Ginrai's MP sales: MP Ironhide, MP Ratchet, Shockwave, and Emperor Starscream

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this hobby is a marathon, not a sprint
Hello all,

I used to frequent the boards here a very long time ago, I don't know how many of the old schoolers are still here.

I have a few figures I need to sell, and am trying to do so asap, so I'd rather list on here than ebay.

My user profile on Ebay is Hobby-Prone if you want to check my feedback references.

As mentioned above, I am listing the following:

MP Ironhide, with his bonus drill

MP Ratchet

MP Shockwave

MP Emperor Starscream, with bonus coin.

All figures are open to reasonable offers, so shoot your shot if you want something here.

Pics will be provided upon request, and if these sell through, I have more figures ready to move if you're looking for any more MP figures, please ask.

I AM looking for some random things, but not much.

RID 2001 Galvatron red staff pieces

Car Robots God Fire Sword.....I know this one is a doozy, but I had it once before and am hoping to get it again... so if anyone has the 3rd party reproduction, I'm willing to talk about that.
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