for the link

11:07 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:07 Skids Same here. Need to get my tr vs g.i.joe book. Take care all!

11:07 Scav study later..shower noe, than spiderman

11:07 Skids TF

11:07 Scav cya

11:07 Copper Have an adventure.

11:07 Caldwin Later, Skids

11:07 Skids See ya for the Finale!

11:07 *** Scav quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:07 *** Skids quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:07 Copper Got all quiet all a sudden.

11:07 pao yeah, that happens

11:08 Caldwin So, terrible song that put everyone in pain...let me guess...CMC?

11:08 FnuAw Worse.

11:08 Copper Surprisingly.

11:08 FnuAw It's beyond what you can imagine.

11:08 Caldwin Worse than the CMC? *cringe*

11:08 Copper It's ... much worse, honestly.

11:08 FnuAw It's so bad that the stream I was watching committed suicide shortly afterwards.

11:09 Caldwin Oh dear!

11:09 Copper And I really understand where it was coming from.

11:09 Caldwin Like, Roseanne kinda bad?

11:10 Copper What kind of bad is she?

11:10 FnuAw Bad bad.

11:10 Caldwin I'm not sure I want to see this now. X_X

11:10 pao oh, you'll survive

11:10 FnuAw But all the cameos!

11:10 Copper It's probably not going to stop being my least favorite after the rewatch.

11:10 Copper I don't understand the appeal of cameos per se....

11:11 pao me neither, I never see them

11:11 pao in the comics is another matter

11:11 pao but in the episodes, meh

11:11 FnuAw We hadn't seen Celestia since the premiere.

11:11 Copper Really? I hadn't noticed

11:11 Caldwin Who's this Celestia of which you speak?

11:12 Copper Eh, Luna's in there, too.

11:12 FnuAw And seeing the Saddle Arabians was nice.

11:12 Copper I blinked and missed that.

11:12 FnuAw I watch for cameos.

11:12 pao I did notice the Saddle Arabian delegation in the box below the princesses

11:13 Copper So they are, I take it, vaguely Arabian?

11:13 pao vaguely

11:13 FnuAw They're the same ones we saw before.

11:14 Copper I've missed them twice then. Or not noticed. I'd forgotten we'd seen Saddle Arabians.

11:14 GuardianPrime I guess it's time for me to run. Catch y'all later.

11:14 Caldwin Well, I better go for now. Later, all!

11:14 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:14 FnuAw They look like Arabian horses.

11:14 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:14 Copper I see.

11:14 pao Copper: "Magic Duel"

11:15 Copper Okay. Will rewatch at some point.

11:15 pao they're at the end of the episode

11:15 Copper Ah, I guess I could check that out now....

11:15 FnuAw I saw them earlier than that.

11:15 FnuAw I didn't see the ending at all.

11:16 pao I meant the end of "Magic Duel"

11:16 FnuAw Oh.

11:16 Copper Ah! Okay, it all connects now. And yeah, wow, they're actual horses.

11:17 Copper I mean, full-size ones.

11:17 FnuAw Specifically, Arabian horses.

11:17 Copper Right, got that bit. = )

11:17 FnuAw They did a good job with that.

11:18 FnuAw And I'd have been annoyed if they didn't.

11:18 Copper Sadly, I don't think I could actually point out distinctive traits beyond build and length of torso....

11:18 Copper I don't know my horses

11:18 Copper It's a sad thing

11:19 Copper So anyway, I guess the party is over.

11:19 pao speaking of, it's Derby Day

11:19 Copper Misread that as "Derpy Day," but that sounds equally interesting.

11:19 Copper What is it?

11:20 pao and also pao cleans his apartment because he's out on travel tomorrow, and gets back right before his family comes into town day

11:20 pao Kentucky Derby

11:20 Copper Ah. Cool.

11:20 pao check your local listings

11:20 Copper That'll be difficult without a television.

11:20 pao heh

11:20 Copper I mean, checking the listings is fine. I could do that bit.

11:20 pao suppose so

11:20 Copper = )

11:20 FnuAw I've seen evidence of a horse living in my neighborhood, though I've not seen the thing.

11:21 Copper Strange. Is it a vagrant?

11:21 FnuAw I don't know.

11:21 pao Vagrant Horses would be a good name for a rock band

11:21 Copper May seem redundant with Wild Stallions

11:21 Copper But yes.

11:22 pao alright, I was actually serious about that cleaning thing...sigh, I should get started

11:22 pao good talking with y'all

11:22 Copper Good luck!

11:22 pao dunno when I'll get to see the finale

11:22 pao but I'll try to pop in the thread after

11:22 pao thanks!

11:22 Copper I won't see it live - I'm watching it with Link, so I probably won't be here, either.

11:22 FnuAw I'll definitely watch the finale live.

11:22 FnuAw Wish they hadn't spoiled it.

11:23 FnuAw But I probably should have guessed anyway.

11:23 Copper Well, yeah, I

11:23 pao I'd love to see it live but it'll be another busy in town, beer festival in the afternoon, etc.

11:23 Copper I'm actually *glad* to know that Discord is involved, because I would have been disappointed otherwise....

11:23 pao alright, for real this time, later!

11:23 Copper That sounds like fun.

11:24 Copper Bye!

11:24 pao it will be!

11:24 *** pao quit (Quit: ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs))

11:24 Copper Guess I'll be off, too, then.

11:24 FnuAw Guess I'm posting the chat.

11:24 Copper Cool.

11:24 Copper See you over there.

11:24 FnuAw Good thing I save it as I go along.

11:24 *** Copper quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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