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Had this on Sunday.

Ironbite-smoked turkey>then every other method.


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It was better than it looks. I will never buy filet Mignon again. I am not exaggerating when I say I could almost slice this New York strip with my fork. Perfect tenderness. But unlike Filet Mignon it was full of beefy flavor.

Salad and potato were fine too. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that they tasted good with so much flavor dumped on them. But the potato did have a consistent texture all the way through so it's not like it needed to be rescued by the toppings.

Waitress was a newbie still in training. She's going to make it. She did good.


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Made these last week from the book. I messed up somewhere, they were a bit too cake-like. Still ate them, naturally.

Made these honey muffins today. These are reaaaally good. Had a lot more crumble topping than expected, but I also used cupcake tins instead of one for muffins.


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TMM got a free turkey from work before Thanksgiving. The FFXIV book has a recipe using duck, so we doubled everything and tried it. It was a lot of work, like running boiling water over it to tighten the skin (which was kinda gross), then salting the turkey and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The cavity got stuffed with citrus, then while cooking it got a honey glaze. The cook temp/times ended up being the same, even though the turkey was twice the size of the recommended duck.

Did lazy box stuffing on the side, and cheesy mashed potatoes. Also made gravy with the neck meat and giblets. Turkey was nice and juicy, with a sweet crispy skin and salty inside. Way better than the usual dry turkey we typically eat on family gatherings. Froze a bunch of the turkey for future meals, and I have the carcass simmering right now to make stock.
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