G.I. Joe thread - 07/18/2024: Walmart Nightfore Falcon and Quarrel


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Snagged a Baroness.... kind of disappointed. My gripe comes with the arms, as she lacks the double-elbow and the staple 'swivel arm'. This makes it nigh impossible to come up with the kind of 'battle stances' I have the rest put in.


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Got a BBTS order in, Helix and Viper 3 pack. All of them are fantastic! Did have to give one of the Vipers a hot bath to get his leg to turn.

Question though... outside of the obvious 'pull off their hands' how do you get those bracers off of their forearms?


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I'm pretty sure pulling off their hands IS the intended manner for removing their bracers.


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Supposedly these are the preorders we can expect for Classified during Yo Joe June.

Iron Grenadier
Iron Grenadier BAT
Storm Shadow V2

Retro Cobra Commander
Retro Cobra Trooper

60th Anniversary Marine
60th Anniversary Halo Jumper

Mad Marauders Sgt. Slaughter
Cobra Stinger with Driver.

Take with a grain of salt. GI joe has a livestream on June 4th.


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We’ve seen leaked boxes pics of Marauders Slaughter so that at least seems likely.


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Few leaked images.


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I'm going to need that IG B.A.T., also need the same scheme in 4" scale, preferably o-ring (pay attention, Super7!).


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The Iron Grenadier doesn't look right but maybe it will work better with the hat.

-ZacWilliam, those colors kill on the BAT though. Wish they'd do the V2 Bat or the star brigade BAAT

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Interesting to see BMac among the Joe crew. Can't help but wonder if this is a mix of factors like an increase in his workload after the layoffs or maybe Corporate and Paramount are REALLY serious about getting the crossover movie going. Enough to bring Transformers marketing people over to start coordination? Or maybe it's just that general "people shifting" corporate likes to do every now and then?

I think it's a pretty strong wave for mass retail. If I wasn't trying to restrain my spending and more carefully evaluate my purchases, this is almost a "full wave" order. I've been trying to keep to characters I REALLY like or have significant value to me (aside from BS like Marauders Slaughter).
Alpine- It's a nice interpretation for Alpine, incorporating some nice modern touches Lenny has done so well across the line. The extra climbing gear is well integrated. He's not a significant enough character for me to put down for him, but I'll never say that Lenny and the other designers aren't putting out solid work
Iron Grenadier- I'm a bit more mixed on the IG, though. I kind of dig the direction they're going for him, but it feels like it should have been more a IG Commander or play more to Destro's "consulting" business by including Destro's briefcase. I don't know, when I look at the base tooling...I just see a pretool for a Resolute inspired Destro. I think, ultimately, I was really wanting something a bit more "tactical" than what the IG ended up being.
IG BAT- I LOVE the color set, and the alternate headsculpt is FANTASTIC. It really makes this BAT a bit more unique to Destro, while still sharing commonalities to the shared design of the BAT concept. I don't see any NEW stuff, but the new color scheme does sing to the parts. FYI, I had to take a second look at the Arctic BAT to verify it IS the same headsculpt.

Storm Shadow v2- I will admit, Storm Shadow has NEVER been a big draw for me. Being a cartoon guy in the line's later years, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were just never a factor in my perception of Joe. That said, I've reread the comics, and combined with Andrew Koji's, I dare to say, revelatory performance FINALLY let me "get" the character. I think Hasbro did a GREAT job with iteration of the character that I finally "got". The range of articulation is fantastic and the details are perfect.

Retro Wave...whatever:
Stalker- This is probably the first Classified figure that made me say "Why?". I know it'll play to the hardcore nostalgics, but as a figure? The, easily available, original version is, IMO, superior in almost every way. Hope OG13 fans like it, because they're probably getting a half dozen more of this same build in the future.
Cobra Trooper- I'm thrilled to see Hasbro committed to the modern body suit style instead of replicating the same tooling as seen with Stalker. I still prefer the more "modern" takes from earlier in the line, but these are still pretty solid. And I can't knock them too hard for including the cartoon SMG.
Cobra Commander- Glorious. He's damn near a perfect translation. There's even an option for removing the original figure's weapon holster on the back. They stepped up on the alternate hands. They gave a GREAT selection. A "pointing finger" doesn't seem like an important option, but seeing it in action makes it ESSENTIAL.

Mad Marauders 2 pack- My soft spot for the Special Teams is showing. I skipped Spirit and this is "my" Low Light so this is a pretty sure buy. The remixed accessories I think go a LONG way to "freshening up" the figures besides just being "the same toy you bought in new colors".
Stinger- I just don't have the space for a bunch of vehicles at this scale. I love the extra deco on the Driver to break things up. FANTASTIC work, don't get me wrong, but it's still a "large purchase" thing that I don't deem essential for my collection. The bastiches will probably get me on a Tiger Sting, though...

Marauders Slaughter- I honestly didn't think Hasbro would do another dip on the Sarge. Had I known, I'm not sure I would have gotten the first. This was my first Slaughter figure, so OBVIOUSLY I'm ordering! The remixed micro figure, the extra accessories are great, but that soft goods ditty bag is what really pushes this over the top.

Dial Tone and Saw Viper are looking solid, but I'm a bit trepidatious about Footloose given I can see where a LOT of the figure is likely to be reused from earlier figures. Depending on how "retro" they go.

I HATE that I'm restricted on space and finances. The Joe team output is still FANTASTIC, despite some obvious "cost conscious" moves (like the IG BAT).

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