Deep Questions

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Platypus Prime

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Small pile of gold dust with two tusks poking sadly out of it, representing the tiny amount of hope someone tried to pull out of it before it sank into the crumbling dispair of toys long gone to the grave...

Unless you mean the character, a whale size would be awesome, though impractical from a toy standpoint.


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Torca... Elephant-sized Whale or Whale-sized Elephant?

-ZacWilliam, doesn't remember how to make a poll or if we still can since the reboot and is fine with that.

Honestly, the size difference between an Orca and an elephant isn't THAT crazy. I'd assume that Torca kind of splits the difference.


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I found a Torca recently at an antique mall. It was in a ziploc and, to my surprise, appeared completely intact. I had to really look to find that a joint in the arm was in the process of breaking. I almost bought it anyway, but had already spent a decent amount that day, so I passed.

...I'm going to go with whale-sized elephant, because there just aren't enough whale-sized Transformers out there.


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I'm more of an Elphaorpha guy, myself.

Though, my OG Torca is still intact (last I checked, as it's currently in storage right now).
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