BotCon 2022 Nashville, TN August 25-28


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$295 for a Botcon pass and four non-Transformers toys is a pretty big ask IMO.

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At least there will be a "Standard Ticket Package" for those who won't be High-Ballin' it.

Hopefully it'll be reasonable instead of like the original model of still being more than $100 just for weekend admittance.


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Both the Premium and VIP packages, as well as the customization classes, can be registered for here:

The standard registration package has not gone live yet.


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I didn't notice the two shadowed ones in the background until now. One of them could be the Premium Package free bonus figure.


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BotCon Convention Times/General Admission/Exclusive Box Set UPDATE!

The detailed schedule with all panel listings/autograph times will be available early August. Here is the current general schedule info:

Custom Class A - Am TBD
Custom Class B - Pm TBD
4pm - VIP/Premium Package Pick up/Store Opens
6pm - Weekend Package Pick up/Weekend Pass Store Access

8am - Late Package Pickup
9am - Late Registration
10am - VIP/Premium/Weekend Pass entry
11:30 am - General Admission
5pm - Vendor Room Closes

9am - VIP/Premium/Weekend Pass entry
10am - General Admission
5pm - Vendor Room Closes

9am - Showroom opens - All
3pm - Vendor Room Closes
General Admission Prices (Sold AT THE DOOR):
Friday - $45
Saturday - $45
Sunday - $25

VIP, Premium, and 4-day Weekend $99 passes available for order NOW!

Speaking of BeastBox. Check out this EXCLUSIVE review from Emgo316 and then swing over to to see more of the toys, view our current guest/artist list, and to order your advance tickets today!


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Should note, the Con Rate for the hotel has expired.

EDIT: Officially expired on July 29th
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Nuh uh. They said "Exciting" so I ruled Kentucky out automatically.
Hey, I had to fight my way through a Garth Brooks concert crowd to get out of Louisville last time I was at Botcon....if that doesn't scream excitement.....ok, it doesn't.
However, there were White Castle's on the way home...that was fun.


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My fiancé and I were there as artists (Spectacled Geeks) and had a blast. Was our first con behind a table. Was a pretty good turnout (tho seemed a bit smaller than past years). Everyone was super nice and they had some awesome light sabres there. If you stopped by and bought a print or sticker from us we're grateful :D


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I'll write up a more formal report on the event later, but for now, here is my haul from the con:


Beast Wars: Transmetals Airazor (her Japanese instructions were included, but this is definitely the Hasbro toy)

Beast Wars Metals: Quickstrike

Robots in Disguise 2001: Sideways vs. Axer; yellow Build Team

Expanded Universe: BotCon 2002 Cyclonus

Legends of the Microns: Air Defense Micron Anime Color (blue Star Saber)

Universe 2003: Nemesis Prime

Timelines: Nexus Prime team

Japanese Animated: Black Rodimus

Legends: Starscream Super Mode

Combiner Wars: Rook; Smokescreen

BotCon 2022 BeastBox exclusives: 4 Figure Box Set, attendee freebie, and two store exclusives

Books/Comics: BotCon: Beyond the Convention Vol 2; IDW's Transformers: Best of the Rarities (autographed by Simon Furman)

3rd Party: 3D-printed Beast Wars Dinobot


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Making this post because I'm about to post my report, but it needs to be spread across multiple posts, so I don't want to also get spread across multiple pages.

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