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I guess it's up to me to get this one going again. This is the thread for posting review, analysis, and thinkpiece videos about movies and cartoons and stuff. Apologies to everyone rolling their eyes at the title. And for the fact that probably every single video people post is going to contain a cringy sponsorship spiel because that's the hellworld we live in now.

We'll kick it off with the latest two from music guy Todd in the Shadows: a one-hit wonder from the '90s that got recently hit meme status...

...and a bizarre album I had no idea existed from one of the last people you'd expect it from:



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So was it Divine coincidence that Phelous just happened to drop a video about an awesome fan made Proton Pack replica the same day that Pulsecon teased the Haslab which is presumed to be the Proton Pack?

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