Comic Books As Live Action Movies

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Do you guys think the big screen should scrap adapting the comics or do you think that live movies can stay true to the source material?

I ask this as I'm watching Trans Formers from the big screen on DVD. I have had this issue with Spider Man as well lately.


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Generally, I don't see the problem. While it's certainly true that most live-action adaptations of comic-sourced material make changes to suit their medium, I don't find that most deviations are so off-putting to make it such that I think they shouldn't have even made the attempt.

Bay's Transformers movies have been very much the exception. I have nothing good to say about those, apart from appreciating the added visibility they gave to the rest of the franchise.

(Someday, I'll get around to watching the Bay-less Bumblebee movie. I'm told that one's okay, but I was so put off by its predecessors that I've not made the effort yet.)
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