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Nonstop Baaka
Yep. TMM (after laughing his head off at me) explained that the reviewer used to do that a lot on his older vids. Apparently TMM just forgot the jump scare was there. *narrows eyes*

The Mighty Mollusk

The bold ever fight on, their lives echoed in song
Mostly the reviews involving the old Gundam girl kits. He has a bit of a history of hating the early Fumina models from Build Fighters Try.

And yes, I actually did forget.

Destron D-69

I haven't ordered the cat armor for this set, but I do have the base figure and the boob upgrade set preordered for her. also the set with the tan skin girl, her upgrade set and her bear armor because that's adorable. I passed on the 2nd paler white girl who seems to be getting a flight pack upgrade. We'll see though. want to get a few built before I deep dive... *edit* went on bbts saw that it was only 12 bucks so I got it
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