Conspiracy lunatic thread - people who believe in absurd nonsense are dangerous

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You may test that assumption at your convinience.
Because every accusation is a confession. Honestly, they actually are operating under the reality of "We do it, so they must do it too!".


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Society’s discussion of QAnon, anti-vaxxers and other fringe conspiracies is heavily focused on what happens in digital spaces – perhaps too much so, to the exclusion of all else. The solution, though, is unlikely to be microphones in every gym and treatment room, monitoring what gets said to clients. The better question to ask is what has made these practitioners, and all too often their clients, so susceptible to these messages in the first place. For QAnon to be the most convincing answer, what someone has heard before must have been completely unsatisfactory.

Pretty annoying how that article ends right when it's just starting to get at something.

Yes. People don't turn to conspiracy theories because they just haven't heard the official answers and need to be educated by obnoxious designated influencers. People turn to conspiracy theories because they've found the official answers unsatisfactory. Wellness is overly captured by big pharma. Nutrition is overly captured by whoever happens to be the highest bidder at the moment. Industry lobbying shouldn't be remotely a consideration when putting out nutrition guidelines, but it is.

It's no wonder the conspiracy gang uses this area as a sort of gateway drug to lure so many people in. It's one of the easiest areas where they can point out that something obviously isn't right. It doesn't make their snake oil supplements and right wing philosophies the right answers, but sometimes some real problems are correctly identified. It's the wrong answers to some right questions.


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Look, we all agree that reality sucks, but there have to be better ways to cope with that fact than turning your life into a conspiracy LARP.

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He's been trending rightward over the years in order to get ahead of this so he can say he's just a victim of cancel culture.

Ironbite-just so you guys can prepare yourselves for the stupid defenses.


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Yeah, what little I've seen of him over the past 5 or 6 years seems to indicate he's been slowly going from a little off to full wingnut.


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In perhaps a sign of the times, it's the lead up to a general election at the moment in New Zealand, and today both the major parties have had to do damage control for candidates who had previously posted anti-vax, and/or anti-flouride conspiracy stuff to social media.

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He was literally imprisoned for his active role in an attempted insurrection. Can he even legally run for office at all?

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