Guardians of the Glaxay Vol. 3-Adam Warlock has been cast!

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I don't. He's got the look perfected.

Ironbite-just hope they don't make him a comedian to replace Pratt.


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That is Eustace from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader isn’t it! Damn do I want to know how long it’s been since the Narnia series went dormant…

11 years wow.

But I’ll admit with some gold face pain and the hair it’s not too hard to see him as Adam.

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The end point for the Infinity Gems is Thanos willing them not to work, at the start of Endgame. With the Infinity Gauntlet done, what's left for Warlock? Can't form the Infinity Watch.

A discrimination racist xeno plotline where him being the 'perfect specimen' has him getting rid of non perfect species?

Adam doing a Magus and starting his Church of something something? Same with the Goddess with her Infinity Crusade?

WIth the humor of Guardians, I expect Warlock to be a surfer dude preaching hippie space culture. Maybe like Aquarian?


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What I'd like to see is the MCU moving towards stuff like Annihilation, War of Kings and the Maybe-Change-the-Name-Cancerverse. Adam had a big non-Infinity related role in those, in that he turned back into The Magus and helped the evil Mar-vell try to consume the universe. But we know that Gunn isn't interested in the 'cosmic' aspect of 'Cosmic Marvel', so that's probably out.
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