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Toho Godzilla vs Legendary Godzilla
It...kinda depends on which Toho Godzilla you're talking about? Showa era Godzilla would probably lose to Legendary, vs Heisei Goji I think it would be a tie, Millennium era was kind of a mixed bag, but I don't think any of them would beat Legendary, Shin might just go full Evangelion (whether that's a win or loss is up to you, the ending would be confusing and incomprehensible), and Minus One and Legendary would probably tear each other apart (though -1 would quickly regenerate?). Then there's Godzilla Earth from the anime trilogy we don't talk about, who would absolutely dwarf Legendary, and Godzilla Ultima from Singular Point, whose long-range attacks would likely force Legendary to keep his distance.

The short answer is: probably Legendary, in most cases?

The Iron Giant vs Giant Robo?

Tuxedo Prime

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Toko won that rap battle.
Did Toko win, or "Genocide Jill"? 🤔

Be that as it may, I have to agree -- Though the Act 1/Act 2 reset was well done, and Yuri got in a good verbal jab with "open your third eye, four-eyes" (and unnerved us all with "I'm gently closing the door...."), the alters pretty much double-teamed her (I rather liked "in the courtroom, you'll be another portrait to mark off").

Also, "Kinky Winky" 🤣


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Shin Gojira may be the most terrifying and eldritch Godzilla, but all things considered he'd probably lose to Legendary if he gets blasted with a direct hit that wipes out all of his cells. Even then, his ability to regenerate from a single cell is dubiously canon since it was cut from the final movie. tbh I think LegendaryGoji would see it as a mercy killing; as horrifying as he is, poor ShinGoji's in constant, torturous pain.

Honestly the only Gojis that would actually be guaranteed to beat Legendary Goji are Singular Point Goji and (unfortunately) CG anime trilogy Goji.

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