Disney Channel / Disney XD Thread

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What shows are you guys watching on cable and Disney +?

Disney +

Disney Channel

American Dragon - Jake Long
Best Friends Whenever
Girl Meets World
KC Undercover
Kickin' It
Lilo And Stitch
Liv And Maddie
Phil Of The Future
Raven's Home
So Random
Stuck In The Middle
That's So Raven

Disney XD

Kick Buttowskie - Suburban Daredevil
Lab Rats
Pair Of Kings

Disney +

The Mighty Ducks - Game Changers
The Orville Series III New Horizons
Ms. Marvel
She Hulk
Star Wars - Andor
Star Wars - The Book Of Boba Fett
Wanda Vision


Futurama Series X
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Though The Orville is on Hulu Disney + also streams the series.

Futurama is the only Hulu show I'm watching. I'm watching the Comedy Central Era (Series V - IX) on DVD. Series V is the 4 movies aired as 16 new episodes. (4 parts each)
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